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WordPress caching and accelerator plugin by ShortPixel

Have you ever wished your website scored 90+ on Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix and other website performance analysis tools?
And achieve that without the need to pay expensive fees to consultants or learn a lot of advanced technical stuff?

FastPixel automatically integrates all the latest technical enhancements, such as Page Caching, HTML/CSS/JS minification, DNS prefetching and preloading, Critical CSS, ShortPixel’s Smart Image Optimization, adaptive images, background image scaling and optimization, HTTP/2 support, fonts loading optimization, caching, a global CDN, and Core Web Vitals, within an easy-to-use, 1-minute-setup interface.

Quickly Test

There is no need to install our plugin to run a test.
You can quickly assess how FastPixel can optimize your website by conducting a test. Simply use this test page, and we will apply all optimizations to a copy of your website.
This way, you can easily evaluate the substantial speed improvements it can achieve using the most widely recognized website performance analysis tools.

Why choose FastPixel Website Accelerator?

  • Website Performance Boost: Just activate the plugin and within seconds the optimized webpages will start to be served.
  • Lower the CPU/RAM Impact: Using the plugin will reduce the impact on the resources used by your website. All the CPU intensive processing is done in the cloud and resulting pages will generally be served from a cached version and the optimized images from the CDN.
  • Automated Core Web Vitals Optimization: All the technical aspects are taken care of by FastPixel in a fashion transparent to you.
  • Smart Cache Warmup/Update: The cache warmup and update are taken care of automatically in a smart way. Pages are cached as they are visited and also updated if you update the content.
  • Critical CSS: CCSS is automatically generated for each page for lightning-fast page loads.
  • CSS/JS Processing: CSS/JS files are combined and also minified and compressed before they are served from our CDN.
  • HTML Optimization: A single highly optimized HTML file is generated that can adaptively serve the ideal webpage depending on the visitor’s viewport/device.
  • DNS Preconnects: Accelerates resource fetching, reduces the access time to external resources.
  • Font Processing: All the techniques to accelerate the processing and delivery of fonts are employed, e.g. font subsetting, font loading control, font compression, font embedding (lower CLS result).
  • Image Resizing & Optimization: The images are automatically resized to the right size for their placeholder and then optimized and delivered via ShortPixel CDN.
  • Automatic Next-Gen Images Delivery: Depending on the visitor’s browser capabilities and support, the original JPG/PNG/GIF images are converted and served as WebP or AVIF whenever possible. For browsers that do not offer such support, the original format is served.

Happy with your test?

If you’re satisfied with the test, just search for “FastPixel” in your WordPress dashboard > plugins, install the plugin and see for yourself how much faster your site becomes.

Additional questions

If you have more questions, technical or otherwise, please refer to our FAQ section below, our docs or contact us.
We typically respond within 15 minutes.

Imagens de tela

  • Example site metrics on PageSpeed Insights before: Low

  • Example site metrics on PageSpeed Insights after: Good

  • Settings page – Cache status

  • Settings page – Main settings

  • Settings page – JavaScript settings

  • Settings page – Diagnostics


Would you help me with the setup?

Our plugin is intentionally designed to be straightforward, so you usually won’t require assistance.
However, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be quick to assist you.

Do you have any special plans for agencies?

Yes, we do! Please contact us to discuss about this.

Why should I choose FastPixel?

The FastPixel plugin offers an all-in-one solution to speed up your website. It’s easy to set up, integrates the latest website speed optimization technologies, and is superbly supported by the ShortPixel support team

Does FastPixel work on all hosting providers?

Yes, our plugin works with all hosting providers, but if you encounter any issues just let us know and we will be happy to help!

The Cache Status of my pages says “Queued”. What does this mean?

“Queued” cache status means that the page is in queue to be processed by our servers and will soon appear as “Cached”.

Is FastPixel free?

Yes, as long as you install it on a website that doesn’t generate more than 5,000 page views/month, you don’t have to pay for it 🙂
If you exceed this threshold no worries, affordable monthly or yearly plans are available for you.

How much is 5,000 page views/month?

That’s probably enough for over 90% of the websites on the Internet! If your website is visited by less than 100 visitors per day, it will most likely not exceed 5,000 page views/month.

If I make changes to a cached page, will the page automatically be cached again?

Yes, if you make any changes to a page that has already been cached, the page will automatically be cached with the new content.

Will the plugin interfere with other themes, plugins or widgets?

We have taken great care to ensure that FastPixel plugin won’t interfere with other themes, plugins or widgets, minimizing the chances of compatibility issues. Despite our best efforts to mitigate the risks, considering the vast array of hosting providers, along with tens of thousands of plugins and themes available in the WordPress ecosystem, occasional conflicts with other plugins or widgets are possible. If you encounter any issues or suspect interference with other plugins or widgets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is there an external service used by FastPixel plugin?

Our plugin integrates with an external service via dedicated API endpoints. This process involves sending a request with specific data to the server API endpoint, which then queues and processes the request to generate HTML content. Once your request reaches the front of the queue, the service processes the data, generates the HTML content based on the specified URL, and then sends the HTML back to the plugin using the provided postback URL. The plugin automatically receives the generated HTML content and saves it to the disk on your WordPress installation. This process is designed to be seamless and requires no manual intervention.

Example data sent to server API endpoint ‘’ to request HTML page generation:


Also there are two enpoints on external service: – this endpoint is used to request pages cache. Url is put into queue and once your request reaches the front of the queue, service processes request. Service request page and parse it to get list of links to other pages. Pages from this list are requested too. New html pages will be prepared and send back to wordpress installation for all pages from the list.
Example data sent to server API endpoint ‘’ to request HTML page generation:

} – this endpoint is used to check which rest api route is available, /wp-json/fastpixel-website-accelerator/v1/update or ?rest_route=/fastpixel-website-accelerator/v1/update. Response from this endpoint return list of available endpoints and first item from this list is saved for future use. This endpoint is used only if default rest api endpoint is not available.
Example data sent to server API endpoint ‘’ to request HTML page generation:


More information can be found on

Security Measures
We prioritize your security and privacy. All communications between the plugin and the external service are encrypted, ensuring that your data remains private and secure. Furthermore, the plugin securely stores the generated HTML content on your disk, adhering to the highest data protection standards.

Support and Documentation
For more detailed information on how to use the plugin or the API, troubleshooting tips, or if you need assistance, please check our docs or contact us.


1 junho, 2024 2 respostas
This is the first page optimiser I have tried that works really well out of the box and improves page speed noticeably (both in terms of measurements and user perception). I look forward to more features!
24 maio, 2024 1 resposta
I’ve been beta-testing this plugin, and I can confidently say it’s fantastic. It has significantly boosted my website’s performance, making things run smoother and faster. The support team (ShortPixel) is incredibly responsive, providing assistance and updates around the clock.
11 maio, 2024 1 resposta
I use it since it is available as beta, and it speeds up my sites as fast as the big players. Especially the smartphone score gets a big boost. Minor bugs get fixed in a day or less in most cases.
9 maio, 2024 1 resposta
Super easy to install and worked out of the box. I deleted WP Rocket, scores obviously dropped, but with FastPixel I was able to achieve same results as with WP Rocket. Very easy to configure and worked instantly! Currently very few configuration possibilities, but I was told more are on the way! I tested with a very complex site that required a lot of work with WP Rocket and many script exclusions. FastPixel can’t handle this yet, but I believe it will soon!
9 maio, 2024
Very easy to use and very effective! It easily boosted my performance scores in less than a few seconds!
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