Easy Social Icons


You can upload your own social icon or font-awesome social icons, set your social URL, choose whether you want to display vertically or horizontally, left or right or center aligned, icon width height or margins.

You can use the shortcode [cn-social-icon] in page/post, template tag for PHP file, <?php if ( function_exists(‘cn_social_icon’) ) echo cn_social_icon(); ?> also you can use the widget “Easy Social Icons” for the sidebar.

If you are using wordpress version lower than 3.5 please use “Easy Social Icons” version

For faster support please contact us here.

Cover original color for 100+ font-awesome brand icons

Key Features

  • You can upload your own social icons, set URL for that icon with sort order, target windows etc.
  • Or select font icons from font-awesome (Cover original color for 100+ font-awesome brand icons)
  • Create mutiple icons set using widget with different settings
  • Use mutiple shortcode in page/post with different settings
  • Use mutiple PHP template tag in PHP themes files with different settings
  • Works with responsive website
  • You will get add/edit/delete option for icons
  • You can set the icon width and height to fit in your template/design perfectly
  • You can display your social share icons vertically or horizontally to match perfectly with your template/design.
  • You can put your social icon set in the sidebar using the widget
  • You can insert your social icon set in pages/posts using shortcode
  • Sort social media icons using drag drop
  • Also if you are familiar with PHP code then you can use the template tag to place the social icon set anywhere in the PHP template file
  • Google Social Profile Links feature added, so if someone search your website/blog in google it will show your social icons also.

Please visit our site www.cybernetikz.com/

Imagens de tela

  • display social icons in sidebar using widget
  • display social icons in sidebar using widget different icons shape
  • display social icons in sidebar using widget different icons colors
  • manage icons page layout
  • add new icon page layout
  • sort icons usign drag drop
  • plugins settings page layout
  • add Easy Social Icon widget to sidebar using drag drop


Ques : How to use this plugin ?

Ans :
Use this shortcode for page/post [cn-social-icon] , for php code use this template tag <?php if ( function_exists(‘cn_social_icon’) ) echo cn_social_icon(); ?>

You can use the “Easy Social Icons” widget for the sidebar.

For more details, please follow the instruction in this page “WP Admin Menu”->”Easy Social Icons”->”Settings & Instruction” on “How to use” section.

Ques : What if my wordpress version is below 3.5 ?

Ans :
If you are using wordpress version lower than 3.5 please use Easy social Icon version 1.1


This is the one

This is as simple as it gets. I wanted something that would allow me to choose which social networks to link to and use my own custom icons. This does it perfectly and the interface is very intuitive. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes with the widget perfectly displaying what I wanted on the sidebar.

very useful plugin

thank you for such a good tool.
BTW, could you add import/export settings feature? It’s so boring to recover options manually.

Kick ass plugin

You saved my day. I had a real challenge with trying to find something to display my custom battlefield gaming icons and this plugin worked perfectly.

Great jog and thank you so much for a wonderful plugin that solved my challenge perfectly..

High five..

Easy to use, like the option to add own icons

This is a really simple-to-use plugin. For those who have complained that it does not actually contain any icons, that is both a pro and a con: pro in that you’re not plugging up your files with icons you don’t need (who, really, is linked to 100 sites?); con in that you have to go online and download them yourself. But hardly a stumbling block.

Also, because you must upload the icons to your media library, you can upload logos for sites that are not as popular and whose icons you rarely find in the pre-loaded plugin variety, icons like for Goodreads or Wattpad, which I need. It also means you can get creative and design your own if you’re so inclined.

I’m reserving one star because I would have loved the ability to set different widths for individual icons as not all of mine were square, forcing me to redesign.

Will donate as this plugin works and has not broken anything else.

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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações


  • add email, address, mobile font-awesome icons
  • typo fix


  • add review and support banner at top
  • add original color for 39 font-awesome brand icons
  • css fix for cybernetikz banner in responsive design


  • fix v 1.0 & v 1.1 image icon compatibility


  • fix font-awesome icons color for some specific themes
  • automatically set sort order when add new icon


  • add font awesome icons
  • css fix/update to remove unwanted icon border, shadow for “Twenty Seventeen”
  • Google Social Profile Links feature added
  • “add new” button added to “All Icons” page
  • arrow icon added in “All Icons” page to sort icon easily
  • auto fillup/suggestion added in “Add New Icon” for “title” and “url” field
  • add client side validation in “Add New Icon” for for “title”, “icon” and “url” field
  • update variables name to fix conflict with other plugins
  • update php code for optimal performance
  • delete plugins table and options data on uninstall


  • css update to remove unwanted icon border


  • bug fix for icon sorting feature
  • screenshot update


  • New feature added for widget, create mutiple widget instance with different settings
  • New feature added for shortcode, use mutiple shortcode in page/post with different settings
  • New feature added for PHP template tag, use mutiple PHP template tag in PHP themes files with different settings
  • New feature added for shortcode generate
  • Plugin’s settings & instructions page layout is updated
  • “How to use?” section is added in plugin’s settings & instructions page
  • ID column is added to manage icons page
  • Button is updated throughout the plugin setup pages
  • Layout is updated in sort icons page
  • Screenshot updated
  • CSS updated
  • Javascript updated

  • Banner added in plugins pages


  • Bug fix, Security updates

  • CSS fix


  • Rsponsive feature added
  • Security updates


  • PHP notice/warning fix


  • Fix on WordPress media uploader for different WordPress version


  • Integrate WordPress default media uploader
  • Some security updates
  • Remove preloaded sample icon as icon upload method change


  • icon upload folder fix


  • Add sorting icon using drag drop
  • Built in 5 social icons preloaded as sample icon, to save your time (facebook, twitter, linkedin, flickr, youtube).
  • Now you can display the icons split by rows, input the number of rows in the plugins admin option page
  • Css fixes
  • Icons width / height adjustment fix