Easy Amazon Wishlist


This plugin will display an Amazon wishlist or Idea List. For bugs or features contact: hokage@webmasterninjas.com

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  • This is the screenshot of the plugin Preview on Settings in the Admin Area.
  • This is the screenshot of where to find your Idea List url.
  • This is the screenshot of the widget on a blog in the sidebar.
  • This is a screenshot of where to find your Wishlist Url.
  • This is how to place your Amazon List widget in your pages.


  1. From “Plugins” section click on “Add New”…then click “Upload” and find and choose ‘easy-amazon-wishlist.zip’
    OR you can click “Add New” and search for the plugin with the search term “Easy Amazon Wishlist” and click “Search Plugins” and when you find the plugin, and then click “Install Now”
  2. Activate the Easy Amazon Wishlist Widget (You can do that from “Plugins” page)
  3. Go to Settings > Easy Amazon Wishlist and set the wishlist you want to display
  4. Go to Appearance > Widgets and place the widget on your page


What new features are you working on?

New features for the Amazon Wishlist Plugin can be voted on here! https://www.webmasterninjas.com/developer/easy-amazon-wishlist-2-0-wordpress-plugin-goes-live If there’s a feature you don’t find on there, please send an email request to hokage@webmasterninjas.com.

What’s the difference between a Wishlist and an Idea List?

A wishlist is a list of products you would like other people to buy for you….an Idea List is a list of products you recommend.

Can I have different Layouts?

You can customize the display options by specifying what elements appear (click the radio buttons under Display Options) as well as specifying a
character limit on the title, or specifying the text that goes in the click-able button.

What version of PHP is required?

PHP 7 >= 7.0.0


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2.2.1 bug fix for grid layout of idea lists and pagination preview in admin area