WordPress SEO plugin in English made in Germany

Free version with 30 day Premium trial included

  • Quick edit mode
  • Super extensive
  • Multi lingual

Find relevant keywords to create an attractive meta title & description for every content: pages, blog posts, categories, WooCommerce products and custom post types.

Create automatically updated XML sitemaps (incl. image, video and Google news sitemaps). Submit them once to Google search console and Bing webmaster tools.

Use canonical URLs for SSL encryption and define an individual 404 error page.

Insert Google Analytics in your website, blog or shop and host the scripts locally to optimize your PageSpeed.

This SEO plugin is also optimized for visual editors like Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0), Elementor, Page Builder, Thrive Architect and Visual Columns. It loves Premium themes like Avada, Divi, Enfold or BeTheme.

Premium version features

  • Breadcrumbs for easier navigation and structured data (especially for mobile SEO)
  • Link optimization to reduce outgoing link juice
  • Microdata (structured data) for local SEO and other information like videos (incl. YouTube API), recipes, jobs.
  • Rating stars to extend WordPress comments in order to offer your users reviews and appear in Google with the stars.
  • Social sharing buttons without external scripts, customizable without coding
  • Text analysis to write relevant content
  • Personal email support

Read all information about our WordPress SEO plugin or check our
WordPress SEO tutorial.

Imagens de tela

  • WordPress SEO Editor


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  1. Upload unzipped folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Ative o plugin por meio do menu “Plugins” no WordPress
  3. It is possible that you must manually reactivate the plugin after upgrading from free to professional version!
  • we recommend PHP 5.4 or higher
  • display_errors should always be disabled in live systems. Debug output can destroy our plugin functionality
  • enable curl


23 de outubro de 2019
Habe mit DELUCKS SEO das Yoast SEO ersetzt und bin sehr zufrieden. Übersichtlich, kompakt und mit allen wichtigen Funktionen ausgestattet. Support reagiert sehr schnell und unterstützt bei allen Fragen. Mehr Gründe habe ich nicht gebraucht um auf die Premium Version umzusteigen. Preis-/Leistung stimmt!
18 de outubro de 2019
Plugin works well and if you need support the author helps you quickly.
13 de março de 2018
Hab für einen Kunden die kostenlose 30 Tage Demo Pro Version installiert, wo man auch Kommentare um die Funktion Bewerten erweitern kann. Hört sich gut an. Nur die Leser der Blogartikel, die nicht bewerten wollten, konnten auch nicht mehr Kommentieren. Schlecht, als schrieb ich DELUCKS an. Kaum eine Stunde später gab es das Update. Mega Cool, ich mega Krass. Super Support. Kann ich nur empfehlen!!!!
9 de novembro de 2017
Ich kann nur sagen das es macht was es Soll. Vor allem ist es einfach ind Leicht zu bedienen. Hat sich gelohnt der Kauf. Daumen Hoch
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Registro de alterações


  • Removing language files to use GlotPress


  • Post categories output in sitemaps changed to posttype post only


  • Post categories have been added to the xml post-sitemap


  • Added a new option to display sharing buttons on certain post types
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Keyword auto suggest now uses the current post language
  • Experimental Polylang and Polylang Pro support (please share your experiences with us)


  • Code improvements
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Code improvements
  • Added some removable actions for metadata and social sharing tag output


  • Code improvements


  • Modal: Design cleanup
  • Microdata: Structural optimization plus new information for FAQ
  • Dashboard: Now with Installation wizard
  • Settings: Design cleanup
  • Premium / Sharing: frontend design cleanup


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Many code improvements that contribute to the security of your system
  • 3rd party components have been updated
  • Unused codes have been removed
  • Preparations for the next big update
  • The wordpress team asked us to leave the error reporting untouched. If any warnings or errors are reported after the update, disable the debug output within your server settings or in the wp-config.php or look at the components that generate these messages.


  • Important update: A security issue has been fixed. Please update as soon as possible


  • Small bugfix in the rating module


  • Professional > Rating: New option to configure the behavior of the gutenberg comment block toggle
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Fix: a conditional logic error have been removed


  • Added code to the breadcrumbs module to handle woocommerce shop page as a regular page
  • Fixed a bug which prevents replying to a comment from the backend with active data privacy checkbox option in the rating module
  • Fixed a bug in the rating module gutenberg block for displaying comments inline
  • Fixed a bug in the Sharing > More Button when using in a widget


  • Fixed a syntax issue in microdata output


  • Google tag manager local hosting have been removed for compatibility reasons


  • Performance optimization


  • Message for disabled expert settings have been removed
  • Several small fixes


  • Prevent title & website settings override by install defaults
  • SISTRIX URL-Analysis link is now set depending on the post language
  • New meta description and meta title counters for taxonomies and tags
  • SEO overlay and settings counters have been changed
  • Expert settings option have been removed


  • New handling for metadata input/output
  • Settings meta description fallback have been removed from post/page views
  • Settings meta description for blog front page have been removed
  • New “dpc_metadescription_loop()” function to display the meta description within a loop
  • New module help links
  • Master settings updated
  • Some changes in form controller
  • Bugfixes


  • New wizard
  • Module settings redesign
  • Removed SEO modal buttons on certain post types


  • Rating review bugfix


  • Minor changes


  • Bugfixes


  • Microdata bugfix: Adding new competitors was not possible


  • Some bugfixes
  • Microdata: Minor changes
  • Metadata: Meta description excerpt generation added


  • Fixed a multisite bug


  • Bugfixes


  • Completely new editor architecture and mode
  • Remember function to update posts
  • SISTRIX API for rankings
  • New editable social media meta data
  • Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 ready
  • Gutenberg comment block
  • New payment system
  • Bugfixes


  • Reactivated rating options to disable the “force rating on comments” option


  • Defined default rating icon if not set
  • Deactivated the code for old company microdata output
  • Fixed a permalink edit bug


  • Removed dev dummy output
  • Fixed sharing icon/font bug


  • Polish language added
  • Breadcrumbs: New option to format the last element bold
  • Breadcrumbs: Added css classes to child elements
  • Rating: User rating is now editable in the backend
  • URLs: Multilanguage setup is now possible
  • Sharing: Only show counter if page has been shared at least once
  • Sharing: Added Opt-In functionality
  • Statistics: Added Google Tag-Manager to local hosting option
  • Statistics: Add Tracking code for Contact Form 7 automatically if the plugin is installed
  • Microdata: The option to add location data has been removed from the settings. The plugin automatically add data for posts, woocommerce products and author pages now.
  • General: Automatically install master settings on fresh installations
  • Bugfix > Rating: Comments without rating will no longer affect the rating microdata
  • Bugfix > Metadata: WooCommerce categories now have labels in indexation settings
  • Bugfix > Sharing: Counters will now encrease again after sharing a post
  • Bugfix > Sharing: Widget title will no longer show a notice if its not set


  • Added breadcrumb support for blog archives


  • New options to set index & follow settings for attachments
  • Preparing new wordpress plugin translation method (language files have been removed)
  • Some improvements
  • Some bug fixes


  • New option for google analytics opt-out code
  • New option to host the google analytics.js local
  • New language files: es/fr
  • Some improvements
  • Some bug fixes


  • New migration adapter for all in one seo pack metadata
  • New migration adapter for seo ultimate metadata
  • New migration adapter for wpseo metadata
  • New option to activate/deactivate internal statistics
  • New option to use unicode star icons as rating icon
  • Rating star icons added to comment overview listing and comment emails
  • New social sharing network button: skype
  • New social sharing network button: vkontakte
  • New social sharing network button: baidu
  • New social sharing network button: weibo
  • New website verification code field for yandex
  • New website verification code field for baidu
  • New “% frequency” column added to wdf*idf result list
  • Many changes to make xml text strings accessible for gettext parsers
  • Infotexts updated for many modules & options
  • Missing english texts added
  • Edit button for delucks metatitle on a frontpage post/site removed
  • Adding multiple comma separated keywords is now possible
  • Wrapper for comment texts in frontend added (for easier styling)
  • Fixed metadata site type behavior options for follow & indexation (please check it to ensure that everything is set correctly)
  • Many minor improvements
  • Many minor bug fixes


  • Bugfixes, technical and visual improvements


  • New field “Meta title” for categories
  • New fields “Meta description” and “Meta title” for tags
  • Custom keyword-check added
  • Fixed a multilanguage bug in textopt module which prevents adding stopwords to stopword list
  • Fixed several bugs in rating module
  • Added multilanguage support for rating texts (please reconfigure the rating module settings)
  • Added type dropdowns for better rating support (please reconfigure the rating module settings)
  • Added a placeholder to show the rating stars in legend
  • Removed useless features from rating module
  • Menu entries renamed: Basic > Free / Professional > Premium
  • Several bug fixes
  • WooCommerce 3.0.1 compatibility


  • Some javascript bugfixes


  • New professional feature: Shortcodes for responsive content inclusive editor buttons
  • New professional feature: Shortcodes for persona content inclusive editor buttons
  • Added filters “deLucks_getImages_args” and “deLucks_getVideos_args”for sitemap compatibilities with CactusThemes
  • Bugfix: wrong url assignment for Google+ and Facebook in social microdata
  • Added default colors for rating as fallback
  • Sharing wont work in some cases


  • Added setting fields for polylang multilanguage


  • Bugfix: professional modules were not working on frontend


  • Info: “display_errors” changed to “off” again (index.php)
  • Info: The automatic 30 day trial of the Pro version has been deactivated with the last update. You can start the trial in the dashboard, manually. If you have ever cancelled the demo or entered a valid license key, you cannot restart the trial
  • New licensing system: safer, faster, less requests.
  • Added domain activation limit check for license keys
  • New removable messages on plugin pages to increase your attention for important things
  • Some changes on the plugin dashboard
  • Bugfix: master-settings were containing some debug values
  • Bugfix: css properties broke some elements on editor page
  • Bugfix: posttype depending title were used on frontpage too
  • Bugfix: ajax-loader.gif could not found on the dashboard
  • Bugfix: some php notices removed
  • Bugfix: set a certain post to “nofollow” was not possible


  • Edit Screen: Its now possible to add more than one keyword to a post. Text optimization and WDF*IDF analysis will use the defined primary keyword
  • Edit screen: New metatitle field (YOAST import extended for this)
  • Edit screen: New metatitle preview
  • Edit screen: DELUCKS SEO metaboxes reduced to one big “SEO Attribute”-Metabox
  • Edit screen: Complete new microdata code to add several microdata entries to posts
  • Edit screen: wdf*idf analysis is now possible without saving the post
  • Basic > Metadata: New options to define post titles depending on post type
  • Basic > Metadata: New metatag “keywords” will output all post keywords comma-seperated for search engines like “bing”.
  • Basic > Sitemaps: We now exclude posts with activated “noindex” option
  • Basic > Statistics: Database cleanup button added
  • Professional > Microdata: New option field to insert your youtube api key for microdata data loader
  • Professional > Rating: Its now possible to add a rating to user comments
  • Dashboard > Import/Export: New master settings available
  • Dashboard: New option to load plugin javascript in the footer
  • Options “noindex”, “alt-text” and “description” now available for image attachments
  • Many code changes for better expansion and faster loading times
  • Keyword field and autocompletion moved back to metadata module (please reactivate this options in basic > metadata module)
  • Image optimization module removed
  • Keyword check and duplicate check on edit screen removed
  • Suite version removed
  • Status traffic light in post overview list removed
  • Focus-Keyword, description and shares added to post overview list
  • Heading-ID for anchor links and italic / bold checks in symantic analysis removed
  • Some license system changes for better error handling
  • PHP4 compatibility removed (widget constructors renamed for PHP7)
  • Missing translations added
  • Some bugfixes
  • Many javascript and stylesheet changes


  • Security bug fix (update is highly recommended)


  • Bug fix for themes with visual editor issues since Wp 4.5
  • Performance optimization
  • New master settings
  • Extension of social sharing buttons with arrows


  • simplified text optimization
  • combatibility with “advanced custom fields pro”
  • bugfixing & code improvements
  • new tutorial videos added


  • featured images are now included in rss feeds
  • bugfixing
  • some improvements to the text optimization module


  • removed some notices
  • some improvements to the text optimization module


  • HOTFIX: text optimization module existed twice
  • text optimization module moved from basic to professional (please reactivate, reconfigure)


  • Text optimization now with semantic and WDF*IDF analysis for the Professsional license
  • faq, tooltip and helptexts changed
  • licensing optimizations
  • several other optimizations


  • Basic > URLs: Its now possible to redirect 404 matches to a customized url or do nothing to just log into the suite manager
  • Basic > Metadata: New options to set follow/nofollow and index/noindex to categories and woocommerce categories
  • Basic > Metadata: New option to set noydir tag
  • Basic > Metadata: New option to set noodp tag
  • Basic > Text optimization: New option to display a memo field in edit page
  • Professional > Sharing: Added an option to insert social media microdata to the dom
  • Some optimizations in suite manager
  • Removed some php notices
  • Some language changes
  • Some css changes
  • Added our gettext trigger files to translate the plugin


  • bugfix to load migration adapter wizards correctly


  • Big code cleanup
  • A lot of performance optimizations
  • A lot of bug fixes and improvements
  • New options for content optimization (semantic and wdf*idf analysis) for suite customers
  • New licensing system to update this plugin safer
  • IMPORTANT: As owner of the professional or suite version you need to reactivate this plugin after the upgrade


  • settings bugfix


  • security bugfix
  • several minor bugfixes
  • new faq search input
  • new option to include pages to sitemaps
  • suite: redirects also works with custom urls now
  • new option to add cononical metatags on single posts/pages and front page


  • keyword check in content has been removed
  • several bugfixes
  • some css changes


  • New microdata type: event
  • priority for meta description output changed: 1. DELUCKS SEO Plugin post description field – 2. Post excerpt – 3. DELUCKS SEO Plugin settings description field
  • meta description field order in backend fixed
  • nav_menu_item excluded from analysis
  • Widget titles added


  • New microdata settings to create several sets of videos, creative work, addresses and recipes
  • optimized: algorithm for the keyword check changed to match alternate spelling
  • fixed: statistic settings behavior that opens external links twice
  • fixed: image optimization will now work on servers without activated session autostart


  • fixed: workarround for 3rd-party plugin issue which prevents delucks seo plugin from updating correctly


  • New option to turn on/off using seo description as feed content
  • fixed: rss feeds validation errors
  • fixed: shortcode ‘dpc_metadescription’ works now
  • fixed: text otpimazition fields removed from attachment
  • fixed: missing tooltip texts added
  • fixed: changed php code commands to prevent fatal errors on deactivated plugin
  • fixed: some multisite errors
  • improvement: plugin is working from now on with the plugin ‘formidable’


  • New social Sharing button: WhatsApp
  • More compatibility with themes that are using bootstrap library
  • A few bugs fixed


  • Code cleanup
  • Now using ajax calls for image compression to handle sites with a lot of images
  • Added to wordpress repository