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DeMomentSomTres Restaurant


DeMomentSomTres Restaurants is specifically designed to Restaurants, Bars and cafeterias in order to show their menus in an easy to mantain way.

It manages publish date and also expiry date allowing you to plan activity.

You can get more information about the component at the this plugin author’s website


  • Dishlist: you can show as many dishes and plates.
  • Specific taxonomy type dishlist type: the dish lists can be grouped under an specific taxonomy. So you can have daily menu, vegetarian menus…
  • Shortcode to show last contents of a taxonomy: the short code is designed to show a group of the most recent menus in a dishlist type. It was designed in order to show the current menu in the home page.
  • Shortcodes to mark Ecological, Proximity, Gluten Free and Price. This shortcodes has been integrated to the editor in order to make things easy.

History & raison d’être

On may 2013 DeMomentSomTres was asked to build a web for a small restaurant in Argentona (Barcelona) called La Fonda del Casal.

Our experience building websites for small restaurants showed us the need to have a plugin to make them easy to manage their menus and meals lists. They needed an easy way to publish that but we needed it not inside the blog. A custom type was required.
They also needed a way to show the day menu in the frontpage without rewriting it. The shortcode was born. And this shortcode allowed us to put all the menus of diferent types together in a single page but that can be managed as many: wines, salads, meals… Test it at Fonda del Casal Restaurant.

Later we improved it including experiences from La Fonda Sport and also from Semproniana.


It can be installed as any other WordPress plugin.

It does not require DeMomentSomTres Tools Plugin anymore.


How do I update from a version prior to 2.0?

You have to perform the upgrade process from Settings area.

What does this update process do

It updates the name and the content of the date field

How do I show the last menu of a certain type inside a post or page

You can use the shortcode [demomentsomtres-restaurant-dish-list type=id count=1 hidden_titles title_format="h3" prefix="" suffix="" empty="" emptyurl="" classes="" blog_id="" id="" permalink="txt"] to show the N current dish lists of type id inside the post or page.

  • Type id is required. Type id is the ID of the dishlist type. It can be found on the dishlist types edition page.
  • Count (optional): number of dishlists to show. It is assumed to be 1 if not present.
  • Hidden titles (optional): If you want to hide the titles the parameter hidden_titles must be present.
  • Title format (optional): You can define the HTML tag for titles using title_format. If no value provided it is assumed to be h3.
  • Prefix (optional): content to add at the start of the title.
  • Suffix (optional): content to add at the end of the title.
  • Empty (optional): text to show if no menu is found.
  • Emptyurl (optional): url to link to if no menu is found.
  • Classes (optional): classes to add to the dishlist in order to customize it.
  • blog_id (optional): id of the blog where dish_list are selected.
  • id (optional): css id for the element.
  • permalink (optional): outputs a link at the end of content linking to content permalink and using txt as link text.
  • emptyjs (optional): defines a jQuery function to call when shortcode is empty
  • wpml (optional): when WPML is installed, forces the change of language in the shortcode

Why there’s no widget to show the menus lists

The plugin Recent Posts Widget Extended is enough for our needs and is highly customizable. As we don’t like to reinvent the wheel, we did not code any widget.

Additional shortcodes

There’are the following additional shortcodes with the following features:

  • [ECO]: inserts an <i class="icon-eco">Ecological</i> element.
  • [PROX]: inserts an <i class="icon-prox">Proximity</i> element.
  • [CEL]: inserts an <i class="icon-cel">Gluten Free</i> element.
  • [P XXX]: inserts an <div class="price">XXX</div> element.


Shows the dishlist type of the single dishlist shown.
* wpml (optional): when WPML is installed, forces the change of language in the shortcode


Shows again the current menu.
* wpml (optional): when WPML is installed, forces the change of language in the shortcode

How do I show all the public dish lists

You can call the restaurant archive to show the contents on an archive basis.

How to customize the message on expired dish lists

To customize expiry message you can use css class .demomentsomtres-restaurant-expired.


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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações


  • BUG – time not considering gmt for hidden until field.


  • Add hidden-control to dish list shortcode to filter dish lists.


  • Adds print feature quick


  • Additional parameters emptyjs and wpml to demomentsomtres-restaurant-dish-list
  • Additional parameter wpml to demomentsomtres-restaurant-type
  • New shortcode demomentsomtres-restaurant-post


  • Shortcode [demomentsomtres-restaurant-type]


  • Link added to shortcode linking to the content as shortcode dishlist output


  • Bug in wp-admin if TitanFramework was not activated


  • Dishlist efficiency improved
  • SiteOrigin compatibility
  • Bug in MCE editor calling templates


  • DeMomentSomTres Tools no longer retired.
  • Multiple templates
  • 4.5 compatibility


  • css id added to shortcode


  • WPML compatibility
  • Expiry tomorrow by default
  • WP 4.4 compatibility


  • Two templates


  • Previous bug solved


  • Bug if not multisite in shortcode


  • Multisite supported by shortcode


  • Compatibility upgrade to 4.0 and WPBakery Visual Composer


  • Shows a message if DeMomentSomTres Tools is not installed


  • Gluten free icon and shortcode


  • demomentsomtres-restaurant-dish-list shortcode parameters added to include empty message and empty html link and title prefix and title postfix.
  • Editor button to copy menu template.
  • Customized message when menu is expired.


  • an archive view of dishlists avoiding them to be always hidden in order to avoid 404 errors and help SEO positioning.
  • validity range showed at the top of posts and excerpt.


Initial release