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When using Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, it is a given that Vendors are one of the most important factors in your eCommerce business operation. They make your marketplace stand out by offering more options to customers. Thus, it is important to accommodate your vendors and provide ease in their operations.

Keeping your marketplace needs and your vendor’s comfort in mind, we have developed a vendor dashboard UI that is not only visually appealing but also informative and easy to navigate. Neatly organized settings are grouped under descriptive titles so vendors can easily find the functions they are looking for.


  • 🎯 Products:

    Create Product: Vendors can easily create products right from their dashboard. Whether it is simple products, variable products or digital products with subscription. A table view lists all the products of the vendor store under columns with “Published” or “Draft” status, stock status, price and more. Vendors are able to import and export product details with one click buttons, and a filter option to find specific products based on date, category, type and more.

    Edit Product: To modify or edit a product, we have created a categorization that enables the vendor to jump between sections to make changes to only desired product functions, without having to search through all form fields.

  • 🎯 Orders:

    Orders tab on the vendor dashboard menu offers a listed view of current and past orders placed on the store page with details on order ID, bill amount, status, customer details, shipping status and more. Additional filter option allows for easy order search based on date range or customer name.

  • 🎯 Coupons:

    Vendors can host different kinds of sale campaigns to boost their store performance. In order to assist with that, if admin enables coupon creation for vendors, “Coupons” function is available to vendors to create custom coupons on their store products.

  • 🎯 Return Request:

    If vendors want to offer customized return and warranty facilities on their sold products, they can easily do so from their dashboards. Just head to the menu and make modifications accordingly, whether to delete, accept or change status with reasons.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Return and Warranty Request module is active.

  • 🎯 Store SEO:

    To rank vendor store products for search engine optimization, there are SEO tools within the dashboard on their product creation/edit box. Dokan has integrations with Yoast SEO (see doc) and Rank Math SEO (see module page for details)

    📌 Note: See how to do Product SEO with Yoast SEO here, and details on Rank Math SEO module.

  • 🎯 Announcements:
    If the marketplace admin wants to communicate with all vendors listed on the marketplace, instead of one-on-one conversations, they can send an announcement. The vendors will be able to view all the admin published announcements in their Announcement tab.


  • 🎯 Withdrawal:

    Admin sets the withdrawal threshold for vendors. However, on the vendor dashboard a simple UI with withdrawal request button offers the vendor a one-click easy withdrawal process, taking away any extra hassle.

  • 🎯 Verification:

    Vendor verification documents and updates are available here for when they apply to sign up on a marketplace.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Seller Verification module is active.


  • 🎯 Staff :

    Vendors have the option to add unlimited users to their store page and give them custom capabilities in order to manage their individual store. To set up the roles and provide each user with individual permissions, they can find the detailed forms and functions within this menu.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Vendor Staff Manager module is active.

  • 🎯 Store :

    To set up store details such as store address, contact information, open close time & message, and biography can all be set here.

  • 🎯 Payment :

    Vendors can set what type of payment options are available within their store, whether it is cash on delivery, credit cards, or eWallets (Google pay, Apple Pay, Paypal) are acceptable. They can define it on the Payments tab.

  • 🎯 Reviews :

    All store reviews are collected for easy access to the vendor. They can choose to display, delete or report any review as spam. Unapprove option is also available if the vendor changes their mind on an approved review.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Vendor Review module is active.

  • 🎯 Social Profile :

    Social profiles have become a currency for validation in the current times. Having a social profile where customers can look through the vendor or business profile gives customers a sense of trust and a motivating factor on whether to complete a purchase. Thus, Dokan allows vendors to add multiple social profiles on their store page and give customers the flexibility of choice.

  • 🎯 Followers:

    Give your customers the opportunity to follow the vendor stores that they find appealing. By following, customers can always be informed of changes, new products, discounts and more, while staying loyal to your marketplace.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Follow Store module is active.

  • 🎯 Support:

    Customers can contact vendors for product inquiry or information directly from their product page. Vendors are able to access all the support inquiries/tickets on their vendor dashboard under the “Support” tab and take actions accordingly.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Store Support module is active.


  • 🎯 Delivery Time :

    Dokan Delivery Time allows customers to have a better shopping experience by having the flexibility of choosing a delivery time of their choice. It also assists vendors by making delivery time slots instead of constantly working on orders and their deliveries. This mutually beneficial module allows for the ease of both vendors and customers.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Delivery Time module is active.

  • 🎯 Shipping:

    Every store with physical products MUST have a shipping system in their operation. After WooCommerce shipping configuration, the marketplace admin needs to set up the permissions for vendors. Dokan offers this setting right where vendors need it the most. Vendors can also make changes to shipping statuses to keep customers informed on their order delivery status.

  • 🎯 ShipStation:

    Vendors can set up the ShipStation integration here with Authentication Key and Export Order status fields. More information is available here.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when ShipStation module is active.


  • 🎯 Reports :

    A detailed reporting overview is available on the vendor dashboard that provides a holistic view of entire vendor store operations with insights on their performance. Key statistics of Store Overview, Sales by day, Top Selling products, Top Earning products, and Statement inclusive of their balance, transactions in debit and credit form are all readily available and updated in real-time.

  • 🎯 Analytics :

    Vendors can view general analytics like the number of users, session duration, page views, and bounce rate, etc in an informative, graphical form.

    📌 Note: This function is dependent on and available to vendors when Vendor Analytics module is active.

More Info

Privacy Policy

Dokan Vendor Dashboard uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Imagens de tela

  • Create a product
  • Filter products
  • Edit a product
  • View and Manage orders
  • Manage withdraws


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.


12 julho, 2024
Not every page is customized. When the vendor goes to the settings page, everything reverts to the old layout. The product page is perfect, but the rest… Is there any plan to update the layout of the other pages?
29 março, 2024
POOR PLUGIN We don’t be able to upload product image and strore image
1 dezembro, 2023
Aesthetics of a website are arguably the most important part, especially when users will be constantly interacting with the site in a complex way, such as with a marketplace. This plugin is absolutely a necessity to make Dokan look professional and be optimal for user experience, it simply has a few small bugs that need to be ironed out, and the template files need to be released so users can edit the plugin themselves. I would suggest the Dokan team not worry too much about making the plugin work with all the other dashboard menu items right now, and just focus on making it work perfectly for the products area and orders area, the two most used parts of the dashboard for users. Either way, I hope we continue to see support for this amazing plugin as it is a necessity in my opinion.
23 novembro, 2023
I kinda like the cosmetic appearance of this plugin. However, it gets in the way of allowing vendors upload their product images, in addition to preventing other functions of Dokan plugin on the site. Took me some days of troubleshooting to find out this plugin was the culprit. I have since uninstalled it, and everything is working fine now. So sad that Dokan themselves recommend this plugin when it obviously gets in the way and doesn’t do anything meaningful at the moment of writing this review.
16 julho, 2023
The plugin does have many issues currently, but that is because it is a very new plugin, and there are lots of functions to cover in Dokan. This plugin is a fantastic idea and I thank the WeDevs team for taking the time and resources to put it together when they didn’t have to. I know that they will get it right with time and it will be a great addition to Dokan. Other than the bug fixes, the only thing I would suggest is adding a feature to allow the dashboard to be embedded in a page just like the original Dokan dashboard is, instead of taking up the whole page.
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Registro de alterações

v1.0.3 ( May 16, 2024 )

  • fix: [core] Fix dashboard page blank after enabling min max module.
  • fix: [core] Fix product category popup responsive design.

v1.0.2 ( May 15, 2024 )

  • fix: [core] Fix product image uploader
  • fix: [core] HTML entity decoding for category and tags to create and update product.
  • new: [core] Vendor can switch old and new dashboard.

v1.0.1 ( Jun 08, 2023 )

  • fix: [Google map] Settings page and no map layout is loading
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Can send withdraw request with lower than minimum withdraw amount
  • fix: [Withdraw page] send withdraw request without selecting any payment method
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Console error(API) & inconvenient error message for sending withdraw request with lower minimum withdraw amount
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Error message not showing properly is amount is increased/decreased without typing
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Submit button should also be disabled along with error message
  • fix: [Withdraw page] amount should be 0.00 instead of .00 when withdraw balance is zero
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Withdraw summary count change based on status
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Withdraw payment title.
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Pagination style in withdraw list.
  • fix: [Withdraw page] Last payment status in withdraw
  • fix: [Admin setting] Disable “Use full page vendor dashboard ui” doesn’t load previous vendor dashboard
  • fix: [Product] Product list and list action button
  • fix: [Product] Product status was not updating
  • fix: [Product] Multiple vendor status notice issue
  • fix: [Product] Product export link
  • fix: [Product] Rank math was not appearing
  • fix: [Product] Removed processing from product highlights
  • fix: [Product] Error on date picker
  • fix: [Product] Broken styles on payment settings
  • fix: [Product] Show product category as settings single and multiple
  • fix: [site] Old navigation url issues for new menus
  • fix: [Product] Product slug was throwing error
  • fix: [Product] Slug format has been updated as wooCommerce
  • fix: [core] Redirect logout url
  • fix: [core] Fix icons
  • fix: [core] Dashboard console errors
  • fix: [core] Dashboard graph all time graph console errors
  • fix: [core] vendor profile dropdown
  • fix: [product] console error for selecting “Enable stock management at product level” (Inventory)
  • fix: [vendor] console error of profile progress bar and dropdown
  • fix: [core] Active menu(product,order,withdraw) doesn’t get highlighted for traversing from reverse withdraw/settings menu to other menu
  • fix: [core] input was not working
  • fix: [core] Theme breaking styles and injecting contents in footer
  • fix: [product] Product search not working
  • fix: [product] Product Variation data for api.
  • fix: [product] Product attribute api and front-end error
  • fix: [product] Vendor cant buy product advertisement
  • fix: [product] Product table filter by all, pending, publish not works showing all products
  • update: [Product] Export-import options inconsistency on product
  • update: [Product] Notice display for dashboard and products
  • update: [Product] Product title on click event to replace view with edit
  • update: [Product] Restriction for rank math section
  • update: [Product] add readme
  • update: [core] minimum dokan pro version on readme
  • update: [core] Update input component
  • update: [core] Move profile progress bar to dokan pro.
  • update: [core] Table responsive
  • new: [Product] Withdraw disbursement
  • new: [core] Integrate wp-media
  • new: [module] Integrate SPMV module
  • new: [module] Integrate seller badge module
  • new: [module] Integrate store followers module
  • new: [core] Integrate dokan multi-step category
  • new: [product] visibility field in product edit
  • new: [core] Api error handler
  • new: [core] Add Geolocation in product edit page

v1.0.0 ( Feb 08, 2023 )

  • Initial release