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Form builder is one of the most essential plugins for any website. No matter what kind of website you are building now, this tool is definitely what you need to have on your website. With the help of Forms plugin various templates can be created. It is good for business websites, personal blogs… whatever you can imagine.

GrandWP Forms plugin has a wide range of flexibility. You can make the forms look exactly how you want it to appear on the Front-End without hiring a developer. It is 100% responsive and high performing plugin. Use Form builder plugin to create various forms for users to submit or just provide detailed additional information about the product/services or about the website in general.

GrandWP Form builder is extremely easy to use. Forms plugin has intuitive and simple interface, which allows creating amazing forms within a few clicks. It has modern and flexible design, which will make your website look professional. Forms plugin allows high level customization of every single field you create to make it look exactly how you want it to. After creating GrandWP forms project, you can change/ customize it whenever you wish and however you wish. Form builder plugin also has a “drag and drop” option, which allows changing the order of the fields with a single click.


Basic Contact Form Demo

Contact Form With Map Demo

Contact Person Information Demo

Login and Sign Up Demo

Ticket Reservation Demo

Event Planner Demo

Optional Payments Demo

T-shirt Order Demo

Newsletter Subscription Demo

Request a Quote Demo

Suggestion Form Demo

Customer Satisfaction Survey Demo

Donation Form Demo

If there are issues with forms installation process, please click here to contact us.

“Was amazed to discover this plugin. There are so many options to create a complete forms with unlimited fields even with the lite version. What I liked the most is the simplicity of usage, user-friendly structure.”
Robert Ross: WordPress developer

Use GrandWP Form builder for the following purposes:

  • To keep in touch with your website visitors/customers by creating “Contact Us” forms
  • To provide your business/company location-related information
  • To display site-specific and custom information you need
  • To create survey
  • To receive submissions
  • To create delivery forms
  • To create subscription
  • To create reservation for various purposes and even more

Use GrandWP Form builder plugin which has integrated PayPal payment system to make the transaction process more convenient. Plugin allows having all you need to make/receive transactions without using additional plugins. The plugin is very easy in usage and within a few clicks you can connect your PayPal account to plugin to receive transactions. Plugin functionality allow testing PayPal payment system before making real transactions.

When adding PayPal account email to Form builder plugin, it provides two fields types for emails which can be used for different purposes. Those fields are PayPal Account Email and Sandbox Account Email. After adding PayPal Account Email (Live) the real transactions can be done. Add Sandbox Account Email for testing purposes.

With the help of Form builder plugin you can enable payment system only for those form projects that you wish.
PayPal supports several fields, which allow users to select from. With the help of Imageselect, Selectbox, Checkbox, Radio fields, various services can be created and displayed to allow users to select from. For user’s convenience, PayPal option is already built-in to the mentioned fields to make the reservations/transactions faster, easier.

GrandWP PRO:

This is the lite version of the plugin that has everything you need to create any Forms types with unlimited fields. Need to more complex form structure or high level customization? Click here to get the plugin advanced version now!

GrandWP includes the following key features and option

  • Donation field (PRO version)

By enabling Form Builder donation field give the users an option to make donation. Two type donations are available in Forms plugin. Choose among fixed amounts or enable the field for custom amount entry. One of plugin donation type is fixed amount the users can choose from. Forms plugin second donation type is a blank field where the users can input the amount they wish to transfer for the donation. Note that PayPal account needs to be connected to Form builder plugin to enable the option.

  • Additional actions to adjust created forms projects

The plugin has a flexible functionality which allows adjusting created forms before publishing. It allows copying, deleting, adjusting, previewing fields within one click only. This option allows to apply changes on existing contact forms to save time. Form builder plugin has the mentioned buttons both in the main form list and in the particular form project as well.

  • Two-type forms shortcodes

After the contact forms are created, Form Builder plugin generates two-type shortcodes to use in the website. The first shortcode type generated is regular shortcode to be used in WordPress post or page. With the help of this option easily publish created projects on website main content. Forms plugin second shortcode generated by the Form Builder plugin is PHP shortcode to be added to the template. This shortcode type allows inserting created forms to WordPress website theme (displaying form projects in the website header and footer).

  • Option to add forms to website widget

In the case, if you do not wish to insert created forms to the main website content, use Form Builder plugin option to add it to website widget. With the help of plugin easily add created forms to the website widget. Created contact forms will be beautifully displayed on widget area as well.

  • Plugin templates

Form builder plugin offers default amazing templates to use. The plugin has integrated 9 beautiful most common and useful contact forms, which include all the functionality depending on the form type you choose. Just choose the forms type you wish to display on your website and ready made templates will be displayed on your website. After choosing one of the offered templates, within one click add the ready forms to the form list.
Each Form Builder template can be modified anytime you need. All type modifications are available in the added templates.
Forms plugin has the following ready-made templates:
“Contact us”, “Log In”, “Sign up”, “Event Planner” ,“T-Shirt order form”, “Subscribe to Newsletter”, “Request a quote”, “Suggestion Form”, “Customer Satisfaction Survey” forms.

  • Submit option as payment button

Form builder plugin allows easily modifying the submit button. If you are using plugin PayPal payment system you may wish to change the submit button text to “Pay”. By changing forms submit button label text in form builder plugin, you can change the button text to the one you wish to appear on your website. After enabling PayPal option in the contact form, change the form builder submit button text to “pay” to give the users a chance to make the transactions within a few clicks.

  • Built-in amazing themes (PRO option)

Form builder plugin has integrated 8 beautiful and amazing for you to choose. Form builder colorful themes can emphasize the uniqueness of your website and make it look even better. Each contact forms you create using form builder plugin can have the integrated themes. Form builder plugin has 8 unique themes which are available in the advanced version of the form builder plugin. The default theme is available both in lite and advanced versions of the form builder plugin. Each contact form you create using form builder plugin can have different themes. Form builder plugin functionality allows having different themes for different contact forms. After choosing one of the offered themes, form builder plugin functionality allows changing theme whenever you wish.

Use form builder ”text” field to create text fields, where various information can be filled in depending on your website type (e.g. First Name, Last Name)


Use form builder plugin this field to give users an option to add additional information to the submitted forms. In case, if you are using form builder plugin to create a reservation forms, this field could be created to give additional remarks about the reservation preferences or special needs or comments (e.g “If, available, would like to have a table near the window.”)


Use Forms plugin Selectbox field to give users an option to choose among offered services.
Note that both single and multiple selection is available for this field type.


Use Forms plugin Map option to display the exact location of your business. This helps users easily find location.


Use form builder plugin “Phone” field to request phone number from user, who submits the forms


Use “Email” field to collect email addresses from user, who submit the forms.


Use “Radio” field to give an option to choose one service among offered variants. Offered options are displayed as a Radio buttons.
“Radio” displays only one service selected from offered ones.

  • DATE

With a “Date” field a Date-related information to be collected from user, who submits the forms


Use “Captcha” field to verify user with a randomly generated six-character code before forms is submitted

  • HTML

With the help of “HTML” field, custom text, image or HTML code can be implemented.


Add form builder “Address” field to collect user’s address-related info


Add Forms plugin “Number” field if you need to collect number-related information (e.g. number of guests)


Use Forms plugin “Checkbox” field to offer an option to select multiple services from the offered.
This field is displayed as a checkbox in Back-End.


Use form builder “ reCAPTCHA” field to verify user with a randomly generated Google images before forms is submitted.


Without adding this button, forms cannot be submitted.


Use form builder “Upload” field to allow users to upload fixed-type files


Use Forms plugin “Donation” field to give users an option to make donations for certain purposes. The donation transactions can be done within a few clicks.

If there are issues with forms installation process, please click here to contact us.


Use plugin Documentation to set up the form
If there are issues with forms installation process, please click here to contact us.


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GrandWP Forms


Installation instructions

  • 1) Go to Dashboard of your WordPress website > select Plugins and click ‘Add New’
  • 2) Search for “GrandWP Forms/ Form Builder”
  • 3) After detecting the desired Form builder plugin, click “Install Now”
  • 4) After Form builder plugin installation is completed click “Activate Plugin”
  • 5) Form builder plugin appears in the “Dashboard” sidebar menu. Now the forms plugin is ready to be used
  • 6) Please, note that in the case of possible updates of Form Builder plugin you will get a notification in your WordPress website Dashboard (Plugins section)


If the standard upload methods of form builder plugin installation are not working for you, try to install via FTP.

  • 1) Find a FTP client
  • 2) Download the form builder plugin ZIP file from WordPress.org
  • 3) Extract ZIP file directory to your PC
  • 4) Upload the newly extracted Form builder plugin directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  • 5) Forms plugin is ready to be activated from the website dashboard. After the activation is completed, form builder plugin appears in the “Dashboard” sidebar menu.

If there are issues with forms installation process, please click here to contact us.


I’ve still got questions. Where can I find the answers?
  • Please open a support ticket in the forum. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Why should I Go PRO?
  • Premium version of the plugin has great options integrated that will fulfill any type of Forms project that you create. Among them you will find: ready-made forms Templates, beautiful Themes. Also, the following fields: Map, Imageselect, Address and Password (Will allow creating Login and Sign Up forms and accounts with subscriber role on your website).
Is it possible to have different settings for the created forms?
  • Yes, forms plugin allows having different settings for each created form separately. Go to your website dashboard> detect Forms plugin> select the form project> form setting.
Are the submissions saved to the database?
  • Yes, form builder plugin allows the submitted forms to be saved to the database for each form separately. Simply go to particular form setting> Save Submissions to database.
Can different “Action on form submission” be set?
  • Yes, each forms project can have different action on form submission displayed. To set the desired message, go to particular forms setting>Actions on Form Submit.
Is it possible to remove data on plugin uninstall?
  • Yes, forms plugin allows removing data on plugin uninstall. Go to website dashboard> detect Forms plugin> Settings submenu> Remove all data on plugin uninstall.
Does the plugin have captcha to verify users before the submit the form?
  • Forms plugin has both captcha and reCAPTCHA fields which can be added to forms projects to verify suspicious users.


I will use

I use this plangin relatively recently and I want to say that if you compare it with similar ones, then there is no such price. Developers at creation well tried, works steadily. Thank you!

Nice features

After using several forms plugins on my website, I have found my favorite, with the features I needed... Thanks

Очень легко использовать

Плагин работает классно. Тех подержка отвечает очень быстро. Если вы используете форм плагин всех рекомендую. Спасибо авторам.

Like it very much

My form looks differently with this plugin. Very neat and beautiful. With the ready templates have added the form very fast.
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Registro de alterações

= 1.1.0=
* Admin styles fixed.

= 1.0.9=
* We have added the plugin to post and page block section. It is supported in the block.

= 1.0.8=
* Front-end bug with required fields has been fixed.

= 1.0.7=
* 9 Default Forms Templates have been added and some bugs fixed in the admin panel.

= 1.0.6=
* Adapted admin interface for better UX.

= 1.0.5=
* Admin bugs fixed.


  • Double Submission bugs fixed.


  • GrandWP Easy contact form admin page bugs fixed.


  • 1) Displaying Pro Features in Edit Form Settings Pages and Plugin Settings Page
  • 2) Changed Preview in Edit Form Settings Pages to display live changes


  • add payment system.


  • GrandWP Easy contact form launched.