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HireOwl Widget


Hiring students has never been easier!

The HireOwl WordPress widget lets you show open position on your WordPress website to get more candidates. You can also join the HireOwl student referral program to earn $ when students apply to a job from your WordPress website.

Here are the steps:
1. Download and install the HireOwl plugin/widget to your WordPress installation.
2. Login to your HireOwl account and copy the API Key located at the bottom of your Account page (
3. Enter the API Key in the Widget configuration

Note: The HireOwl widget will display the jobs you have in your HireOwl account. If you do not have any jobs, it will randomly show all jobs available on HireOwl.

Your account will automatically get credited when students click, signup and apply for any job. See the HireOwl Referral program for terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, email us

HireOwl Product Overview

Post a job

Simply enter your job details (2 minutes), and HireOwl notifies the right students from its high-quality talent pool. Enhance your job posting with images or video attachments. Your job will be advertised on the HireOwl Job and can be shared on social media to get you even more candidates.

Find candidates

Search for candidates based on reviews, skills, university, major or location. The HireOwl smart matching technology will order profiles to help you make the right choice faster.

Interview & Hire

Watch student’s video resumes, chat with them, share files or engage in a live video meeting, all within our industry-leading HireOwl platform.

Track work and Pay

Meet with students regularly via video chat to provide feedback and discuss new assignments. Track all work done via the HireOwl timesheets. Submit payments to students in the US and many other countries.

HireOwl Features:

  • Students’ resumes
  • Students’ video profiles
  • Students’ contact info
  • Helps you comply with intern laws
  • Easy one-click payments
  • Database Access to entire student database
  • Timesheets
  • Record-keeping (great for tax time!)
  • HireOwl Messenger with live video chat, file sharing, video recording
  • International internships

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Upload the HIreowl Widget plugin to your blog, Activate it, then enter your Hireowl API key.



Installation Instructions

Upload the HIreowl Widget plugin to your blog, Activate it, then enter your Hireowl API key.


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