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ECD, short for Easy Collect & Drop, is a smartlockers-based delivery service that facilitates parcels’ pickup and dropping off in South Africa. ECD has a growing number of lockers installed around Gauteng, including popular shopping malls.
By adding ECD plugin to your WooCommerce store as a delivery option, your customers’ purchases can be delivered from your warehouse or collection point to the closest ECD locker to the customer.
ECD solutions were developed to improve the whole delivery process in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. ECD plugin’s main goal is to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and their overall satisfaction as we offer them a flexible and large enough pick up window, they can pick their purchases after a morning workout, during a break from work or even in the late evening after work hours.
Returning any wrong purchased items is also made easier, the customer can proceed with return process by simply depositing the item into any of the ECD lockers.
With ECD you can enjoy all the following benefits:
– A safe and secure delivery system using unique digital PINs for collection
– Better accessibility with ECD lockers being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
– Convenient pick up from locker period
– Cost effectiveness by avoiding inconvenient redeliveries
– No missed deliveries due to incorrect or not found addresses
– No fixed or hidden fees
– Ensured communication by email or SMS notifications
Launching ECD plugin:
Please install the ECD plugin and contact us with your shop details so that we can set an ECD Shop account for you and send you account credentials and all needed API information.
You can contact us on: info@easycollectanddrop.com
Pricing Policy:
There are no fixed fees, you only pay fees per handled parcel. We charge based on the parcel’s size as follow:
– Small (432W×460D×145H): R50
– Medium (432W×460D×296H): R80
– Large (432W×460D×448H): R100
– Extra Large (432W×460D×598H): R120

How to use ECD as an online shopper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLhbd3pfhms
ECD official website: www.easycollectanddrop.com/
ECD privacy policy: https://www.easycollectanddrop.com/privacy-policy
ECD terms and conditions of service: https://www.easycollectanddrop.com/terms-and-conditions-of-service


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