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Faster images increase conversion and hence revenue.

Filerobot normalizes, resizes, optimizates and distributes your images rocket fast around the world. Apply any image filter, transformation and watermark your need to make your images more impactful. Don’t bother with image editors and CDN setup anymore, Filerobot takes care of it all. This WordPress plugin will transform your image URLs on-the-fly, make them responsive and distribute your images over CDN.

No development needed. Simply set up your account and enjoy fast and responsive images.

To start boosting your images, create a FREE account at to obtain a Filerobot token. You get 25GB of CDN traffic and image storage for free every month. If you exceed this limit, we will contact you to set up a plan.

Our Plans are described here: switch plan

But don’t worry, 25GB are enough for any personal blog and small e-commerce site and we will not stop delivering your images if you exceed the FREE plan’s limit.

How does it work?
The Filerobot plugin will rewrite your image URLs “on-the-fly” to replace them with Filerobot URLs. Your origin images will be downloaded from your storage (web server, S3 bucket, …), resized by the Filerobot resizing infrastructure and cached in the CDN. NO development needed.

Coming soon
* Support for background images

If you have suggestions for new features, feel free to email us at

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Imagens de tela

  • Filerobot website
  • Media Asset management
  • Plugin configuration page
  • Plugin configuration page additional settings


  1. Search and install the plugin through the Install Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard.
    Alternatively, upload the filerobot folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your blog.
  2. Create a FREE account on the Filerobot website.
  3. Activate the Filerobot plugin through the Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard by entering your Filerobot token.


Question 1: Why are my images not going through Filerobot?

Check if you have a Cache service like W3 Total Cache / WP Super Cache / …
In this case, you need to reload the cache to enable the transformation of your URL.

If the problem persist please contact us at:

Note: Background images will be supported in the next version.

Question 2: How much does Filerobot cost?

Filerobot is a SaaS with a free tier subscription for 25GB CDN traffic and storage. You can check our pricing here.

Question 3: Will my original images be affected?

Filerobot downloads your images on-the-fly and does not modify your origin images.

Question 4: What happen if I deactivate Filerobot WP plugin?

Your WordPress website will be back as it was before the activation of Filerobot WP Plugin. We do not apply permanent changes to your WordPress.


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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações


  • First version of Filerobot WP plugin


  • Bulk upload functionality;
  • WordPress guidelines for using build-in methods;
  • Bug fixes in paths for media files;


  • Design improvements


  • Add hook for clear URL-s on deactivation


  • Add admin messages if working on localhost
  • Add admin message if token is not inserted


  • Implement function to check if file exist in Filerobot storage


  • Added lazy loading additional checkbox
  • Plugin admin improvement


  • Bug fix in validator
  • Update images and assets


  • Fix versioning of same file issues
  • Save low quality backup of main image, even if “Store only in cloud” is turned on


  • Plugin deactivation flow improvement


  • Sync options