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Flexi Addons for Elementor


It’s time you enhance your webpage editing experience with The Best Elementor Widget.
This powerful Elementor widget will not only upgrade you website building experience but also ease up your hardwork to great extent.

It offers you widgets that adds up more sofistacation to your latest version of WordPress website. As it being one of the best Elementor addon so your website traffic gets an experience like never before!
FlexiAddons offers the happiest widgets that have easy-to-use elements which are solely designed to make your webpages and websites look trendier. One of you best choice for your Elementor Addon. Our developers have designed them keeping in mind the valuable user-experience which you need to provide to your website traffic. It provides The Best of Elementor Widgets and more are to come on nearest future taking the game to WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

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Why FlexiAddons?

  • Control every single widget with the Easiest Elementor Addon.
  • Light-weighted so your website loads the fastest.
  • Advanced & awesome free extensions for a new design experience.
  • 24/7 Dedicated customer support.

FlexiAddons Brings you The Best of 15+ widgets and more to come for your Elementor Page Builder

FlexiAddons Free Features

  • Accordion – This vertically stacked list of items, such as labels or thumbnails can help you beautifully manage the content density of your webpage.
  • Content Toggle – Use slider and ticker effect and more on dynamic & custom content
  • Call to Action – These call-to-action buttons are something that are very easy to customize and the designs used in this Elementor widget will highly create a desire to respond to your Call-to-action.
  • Fun Factor – What could be better than a numbers and texts bind together to show how best you are. The icons, numbers and texts in the widget are very easy to work with and it is great to make your website look more dynamic.
  • Icon Box – This widget helps you to keep it short but meaningful. Customize it easily with your Elementor Page Builder.
  • Image Compare – Images are best to convey more clear messages and when it comes to comparing before and after images, it adds a great deal of clearance to your communication.
  • Info Box – Design beautiful info box from predefined styles.
  • Pricing Table – Pricing tables can be easily managed and customized on the site so that you can show your proposals in a user-friendly manner.
  • Progress Bar – Beautiful and trendy progress bar can be easily customized on your Elementor Page Builder. These will show the graphical representation of progressive numbers.
  • Skill Bars – Get rid off the boring bullet points to talk about your skills. Use UI friendly progress bars to communicate them in a professional manner.
  • Tabs – Design tabs widgets with Flexiaddons with various customizing options.
  • Team Member – Make your team look The Best with this widget. Customize the widget to make it look professional.
  • Testimonial – This widget will help you to create authenticity and reliability by showing your client testimonials. Design the best testimonial widget to fit your website UI.


Flexi Addons included with free extensions augmenting the features of the Elementor page builder to add additional customizations. These effects are novel and exclusive.

  • Cross Domain Copy-Paste – (SCSS is like CSS with better formatting. CSS is a language that adds style to your webpages. Using SCSS Support, we can add a ton of functionality to the previous CSS like a variable, nestings, etc. SCSS as additional support makes it a lot easier in comparison to traditional CSS. You can now use this functionality with the new feature in our latest update. All you need to do is, set as you like and use it as many times as you want! Example- repeating #ff0000 many times in your CSS file is tiresome. But in SCSS, you can just set $red: #ff0000 once and use it as many times as you want.)
  • Flexi Duplicator – (Fond of The Layout that you created recently on your WordPress Website? If you want to recreate a whole page/post all over again just because of that layout design then we would recommend you to use our Free Pages/Posts Duplicator Widget in Flexi Addons. This amazing new feature will save a whole lot of your time of recreating the layout over again. Simply Duplicate the page or post within the single domain and edit the contents. It is That Easy with our Latest Update in Flexi Addons!)
  • Wrapper Link – (This handy feature in our latest update will simply enable you to choose any column or section and wrap it up with a link where you want your visitors to move to when they click on it.)
  • Custom CSS (SCSS Support) – (DO you have two or more sites? If you love a particular section in one of your sites and you are willing to recreate that on the other then please stop thinking about recreating it all over again. Cross Domain Copy-Paste helps you to directly copy from one location and simply paste it on the other domain location in about 2 seconds!)
  • On Demand Assets Loading – (FlexiAddons only load the css & js files for the widgets those are used on the page.)

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FlexiAddons PRO Features

Flexiaddons Pro is something that you will really like. The pro version will be bringing you features like:

  • Instagram Feed – Display Intagram feed with different styles and from different account.
  • Comparison Table – Now if you easily want your visitors want to consider the difference between your features with others then this is the best thing to use. This Elementor widget allows you to compare with great design for your Elementor-built WordPress website.
  • Post Carousel – It is always better to encourage your visitors to go through more of your content. Post carousal is an Elementor widget that will help you customize show your other contents in a carousal manner. This will look really good!
  • Post Grid – Organize and display your multiple blog posts in a grid layout using Post Grid. You can choose your preferred layout from layout settings, add animation to it and make it looks interactive for visitors.
  • Timeline – It can be useful for Organisation History Timeline, Startup Storyline, Event/Program History TimeLine, Step by Step Tutorials Timeline, and Lifetime Achievements and many more ways.
  • WC product carousel – (coming soon)
  • WC showcase – (coming soon)
  • Dual Button – (coming soon)
  • Off Canvas – (coming soon)
  • Countdown Timer – (coming soon)
  • Google Map – (coming soon)
  • Data Table – (coming soon)
  • Facebook Feed Widget – (coming soon)
  • Twitter Feed Widget – (coming soon)
  • WooCommerce Product Carousel – (coming soon)
  • WooCommerce Product Grid – (coming soon)
  • Flexi Template Library – (coming soon)
  • Flexi Animation Effects – (coming soon)

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  1. Go to Flexiaddons Dashboard
  2. Enable/ Disable your choosed widget from the dashboard
  3. Now on the editing page or post you can see new FlexiAddons category and Widgets in action.


Elementor Page Builder plugin must be installed and activated to use FlexiAddons.

Imagens de tela

  • FlexiAddons Dashboard Settings
  • Icon Box Widget Design
  • Skills Bars Widget Design
  • Image Compare Widget Design
  • Pricing Table Widget Design
  • Team Member Widget Design
  • Call to action Widget Design
  • Accordion Widget Design
  • Content Toggle Widget Design
  • Testimonial Carousel Widget Design
  • Tab Widget Design
  • Post Carousel Widget Design
  • Comparison Table Widget Design


Can I use FlexiAddons without Elementor?

I’m afraid, you cannot use FlexiAddons without Elementor. FlexiAddons is a collection of slick, powerful widgets that works seamlessly with Elementor page builder and it’s only for Elementor.

Is it available in any other Page Builder other than Elementor?

No! Flexiaddons is only available for Elementor.

Does FlexiAddons slows down my site?

No! Not at all. Flexiaddons is extremely light-weighted and it will never cause your site to get slow because we care about your website too!
FlexiAddons has a feature of on demand assets loading. That means FlexiAddons only load the css & js files for the widgets those are used on the page.


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  • Fix: Fix class exists error


  • New: Appsero Integration
  • New: Page/Posts Duplicator extension added
  • New: Cross Domain Copy Paste extension added
  • New: Custom CSS extension added
  • New: Wrapper link extension added
  • Update: Add new border radius control for the tabs widget
  • Update: Add new content top spacing control for the progressbar widget
  • Fix: Fixed design issues for the skill bars widget
  • Fix: Fixed design issues for the accordion widget


  • Initial Release