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The Protection plugin for WordPress allows you to easily integrate’s protection badges into your WordPress site.
Once the badge is installed, you can see all your protected pages on your Dashboard
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Once installed and activated, you can use the DMCA Protection Badge page in your Dashboard’s Settings Menu to specify how your choice of badge should be displayed in posts and pages. You can also choose to display your badge site-wide using the DMCA Badge Widget. You can use the badges for free but we suggest that you sign up for an account at in order to receive the full benefit of the certified badges.

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  • Easily register your account
  • Login with an existing account
  • Choose your badge.
  • Choose where you'd like to display the badge on your site, which templates it should show on
  • Example of of the dashboard(, when the badge is installed on your pages, they will show up in your dashboard
  • Example of the Protection Certificate Page


This section describes how to install the DMCA Protection Badge plugin and get it working.

  1. Click the “Install Now” button or manually Upload the dmca-badge to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Register for a new Free account or login woth your existing email and password
  4. Choose a free badge or provide your DMCA credentials in order to add a badge that is tracked from your DMCA Protection Portal.
  5. Customize the badge placement in the Theme Options section or add the DMCA Badge widget to your sidebar or footer.
  6. Login to your Dashboard to see your pages, eidt your profile, add sites and more


Can I use the badges for free?


How does the Badge protect my site?

The Protection Badge gives you some extra protection in the following ways
1. If someone steals your content, will do the takedown service for free – terms and limits apply * see details
2. It makes it very easy to enable/disable many protective features in the dashboard (
3. It is an effective visual deterrent
4. Easy to enable disable monitoring and alerts
5. It provides a 3rd party validation of what/when/where the content was

Where is the Badge hosted host the badge on it’s own high-speed image delivery system. The badges will not work properly if they are not hosted by

What if my I have a problem

Email us at

How does the tracking mechanism work

When the Badge on your page is viewed by someone with a modern web browser, it makes a request to our image servers for the badge and we take note of where this request originated. Then we queue our crawling system to follow up and check the page (where the request originated) and make sure the badge is properly embedded. Then a certificate entry is created.

What if someone stole my content while I had the badge on my page?

Go to
Login with your email address and password. Fill out the case details.
Email: with your case number and request your free takedown.


20 de abril de 2020
I am using this plugin and so far everything finds useful. I also see that someone ask for support of custom post type. And the good news is now it's supporting custom post type. Thus I found it working on Products. But that only works for protected pages list. Is there any way I can show badges in product, cart and checkout pages. I think it will increase the trust value of my website to the customers.
20 de março de 2020
I really like this plugin for it's unique idea and working as the way it should. But I am badly need some improvements. Currently this plugin only works with Posts and Pages. But I wanted to have it working with all post type specially WooCommerce product and event post type. I am using Events calendar plugin where events frontend should be controlled with this plugin. I think many other users will agree with this, so if there is a way to select some post type admin wanted to work, it would be fantastic. I am waiting for author's reply on this point. But still this is good.
15 de março de 2020
The plugin works well and is very easy to use. You may choose from different badges to be displayed on your site for protection purposes. Excited to explore the plugin more!
14 de março de 2020
Hi - Your plugin looks good. - It easy to configured - Show badges and there are different pre-built styles for those badges Overall, Highly recommended plugin to protect your content from stealers. Cheers!
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Added the ability to work with all custom post types including : Woo Products, Events, Books, Download – EDD, Poll – WP Poll, Questions, bbPress, Forms etc


Added the “Protected pages” tab. Now easily add all pages and posts with 1 click!!


Updated to latest version of wordpress 5.3.2


Make it easier to register/login, add links to dashboard


Added Intercom support. Fixed registration issue.


Added a right click blocking functionality in the theme settings menu. Once the plugin is installed and you have a badge selected you can now select a checkbox to enable right click blocking which will prevent people from access the rightclick menu on your content.


Fixed 4.9.x compatibility and upgraded dependent libraries
Updated youtube video url

Fixed 5.2.x compatibility and upgraded dependent libraries


Fixed 5.2.x compatibility and upgraded dependent libraries


Fixed JavaScript error that caused variations in WooCommerce products to stop working


Badges are now linking to status page as in previous version.


Fixed error that prevented users from accessing the admin page.


Admin and code cleanup, no feature changes.


Updated FAQ, no feature changes.


Original release.


Updated FAQ.