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Easy Student Results


Fully Featured Result Management System for School, College and University. You can use Student Result plugin for Employee Listing too.
A free Android Apps is also available for this plugins. With this Android app (Version 4.4.4 and later), you can search students, view results etc.
Dedicated settings page is available for Apps api. From there you can change your app settings dynamically. Download this
app from this link

Added a new shortcode [esr_results2], by this shortcode, student can search their own result, result can be searched by
Roll no (by default) or by Registration no [esr_results2 search_by=’reg’]. Note that, while using [esr_results2] shortcode, all students roll number / registration number should be unique. Otherwise you’ll get no result error or wrong result. If you can’t make sure unique Roll No / Registration No for each students please use [esr_results]. [esr_results] will give you accurate result no matter what.


  • Unlimited Department
  • Unlimited Batch
  • Unlimited Semesters
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Results
  • Shortcode For Viewing Result and Student List
  • Student Can be Searched By Department, Batch and Semesters
  • Result Can be searched by Exam, Departments, Batches and Semesters
  • Result Print Facility
  • Detailed Plugin Settings Page
  • Custom Post Type Used For Students and Courses with lots of filter options
  • Default WordPress look and feel for every page
  • Bootstrap Templates for Students and Result shortcode
  • Plugin is translation ready
  • Used WordPress Transients API for complex mysql queries
  • WordPress Multi site support

Available Shortcodes

  1. [esr_results]
    View Student Result with a detailed search form

  2. [esr_results2]
    By this shortcode result can be searched by Roll no (by default) or by Registration no [esr_results2 search_by=’reg’].

  3. [esr_students]
    By this shortcode, you can search all available students

Premium AddOns

Premium AddOns are available for this plugin, like private result search, new shortcodes for searching result by exam, year and roll no etc. For more details please visit here for more details.

  • Import Export CSV
    By Installing Import Export CSV Plugin, admin can Import/Export data of Easy Student Results plugin. Note that: existing addOns are 100% compatible with this addOns.

  • Result By Pin
    By Installing Search Result By PIN Plugin students can search their results by a PIN assigned by admin. You can also put restriction on pin use, assign new pins, temporary disable pins etc….

  • Result Fields
    By this plugin, you can add extra fields under result window. You can add fields under Subject section ie: beside Marks Obtained, or under Result section, ie: beside Total Marks Obtained section. Existing ESR Premium plugins are 100% compatible with this plugin.

  • Promote Students
    By this plugin, you can promote students to next class / semester. All previous results will be kept and students can view their old results too. Existing ESR Premium plugins are 100% compatible with this plugin.

  • Marks Entry Frontend
    Now Teachers’ / Faculty Members can enter marks from front end. Faculty Members / Teachers’ can only view the list of results assigned to them from admin panel. One Faculty Member / Teacher can’t view or edit another Faculty Members / Teacher’s assigned result.

  • Private Result Search
    Now your students can search their results privately. After login Students only can view their results. They can’t see each other results.

  • Advanced Search Plugin
    By Installing Advanced Search Plugin students can search their results by entering Exam Name, Exam Year and their Roll or Registration Number.

  • List Entry Marks
    Tried of entering result one by one ? Well good news for you. By this addOns you can enter marks at once 🙂

Feature Request

For new feature please sent me an email at contact(at) with subject: Feature Request For Easy Student Results

Easy Student Results Needs Your Support

It is hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy using Easy Student Results and find it useful, please consider making a donation. Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support.

Imagens de tela

  • Frontend Result Listing
  • Frontend Result Details Page
  • Frontend Students Listing
  • Add / Edit Department and Semester Page
  • Add / Edit Batch
  • Add New Students
  • Students List
  • Add New Course
  • Course List
  • Exam Record List
  • Enter Marks: Student List
  • Enter Marks


  1. Upload easy_student_results directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu “Plugins” no WordPress


What is the shortcode to display result in frontend ?

Use [esr_results] in a page or post to display Result in frontend.

What is the shortcode to display student list in frontend ?

Use [esr_students] in a page or post to display Students in frontend.

Can I use this plugin for Employee listing ?

Yes. Using [esr_students] shortcode you can use this plugin as employee listing plugin. Each shortcode has its own
settings page in admin panel. From there, you can change every option you need.


18 de abril de 2018
No Doubt this is a wounder full plugin . I install it and working on it. All things are fine but when we select Semester option as a Class Section, after that when we add New Exam Record we can not able to add Result of 2 Sections of a Same class. Add New Exam Record : Select > Exam Select > Class / Department Select > Year / Batch Select > Section / Semester Error : Exam records already exists on database. Please check Exam, Department and Batch. ( it should be add new exam on section basis)
16 de março de 2018
I have used this plugin, it is simply the best of the best examination management plugin WordPress ever seen. the developer is very supportive and understanding, this plugin saved us lots of work and time. Its user friendly, very easy to work with and has no issues. Thank you for creating this Awesome plugin.
9 de setembro de 2017
I really love this easy students result plugin. Thanks for this lovely plugin. I needed a feature and he listened and made it available. Very Good customer care and always ready to answer people any time any day. I can now buy the feature(s) i needed. Thanks you sir and thanks for this plugin.
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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

“Easy Student Results” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações


  • Added result view feature under Result Section


  • Fixed displaying department full name issue on result shortcode
  • bootstrap.css used instead of bootstrap.min.css in print section, this will help user to add new css rules under print section


  • Fixed database limit issue for some fields
  • Updated codebase


  • Fixed a notice on shortcode display
  • Updated codebase


  • Added Advanced Custom Field AddOns Support as Student Meta
  • Updated Mobile API


  • Codebase Updated


  • Fixed a minor bug.


  • Fixed adding result for different section.


  • Fixed Transient not deleting properly issue


  • Codebase Updated
  • Added couple of new hooks


  • Codebase Updated
  • Added two new hooks
  • Added keys for mysql tables for faster queries


  • Added feature where you can display student image in result display window. Check Student Results –> Settings –> Shortcode Result –> Show Student Image section
  • Fixed a bug where total obtained marks wasn’t stored properly
  • Added Delete feature everywhere
  • Updated some internal functions
  • Now when you add new results, courses will be automatically selected
  • Updated Codebase


  • Fixed a bug on result window
  • Added percentage feature to result
  • Updated codebase


  • Updated Codebase
  • Fixed Some issues for shortcodes
  • Added some hooks


  • Fixed [esr_results2] shortcode
  • Now you can edit department


  • Added a Delete button to Results Menu.
  • Fixed a bug for Editing result where, while adding new student to existing result, already added students data get deleted
  • Updated both [esr_results] and [esr_results2] shortcode, now you can show Results fields data on Student Information from Settings -> Shortcode Result tab
  • Added a new settings field named “Who Can View Student Results Menu” under Student Results –> Settings –> Basic Settings, by this settings you can select user role of the plugin
  • Added a new settings field named “Display Header/footer with Result ?” under Student Results –> Settings –> Shortcode Result, by enabling this setting, you can show header, footer content like company logo, any text, html content etc while displaying the result
  • Added a new settings field named “Hide Search Field” under Student Results –> Settings –> Shortcode Result, by enabling this settings you can hide result search form while displaying result.


  • Fixed translation issue for wrong text domain selected, now you can translate this plugin to your own language
  • Fixed some css issues
  • Fixed some php notices
  • Code improvements


  • Added uninstall.php file, now you can delete all plugins data while deleting this plugin. A new settings options is added under General Settings section.
  • Solved a issue with multisite installation.
  • Added Total Obtained Marks for [esr_results] and [esr_results2] shortcode
  • Fixed a PHP notice for [esr_results2] shortcode


  • Added multisite support. Now this plugin fully support WordPress Multisite
  • Added new shortcode [esr_result2], now students can search their own result by entering roll number by default, or
    by registration number [esr_results2 search_by=’reg’]
  • Fixed a minor bug with mobile apps api


  • Fixed a PHP notice on result shortcode
  • Fixed Autoloading class issue on PHP Version 5.2
  • Fixed Add New Exam error message on same exam name


  • Fixed HTTPS url issue


  • Initial Plugin Release