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Hummingbird – Cache & Page Speed Optimization for Core Web Vitals | Critical CSS | Minify CSS | Defer CSS Javascript

Hummingbird – Cache & Page Speed Optimization for Core Web Vitals | Critical CSS | Minify CSS | Defer CSS Javascript


Hummingbird makes your website faster and optimizes site performance by adding new ways to boost Google PageSpeed Insights with fine-tuned controls over file compression, deferring CSS and JavaScript styles and scripts, minify for CSS and JS, Lazy Load integration, and world-class caching.

Hummingbird is brought to you by the WordPress speed specialists that created Smush image optimization, now active on more than +1 million websites. Get the complete speed boost with Hummingbird and Smush.

If PageSpeed Insights is making these speed recommendations Hummingbird can help:

  • Enable text compression – Use gzip to make your site fly (Brotli Compression via CDN included with Pro).
  • Preconnect to required origins – Use Hummingbird to establish earlier connections.
  • Preload key requests – Prioritize resources based on order.
  • Avoid enormous network payloads – Consider Lazy Load for comments or breaking up smaller posts.
  • Use efficient cache – The Hummingbird Cache suite offers effective browser cache for caching any site.
  • Fix your JavaScript execution time – Deliver smaller JS payloads, preload JS, and defer JS.
  • Minify CSS – Strip unused code from your CSS.
  • Minify JavaScript – Speed up the time it takes to parse your JS files.
  • Eliminate render-blocking resources – Move critical CSS and JS inline and defer all non-critical JS/CSS.
  • Delay JavaScript execution (Pro only) – Increase performance by delaying the loading of non-critical JS files and scripts until user interaction.
  • Automatically generate Critical CSS (Pro only) – Substantially boost page speed and UX by prioritizing above-the-fold content.
  • Defer unused CSS – Defer the loading of CSS not used for above-the-fold content.
  • Lazy Load offscreen images (Smush free integration).

Hummingbird scans your site and provides one-click fixes to speed up WordPress in a flash.

You’ll get faster loading pages, higher search rankings (SERP) and PageSpeed scores, and happier visitors with Hummingbird’s WordPress speed optimization. Optimizing the speed of your site has never been easier!

Recursos disponíveis no Hummingbird incluem:

  • Scan and Fix – Get a scan of your site, find out what’s slowing it down, and use one-click performance improvements to make critical speed improvements.
  • World-class caching – A full caching suite to load pages faster with full-page, Gravatar, and browser cache tool.
  • Performance Reports – Pro tips for running your site at super speed.
  • Asset Optimization – Position, minify and combine Javascript, CSS, and Google Font files for top performance. Test changes with built-in Safe Mode.
  • Better Rankings – Improve scores on Google PageSpeed Insights (SEO ranking factor), YSlow, Pingdom, and GTmetrix.
  • Increase Your Conversion Rate – Don’t keep visitors waiting: faster sites convert better.
  • GZIP Compression – Blazing-fast HTML, JavaScript, and stylesheet (CSS) transfer.
  • Configs – Set your preferred performance settings, save them as config, and instantly upload to any other site.
  • Font Optimization – Improve site speed, Core Web Vitals, and visual stability by preloading critical fonts and enabling fallbacks.

Learn The Ropes With These Hands-On Hummingbird Tutorials

Recursos Hummingbird para acelerar seu WordPress

Exame e Correção em um clique

O Hummingbird é um plug-in de otimização de velocidade do WordPress. Ele examinará seu site, encontrará arquivos que estão diminuindo a velocidade dele e fornecerá dicas e correções para tornar seu site executado na velocidade máxima.

Hummingbird even has one-click improvements like a full cache suite, one-click minify for styles and scripts, and deferring CSS and JS for quickly optimizing performance. What could be easier!

Cache de classe mundial

Você obterá um conjunto de cache de classe mundial, incluindo cache de página inteira, navegador e Gravatar.

Deixe seu site ainda mais rápido com o conjunto completo de ferramentas de cache do Hummingbirds, que proporciona aos seus visitantes uma experiência de navegação mais rápida. Incluindo full-page, broswer e cache do Gravatar.

Otimização de Ativos

Did you know that the more files you add to your site’s header, the slower it will load? With Hummingbird, you can easily customize the load position of your CSS, JavaScript (defer CSS and Javascript), Fonts, and other files to increase your page speed.

Quickly reorder, compress, and reposition files with Hummingbird’s minification feature. Reset any changes you make in one click, or use Asset Optimization Safe Mode to test changes before pushing live.

Transferir dados em velocidade máxima com o GZIP

O Hummingbird possui poderes GZIP para tornar o compartilhamento do site mais eficiente

O envio de arquivos compactados é mais rápido e pode economizar dinheiro com hospedagem. E não se preocupe com a instalação, envie as instruções do Hummingbird com o clique de um botão e ela cuidará do resto.

Integração com Cloudflare nativa

Hummingbird can be used to control your Cloudflare browser cache and Automatic Platform Optimizations (APO) settings as well! Simply add your Cloudflare API key and configure away.

Font Optimization

Boost site speed, Core Web Vitals, and the visual stability of pages for users with Hummingbird’s one-click font optimization features: Preload Fonts, which instructs browsers to preload essential fonts, and Swap Web Fonts, which applies a temporary fallback font until the primary one loads.

Totalmente Compátivel com Smush Otimizador de Imagens

Você pode complementar os recursos de otimização de velocidade do WordPress do Hummingbird com a premiada irmã-plugin Smush otimização de imagem. O Smush comprime suas imagens, dando menos carga ao site – e, portanto, um tempo de carregamento mais rápido. O Hummingbird + Smush se integram perfeitamente e é a combinação perfeita para acelerar o WordPress.

Compress, optimize (optimise), and fix PageSpeed performance with properly sized images, lazy load, next-gen WebP convert, image formatting, and more.

Save time with Hummingbird Configs

Configs allow you to save your preferred Hummingbird configuration settings and apply them to your other sites in a few clicks. You can create unlimited configs.

Delay Javascript Resources (Pro Only)

Boost site performance dramatically by delaying the loading of JS files and third-party scripts until direct user interaction (e.g. scroll or click). Enjoy faster loading pages, improve web vitals, and ace your PageSpeed scores.

Activate in one click, includes user interaction timeout and the option to exclude critical files from being delayed. A paid WPMU DEV account (the developers of Hummingbird) is required to access this feature. You can check out our affordable plans here.

Generate Critical CSS (Pro Only)

Maximize site speed and user experience by prioritizing only the CSS that matters most. The Generate Critical CSS feature intelligently generates and embeds critical CSS in the head of each page, giving priority to above-the-fold content and significantly improving loading speed. Updates to your critical CSS are automated with every site design change, and you can enable/disable with a click.

Sites Mais Rápidos são Melhores Ranqueada, Convertem Melhor

Every millisecond counts: your visitors expect an ever-faster website, with a page load time of under two seconds expected – and the norm. If visitors don’t get that on your site, they will leave.

Se você estiver executando um site comercial ou loja de comércio eletrônico, isso significa se seu site não carregar rapidamente, você irá deixar de vender.

Hummingbird is here to help you; it’s a one of a kind WordPress performance optimization plugin that can make your site run at superspeed, for free!

You get our WordPress performance optimization suite, which includes minification and GZIP for small page sizes, full caching for faster loading, and integration with Cloudflare’s APO / browser cache, and our sister-plugin Smush image optimization.

Hummingbird is built with ease-of-use in mind; it makes your WordPress site faster, but it’s also fast to set up. You can scan your site and implement recommended changes in one-click, getting a fast site in mere minutes.

All the above is free and will speed up WordPress for you. If you need the very fastest WordPress site, you should get a WPMU DEV Membership.

Sendo membro irá lhe dar acesso ao Hummingbird Pro – o qual recurso inclui varredura automatizada, monitoramento de tempo de atividade, compactação minify aprimorada (com o dobro da otimização regular), minificação hospedada pela CDN – juntamente com a otimização de imagem Smush Pro, todos os nossos plugins premium e WordPress suporte 24/7.

It’s an incredible deal, and you can find out more here.

O que as Pessoas falam Sobre Hummingbird?


Hummingbird is so easy to use. I thought it wouldn’t change my speed much because I already made improvements. I ran the scan, it gave me recommendations, I pushed a button to apply them and it made my site even faster!” – Camilo


“Hummingbird está melhorando a cada atualização. Hoje se tornou tão bom que me forçou a remover grandes plugin de otimização e cache como WP Super Cache e WP Sweep por que agora Hummingbird todos esses recurso – mas em uma maneira melhor” – swagatam1975


Hummingbird took me from 32 to 84 on Google page speed plus made my site 50% faster on GTmetrix!” – Nicolas


“Eu acabei de construir um verdadeiro saco inchado de lixo de um site WP, e depois de configurar o Hummingbird e deixá-lo fazer o que ele quer, o site é realmente rápido – muito mais rápido do que tem qualquer direito de estar … estou impressionado.” – Cacarr

Uma Nota do Hummingbird

Ei! Aqui é o Hummingbird, sua solução confiável para acelerar o WordPress. Faço parte da equipe WPMU DEV, o conjunto de super-heróis de plug-ins, serviços e suporte do WordPress. Aqui estão alguns de nossos outros plugins gratuitos:

  • Smush – Otimização e Compressão de Imagens
  • Forminator – Formulário, Qestionário, Construtor de enquetes e inquéritos
  • Hustle – Pop-ups, Slide-ins e Email Opt-ins

And if you need ALL our Pro plugins AND 24/7 WordPress support, get WPMU DEV membership! You can try it for free: wpmudev.com

Meus amigos de super-heróis administram o WPMU DEV Blog, sua fonte dos melhores tutoriais do WordPress. Se você precisa conhecer o WordPress, confira.

Obrigado por olhar para o Hummingbird, e estou ansioso para voar pelo seu site para torná-lo mais rápido do que nunca.

Aproveite, O Hummingbird

Sobre Nós

WPMU DEV is a premium supplier of quality WordPress plugins, services and support. Join us here:

Don’t forget to stay up to date on everything WordPress from the Internet’s number one resource:

Hey, Mais uma coisa… nós esperamos você curta nossas ofertas grátis tanto quanto nós amamos fazê-los para você!

Imagens de tela

  • Analise seu site em busca de dicas e truques de otimização.
  • Use o conjunto completo de ferramentas de cache para acelerar os tempos de carregamento.
  • Otimização de Ativos lets you combine and reposition CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files.
  • Use sugestões para melhorar e acelerar o seu site.


Preciso do Hummingbird se eu já tenho WP Rocket ou W3 Total Cache?

Yes! Of course, our cache suite is more than enough, but if you already use WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache, the special monitoring tools Hummingbird offers still make it worth it. To ensure compatibility, only activate overlapping features in one of the plugins.

Hummingbird funciona com Cloudflare?

Sim! Hummingbird é construido para tirar a melhor vantagem dos recursos do Cloudflare. Basta usar sua API para começar.

Hummingbird funciona com WooCommerce?

Sim! O Hummingbird funciona muito bem com plug-ins de comércio eletrônico como o WooCommerce e o MarketPress. Para obter melhores resultados, ao configurar o cache de página inteira, siga as configurações de cache recomendadas pelo WooCommerce. O Hummingbird excluirá o carrinho, minha conta e as páginas de check-out para manter o conteúdo dinâmico.

Por que meu WordPress é lento?

There are plenty of factors involved in why you’d have WordPress slow. Hummingbird’s scanning and one-click fixes can work out why your site is slow, and with one click, speed up WordPress for you. Easy peasy!

Qual é a diferença entre o Hummingbird e Hummingbird Pro?

The free Hummingbird plugin is a powerful suite of WordPress speed optimization features! You can deliver big improvements in your page speed in mere minutes using our one-click implementation of recommended fixes. Some of the reviews above show you the results you can get.

Hummingbird Pro is available as part of the WPMU DEV Membership, and adds automated scanning, uptime monitoring, enhanced minify compression (with 2x the regular optimization), and CDN hosted minification. This will make your site even faster.

Membership also gets you all our premium WordPress plugins, including Smush Pro, for the very best image optimization with image resizing, lazy load, and next-gen WebP convert, and 24/7 WordPress support. Hummingbird is a great free plugin, and Hummingbird Pro is even better. You can find out more here.

Alguém me ajuda! Eu Ativei a Otimização de Ativos e isso quebrou meu site!?

Asset Optimization is a great way to speed up your site but moving, combining, using minify, and rearranging CSS and JavaScript (.JS) files can also mess with styling and break functionality. We recommend making incremental changes and testing your site as you go so you can undo the changes if something breaks. And remember, don’t panic. If something goes wrong you can start over with the click of a button 🙂

How can I report security issues or bugs?

We take plugin security incredibly seriously; if you have a bug or vulnerability to report, you can do so through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. It’s fast, easy, and you will be notified when the issue is fixed. Report a vulnerability.


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Sped up even my simple website with a few clicks, very thanks
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My standards for website performance are nothing short of exceptional and hummingbird pushed it even past that. It’s a must have for any website.
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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

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Interessado no desenvolvimento?

Navegue pelo código, dê uma olhada no repositório SVN ou assine o registro de desenvolvimento via RSS.

Registro de alterações

3.8.1 ( 2024-05-02 )

  • Fix: Font optimization causes issue with RSS feeds
  • Fix: PHP errors and warnings

3.8.0 ( 2024-04-29 )

  • New: Load local fonts early with font preloading
  • New: Font swapping to ensure that text remains visible while webfont is downloading
  • Improvement: Better caching compatibility with popular third-party plugins
  • Improvement: Auto-populate CDN and web font domains in Advanced Tools > Preconnect
  • Fix: PHP warnings
  • Fix: Delay JS compatibility issue with Avada
  • Fix: Asset optimization bug fixes

3.7.4 ( 2024-03-27 )

  • Improvement: Security hardening

3.7.3 ( 2024-03-21 )

  • New: Replaced deprecated FID check with INP in performance test

3.7.2 ( 2024-01-16 )

  • New: Use static IPs for Critical CSS service
  • Improvement: Ignore missing CSS files when generating Critical CSS
  • Fix: Avoid calling the Critical CSS service too frequently

3.7.1 ( 2023-12-20 )

  • Improvement: Stability improvements

3.7.0 ( 2023-12-06 )

  • Fix: Critical CSS and Delay JS causing validation errors with AMP
  • Fix: Compatibility warning with PHP 8.3
  • Improvement: Better analytics

3.6.1 ( 2023-11-06 )

  • Fix: Minify module generating CSS file with HTML inside, when source CSS file not found

3.6.0 ( 2023-10-09 )

  • New: Generate Critical CSS for your pages to address render-blocking resource warnings and eliminate unused CSS
  • Improvement: Add comments for all translation strings that have placeholders in them
  • Improvement: Set minimum required PHP version to 7.4
  • Fix: PHP errors and warnings
  • Fix: Asset Optimization doesn’t save settings on Manual Mode
  • Fix: Delay JS conflict with Hub Client

3.5.0 ( 2023-06-27 )

  • New: Delay JS – Delay the execution of scripts to prioritize page rendering
  • Improvement: PHP 8.2 Compatibility
  • Fix: Accessibility Improvements
  • Fix: Security audit and improvements
  • Fix: Filter panel overlaps result while scrolling down on Asset Optimization page
  • Fix: Asset Optimization doesn’t save manual settings in some situations
  • Fix: Minor improvements in code and copy

3.4.7 ( 2023-06-13 )

  • Improvement: Performance improvements

3.4.6 ( 2023-04-17 )

  • Improvement: Switch from React development build to production build
  • Fix: Asset Optimization stats showing NaN on non-English sites
  • Fix: HB CDN automatically excluding two files from Themeco Pro theme
  • Fix: Hummingbird performance test results accordion not opening
  • Fix: Whitelabel issue with “What’s New” modal
  • Fix: Minor compatibility issues with PHP 8.2

3.4.5 ( 2023-03-28 )

  • Fix: Incorrect post types getting deleted

3.4.4 ( 2023-03-15 )

  • Improvement: Minor bug fixes and improvements

3.4.3 ( 2023-02-23 )

  • Fix: Security fix

3.4.2 ( 2023-02-16 )

  • Fix: JS error in configs

3.4.1 ( 2023-02-16 )

  • Improvement: Security hardening
  • Fix: Issue when upgrading from version 2.7.3

3.4.0 ( 2022-11-28 )

  • New: Asset optimization safe mode
  • New: React-based asset optimization module
  • New: Compatibility module with WPMU DEV hosting FastCGI feature
  • New: Map generated filenames to actual filenames on Manual Asset Optimisation
  • New: Replace Google fonts with Bunny fonts for GDPR compliance
  • Fix: Performance module showing older version of the report after scan
  • Fix: Page cache preloader icon
  • Fix: Uptime compatibility with WPMU DEV free Hub
  • Fix: Smush activation links on MU
  • Fix: Dashboard Asset Optimization Stats are different from the AO Summary Details
  • Fix: Miscellaneous PHP warnings and errors

3.3.7 ( 2022-11-17 )

  • Improvement: Code and compatibility improvements

3.3.6 ( 2022-11-01 )

  • Enhance: Security hardening
  • Enhance: WP 6.1 compatibility

3.3.5 ( 2022-10-04 )

  • Enhance: Membership status check

3.3.4 ( 2022-06-16 )

  • Enhance: Split out JavaScript libraries into smaller files
  • Enhance: Reports compatibility with Defender masking feature
  • Enhance: Cleanup on uninstall on network installs
  • Enhance: Page cache compatibility with Defender security headers
  • Fix: Usage tracking option on network installs
  • Fix: Setup module logic on plugin activation
  • Fix: Inline limits in asset optimization
  • Fix: Weekly performance report sometimes sent out twice
  • Fix: Settings link on Plugins page
  • Fix: Comment on-click lazy loading
  • Fix: Translation link URL
  • Fix: Tooltip showing by default on ‘Checking files’ asset optimization modal
  • Fix: Redis module not always being able to write to wp-config.php file
  • Fix: Skip onboarding wizard if a config has been applied
  • Fix: Rename “Basic” config to “Default”
  • Fix: Tutorials scripts loading on all pages

3.3.3 ( 2022-05-12 )

  • New: Set the number of comments to preload in lazy loading module
  • Enhance: Clean up after uninstalling on multisite
  • Enhance: Remove duplicate ‘wphb_page_cache_cleared’ action in favour of ‘wphb_clear_cache_url’
  • Enhance: Sanitize input fields in Configs module
  • Enhance: Compatibility with Weglot plugin
  • Fix: PHP undefined array key warnings
  • Fix: Fatal error when clearing cache in certain conditions
  • Fix: Toggling Uptime from WPMU DEV hub
  • Fix: Clear cache button not white labeled
  • Fix: Onboarding setup wizard summary layout
  • Fix: Onboarding setup wizard tracking option on multisite
  • Fix: Smush upsell block logic
  • Fix: Tutorials on dashboard page cannot be hidden
  • Fix: Duplicate users in notifications modal
  • Fix: Errors when offloading ES6 modules with import statements to CDN
  • Fix: Clear cache button (admin bar) logic on network installs
  • Fix: Cloudflare zone selector not working
  • Fix: High contrast notice in comments lazy load module
  • Fix: Lazy loading WooCommerce reviews

3.3.2 ( 2022-03-14 )

  • Fix: XSS vulnerability

3.3.1 ( 2022-02-24 )

  • New: Onboarding setup wizard
  • Enhance: Support for WPMU DEV Hub
  • Enhance: Add a unique salt when enabling Redis integration
  • Enhance: “How does it work” section in asset optimization module
  • Fix: Incorrect detection of Cloudflare APO status
  • Fix: Missing action buttons on Integrations page in sub sites
  • Fix: Page cache not clearing when caching is disabled on subsites
  • Fix: Duplicate ID elements on dashboard page
  • Fix: Inability to auto start asset optimization scan from dashboard page on free version
  • Fix: Remove global configs from network subsites
  • Fix: An invalid form control with name=’cloudflare-email’ is not focusable error
  • Fix: Documentation link in Notifications module
  • Corrigido: Caracteres de traduções
  • Fix: Styles for Select2 textarea elements

3.3.0 ( 2022-01-11 )

  • New: Font optimization is now part of automatic asset optimization mode
  • New: Notification email designs
  • New: Plugin icon
  • Enhance: Add file size limits for inlining assets in asset optimization module
  • Enhance: Status of assets in asset optimization module
  • Enhance: Updating of exclusion list in asset optimization UI
  • Enhance: Page types exclusions in page caching
  • Enhance: PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • Fix: Clearing page cache on subsites in a network sub-directory installs
  • Fix: Page caching module not showing for site admins
  • Fix: Browser caching module not showing on subsites with Cloudflare integration
  • Fix: Cached files counter when purging cache
  • Fix: Infinite loop with orphaned assets when page cache integrations are enabled
  • Fix: Cases when asset optimization breaks CSS with background SVG images
  • Fix: Asset optimization auto selecting files in auto mode
  • Fix: Cloudflare integration when a site is installed in a sub-folder
  • Fix: Missing notification modules and translations
  • Fix: Errors when purging Varnish cache
  • Fix: Fatal error when scheduling database reports
  • Fix: Fatal error with WP Ultimo 2.x

3.2.1 ( 2021-11-24 )

  • Fix: Sync issues with WPMU DEV Hub

3.2.0 ( 2021-11-24 )

  • New: Notifications module and dashboard widget
  • Novidade: Relatório de desempenho para subsites
  • New: Database cleanup reports
  • New: Page cache integration with WP Ultimo plugin
  • New: Browser caching set up wizard
  • Enhance: Simplify and improve browser caching setup
  • Enhance: Allow changing file location for asset optimization in multisite
  • Fix: PHP warnings when syncing settings with Hub
  • Fix: Parse warning in DOM when using font optimization

3.1.4 ( 2021-11-04 )

  • Enhance: White labeling support
  • Fix: Double notices on Dashboard page
  • Corrigido: Caracteres de traduções

3.1.3 ( 2021-11-01 )

  • Enhance: Minor performance improvements

3.1.2 ( 2021-10-19 )

  • New: Option to hide average response time from Uptime reports
  • Enhance: Database cleanup drafts processing – drafts are now moved to trash instead of removed completely
  • Enhance: Asset optimization processing – to prevent infinite processing loops, assets that use timestamps for versions will no longer be tracked
  • Enhance: Asset optimization purging orphaned data entries
  • Enhance: LiteSpeed server browser cache instructions
  • Enhance: Compatibility with WPMU DEV hosting FastCGI
  • Fix: Asset version changes not triggering asset optimization updates
  • Fix: Page cache not clearing out cache when menu is updated
  • Fix: Page cache not working on a page/post if the slug is ‘mobile’
  • Fix: PHP undefined offset warnings
  • Fix: Hidden CPTs clearing out page cache
  • Fix: Configs not working for subsite admins
  • Fix: PHP warnings on Dashboard page when Smush was previously installed and removed
  • Fix: Performance optimization guide link

3.1.1 ( 2021-09-07 )

  • New: Import/export of asset optimization settings on network subsites
  • Enhance: Page caching warnings and errors
  • Enhance: Compatibility with PHP 8.1
  • Fix: PHP warning in Asset Optimization module
  • Fix: Error with [object Object] in Gzip module
  • Fix: Page cache status when disabling the plugin on the network
  • Fix: Preload key requests audit in performance test
  • Fix: Performance scans not always starting in Firefox
  • Fix: Cloudflare integration not detecting mapped domains on subsites
  • Fix: Cloudflare modal not properly closing
  • Fix: Overlapping tooltips on Asset optimization page

3.1.0 ( 2021-07-20 )

  • New: Asset optimization preload option
  • New: Asset optimization async option for external assets
  • New: Add prefix to Redis cache via the WP_REDIS_SALT define (possible to store cache for multiple sites in a single database)
  • New: DNS prefetch for asset optimization CDN
  • New: Filter relevant audits in the performance test
  • New: Connect to Cloudflare via API token
  • Enhance: Allow setting crossorigin attribute for preconnect resources
  • Enhance: Performance test score metrics weights (inline with latest Lighthouse changes)
  • Enhance: Performance test tooltips
  • Enhance: Make sure logging is active only when both WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG are set
  • Enhance: Set the cache by device type option in Cloudflare APO for new installs
  • Enhance: White labeling support
  • Enhance: Processing of configs from other plugins
  • Fix: Do not preconnect to Google fonts servers if no fonts are being optimized
  • Fix: Broken purchase link in Cloudflare APO integration
  • Fix: Page cache module not always showing on subsites
  • Fix: Redis not connecting to external servers via hostname
  • Fix: PHP warnings for undefined index original_size
  • Fix: PHP warnings when doing performance scans from Dashboard
  • Fix: PHP warnings array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array
  • Fix: Saving/applying settings via configs for Page Caching module on network installs

3.0.1 ( 2021-06-17 )

  • New: Configs
  • New: Define for controlling Redis exclusion groups
  • New: Allow adding admin bar shortcuts for purging various caches
  • Enhance: Move admin bar cache controls settings to the Settings – General page
  • Enhance: Performance test informative audits UI
  • Fix: Dashboard and Gzip compression module layout issues on mobile devices
  • Fix: White pages when page cache is removed without header files
  • Fix: Asset optimization empty debug link on subsites
  • Fix: Documentation links
  • Fix: Skip performance test button styles
  • Fix: Skipping performance tests on subsites

3.0.0 ( 2021-05-19 )

  • New: Performance reports (synced with latest Lighthouse API)
  • New: Cloudflare automatic platform optimization (APO) integration
  • New: Cloudflare integration for subsites
  • New: Asset optimization font preloading
  • New: Allow customizing page cache file names with a wphb_cache_* cookie
  • New: Preconnect option
  • Enhance: Asset optimization asset action tooltips
  • Enhance: UX in Redis integration
  • Enhance: Asset optimization and page cache compatibility
  • Fix: Asset optimization settings reset
  • Fix: Asset optimization UI inconsistencies
  • Fix: Clear cache notice on network subsites
  • Fix: Select element styles on reporting screens
  • Fix: Overwriting network admin settings in advanced tools
  • Fix: Page cache clearing taking too long during post edit
  • Fix: Cloudflare browser caching settings not syncing with Hub

Changelog for previous versions.