Add a fancy feedback form under your posts or post types and ask your visitors a simple question: Was this helpful?
The plugin give them the ability to vote with yes or no. If it is not enough, you can look in your post list to get
an overview about your votes (pros and cons). With the integrated dashboard widget you only need to login, to find
what you need. Simply change your form theme or add your own css in the options.

Languages: English, German
Demo: (German)
Github: Helpful


  1. fully changeable texts and questions
  2. disable for users who already voted
  3. simple feedback form after vote
  4. page, cpt overview statistics
  5. custom post type support
  6. dashboard statistics
  7. custom css
  8. 5 themes

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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/helpful directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Helpful screen to configure the


Can I show votes after voting?

You can. Simply use {pro} and {contra} in your texts to show the vote number.

Can I use my own CSS files?

You can. Choose theme as theme in the helpful options. Then create an helpful folder and an theme.css file in it. Fill the theme.css file with your CSS and you’re done.

Are there any shortcodes I can use?

You can. Just use the shortcode [helpful] to output Helpful.

Do I need to consider anything when reporting problems?

Important are the PHP version and the plugin version. You can check the settings of the plugin. In the sidebar you will find what you are looking for.

Is AMP supported by the plugin?

I’m afraid not. I have not dealt with it and only know that there are problems with Javascript. If you have a solution, you are welcome to share it in the forum.

Why is the code editor not displayed in the options?

For the code editor you need at least version 4.9 of WordPress. Without this version, a text field will be displayed instead of the editor. The editor is used for custom CSS.

I’m a programmer, can I help?

Sure. Helpful is now also available on Github. I will always update the code first and fix issues with Codacy. You are always welcome to help. Forke Helpful and start bullying!


Valuable customer feedback tool

I'm extremely happy to have found this plugin! It's lightweight and the developer behind it has offered top notch support. For more context, I use Helpful on the documentation articles for a commercial product and within just a couple of weeks after installing it I already had enough feedback to see what articles are helpful and which are not. This in turn helped me double down on the articles that were not performing and update them based on the received customer feedback. All in all, Helpful helped me build a better documentation and offer better services to my customers. I highly recommend Helpful!

Good work.

Very well programmed plugin, also cosntant updates. Lovingly designed. Must be a great developer, keep it up.


Plugin funktioniert bisher ohne Probleme, sieht gut aus. Hat alles, was es braucht. Es lohnt sich. Mehr muss man dazu nicht sagen. Super Arbeit!
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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“Helpful” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


“Helpful” foi traduzido para 4 localidades. Obrigado aos tradutores por suas contribuições.

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Navegue pelo código, dê uma olhada no repositório SVN ou assine o registro de desenvolvimento via RSS.

Registro de alterações


  • Fixed feedback permissions so editors and administrators can now view, edit, and delete feedback.


  • Fixed a bug that did not allow deleting Helpful from a single post.


  • Bug call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback fixed


  • Now you can use {author} in the preferences to show the name of the author of the current post.
  • Now PHP sessions will be used again if cookies cannot be set. Unfortunately I have not found a better solution.
  • The get_browser() functions were almost all removed because there were too many problems with them.
  • No major corrections were made, as I am also working on a major update for Helpful.


  • There’s a new theme. This is used on the landing page and is called Clean. The theme works best if you don’t specify any text (except the headline).
  • It is now possible to make changes in the shortcode. With [helpful heading="My heading"] you can change the heading.
  • Fixed some bugs in the other themes.
  • Helpful runs under 5.2.


  • The plugin is now additionally hosted on Github and issues are detected using Codacy.
  • The code has been rewritten and comments are added.
  • Fixed major issues using Codacy and a lot of coffee.
  • Bug with user ID fixed. Thanks to @iovamihai.
  • Not in the plugin: There is now a landing page (still in work). This page is now also specified in the credits. So you advertise Helpful and not me.


  • When registering the feedback some variables were still set to true. Therefore the feedback could be found when creating URLs. This is no longer the case.
  • In one of the PHP classes comments have been added to explain certain values.


  • Error with wp_enqueue_code_editor fixed by asking if the function exists before. The code editor for the design options does not seem to work with older WordPress versions.


  • The Javascript has been rewritten to support Internet Explorer.


  • Instead of automatically shortening the content of the column with the linked post, there is now an option for this.
  • There is a new option to activate a meta box. With this you can see the current pros and cons. You can also reset the current post.


  • Fixed bug that made it possible to submit the feedback form without clicking on the button
  • Fixed bug that caused when you clicked on the icon inside the dashboard widget to redirect to the feedback overview


  • Fixed translation issues
  • Width in first column increased


  • Added some options for the feedback overview
  • Removed feedback entries from search


  • Fixed dashboard widget


  • Added option to display feedback messages directly in the tables, not beautiful – but functional!
  • Added an option to set the link in the Dashboard widget to the overview and not to the individual entries


  • Feedback post type corrected so that it does not appear in the frontend


  • Fixed a bug in the sidebar of the settings for the plugin
  • Added option to display percentages first (in tables and in widget)
  • Fixed translation in sidebar of plugin settings


  • It is now possible to display a simple feedback form after voting, yay!
  • Added percentage values when hovering on table columns
  • Added a simple blacklist check based on wp_blacklist_check for feedback form
  • CSS, code and settings revised
  • Moved Helpful from settings to its own menu
  • Dashboard-Widget bug fixed
  • Themes modified for the feedback form


  • Added option so users can voter several times
  • Fixed: remove container if no text exists after voting


  • Added cookie for user identification (users can now vote again until the cookie is set)
  • Removed md5 remote address for user identification
  • Fixed click events for buttons


  • Use custom timezone only if exists (default ist wordpress timezone)
  • Fixed auto reset options on reactivating plugin


  • Added timezone option (used if wordpress timezone not working)
  • Fixed javascript in loops
  • Fixed timezone


  • Added private post types


  • Tested WordPress 5.1
  • Fixed Shortcode
  • Hide helpful on frontpage (use shortcode instead)


  • Fixed new option


  • Added option so users can only vote once on the entire website


  • Fixed wp_editor();
  • Fixed translation


  • Removed option for timezones and use insteed the wordpress timezone


  • Added option for timezones
  • Changed credits
  • Removed wp_editor();


  • Added new css classes if no content exists or counters are disabled
  • Added version after enqueued files for easier supporting
  • Added new design
  • Fixed some comments
  • Fixed custom theme support


  • Fixed frontend scripts


  • Fixed frontend scripts


  • Tested with WordPress 5.0
  • Fixed a issue in after message
  • Fixed translation in dashboard widget (now uses the columns translation)
  • {permalink} added for outputting the permalink


  • WPML Support


  • Cleaned code
  • Added custom theme
  • Fixed themes with border-box
  • Fixed undefined variables
  • Using codemirror from wordpress core
  • Fixed widget css (after removing credits)


  • Sidebar voting link added
  • Settings no longer reset (only votes)
  • Recently helpful and unhelpful entries (widget)
  • Number of entries (widget)


  • Fixed column option
  • Accurate percentages in the widget


  • Better but simple statistics (thx to @caspero and @anefarious1)
  • Improvements (thx to @faterson)
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed Shortcode


  • Fixed admin enqueue (codemirror)


  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Code optimization


  • Refreshed languages
  • Changed default language to en_US
  • Added new de_DE and en_US language files
  • Code optimization


  • Refreshed languages


  • Converted pro to free version
  • Added shortcode [helpful]
  • Added option, to hide helpful in content for better use with shortcode


  • 4.9 Tested and fixed


  • Fixed a bug within post metas


  • Fixed a bug in dashboard widget


  • WordPress 4.8 Tested


  • Release