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Free online plagiarism checker plugin (tool) for wordpress users. Check your text is true or unique or it is copy pasted.

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Free online plagiarism checker plugin (tool) for wordpress webmasters, students and teachers. Check your text is true / unique or it is copy pasted.
Duplicate content can harm your wordpress SEO, Google also penalize those websites who use copy pasted content, so unique content matters.
This wordpress plugin check text in your post by parts and also shows you the results if that content is true (unique) or it is duplicated text.
Plagiarism free content is very inportant to boost your website in search engines, so start doing SEO of your blog.

Como esse plugin funciona

When you will press the Check plagiarism button it will start checking plagiarism for your post. you can handle it from your admin panel not need to check your post content from other websites.

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How it will work check demo online Plagiarism checker.

Por que verificar o plágio

Plagiarism means you are stealing material from a website, book, newspaper, etc. Search engines like google, bing and yahoo can easily detect that your content is hand written or you grabbed from somewhere else. So its very important for webmasters to check the text of their post before they make it live.

Relatório Genrating

You can also genrate reports for your checked content.
We are also working to develop a Quick plagiarism checker online. You will be able to check unlimited your documents online.
pages are alive you can check here: free plagiarism checker

Imagens de tela

  • Clique no botão verificador de plágio para iniciar o processo de verificação de plágio
  • É assim que os resultados serão exibidos


  1. Upload free-online-plagiarism-checker folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu “Plugins” no WordPress


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8 de dezembro de 2017
Sorry Ahmad, although the interface is simple, the plugin did not worked for me. I tested an article that I translated with google and the plugin returned a bunch of pages TOTTALY unrelated to the subject, pages that DID NOT contain the expression flaged, although it may or may have not contained the sepparated words. Anyway, it doesn`t do the job. If i may suggest, the plugin could choose shorter expressions and match them exactly. AFAIK google flags with a lower signficance also the translated fragments, and also the edited images since 2015. So it may be a good idea to also search for translated expressions. The activation emails from did went into trash/spam, but did not contain any link towards where I was supposed to insert the activation code, so I could test only the plugin. I intended to also try the online plagiarism checker, for both the translated and re-translated to english fragment, in order to see if it is found elsewhere on the web. I did tried the fragment directly in google and if there is any consolation, google did not identified the initial article, although it is a very significat one in my oppinion. Thank you for the good work! Regards, Daniel
25 de novembro de 2016 5 respostas
Bored of plugins saying it's "FREE" when it's clearly not! You have 500 queries per month, and a query is used approximately for each sentence. For a medium article length, the plugin made 71 request, which is 14% of the monthly allowed quotas. If you want more, as usual, you HAVE TO PAY. Despite that, the plugin does the job.
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