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Have you ever changed the font name of a page using a browser development tool? With this plug-in, you can temporarily change the font of a page without typing the font name.

Some features:

  • This plugin can temporarily change the font-family style of the body element.
  • In addition, the font family style of individual elements can be temporarily changed.


  • Japanese –


You can send your own language pack to me.

Please contact to me.

  • (ja)
  • email to takenori.matsuura[at]
  • @tmatsuur on twitter.



This plug-in is not guaranteed though the user of WordPress can freely use this plug-in free of charge regardless of the purpose.
The author must acknowledge the thing that the operation guarantee and the support in this plug-in use are not done at all beforehand.


email to takenori.matsuura[at]
twitter @tmatsuur

Imagens de tela

  • font name submenu.
  • target submenu.


  1. A plug-in installation screen is displayed on the WordPress admin panel.
  2. It installs it in wp-content/plugins.
  3. The plug-in is made effective.
  4. A ‘body (default)’ menu is added to the admin bar.


What font name is displayed in the “font name” submenu?

A list of popular English and Japanese fonts that you can use in your browser.

Can I restore the original page after changing the font name?

No need to reload the page. Select “default” in the “font name” submenu to return to the original page.


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