WC Marketplace


Number 1(#1) free multivendor marketplace plugin for a perfect eCommerce website.

Ever dreamt of having a store like Amazon, eBay, etsy, AirBnB or Flipkart? Then WC Marketplace will turn your dreams into a reality.
You will have an online eCommerce store setup, where multiple merchants, vendors, traders or sellers can sell goods or services to customers in no time. ☺

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WC Marketplace – brings you, your easiest and one stop solution to build a perfect online marketplace website.

Why choose WC Marketplace?

There are numerous competitors on similar grounds, then why WCMp?
Let’s list down facts so that we can answer your question and simplify your choice.

Fact #1: Highest 5 star rated marketplace plugin.

WC Marketplace is a free marketplace solution with extremely powerful and top market level features. Think of any eCommerce based multivendor marketplace and you can recreate the same with WC Marketplace. You are getting all the best features for zero payment.

Fact #2: An acclaimed 5 star rated support team.

Facing a hard to explain issue? Or a simple plugin conflict? Maybe, an issue with WCMp you’ve already debugged? Or maybe, just an issue, you are not sure of? WC Marketplace support team will listen to you patiently and solve your problems in the blink of an eye. Come, try WC Marketplace and it’s set of talented support engineers.

Fact #3: Value for customers.

At WCMp, we believe in family. Once, you’ve placed your trust in us, you are our family. If you are facing a trouble with your website, we’ll be up on our toes to provide all the help we can. Our customers have also become our contributors. Found a bug? Or shared a piece of code that can help with the development? Or a simple language fix? Maybe just an idea? Your smallest contribution counts. See here.

Fact #4: Regular updates.

WC Marketplace will never compromise with your security. It provides regular updates to prevent any sort of vulnerabilities and to stay updated with the latest multivendor marketplace trends. Found a feature on Amazon yesterday? It might just be there on the priority list in the next WCMp update.

Fact #4: A vast knowledgebase and documentation.

WC Marketplace provides a thorough guide on how to setup your multivendor marketplace. Read through each document carefully and carry out the necessary steps to have a fully functional and equipped eCommerce marketplace solution that is ready to take on the best in market competition.

Fact #5: So much and for free.

Lastly, you get all the goodness of WCMp and much more simply for free.

So, the answer is simple – From why choose WC Marketplace to why not choose WC Marketplace?

An eCommerce multivendor marketplace solution is all about simpler and better user (customer’s, vendor’s and admin’s) experience. Interested? Read on to find out more.

What is the customer experience like?

  • Customers can not only see all the products, categories listed on your store but they also get an exclusive list of vendors listed on your site, so that they know whom to choose from ( This is termed as the Vendor List ).
  • Customers can also search for a vendor by their nearest location or by product categories or even alphabetically ( technically, it is called Vendor Search or Vendor Filter ).
  • If the customer has a particular vendor in mind, they can view all the products belonging to the vendor on one single page ( termed as: Vendor Shop page ).
  • For customers ease of shopping experience, if a single product is sold by multiple vendors, customers can compare the rates each vendor has to offer.
  • Customers can also buy products from different vendors in a single order.
  • A customer can directly question the vendor about a product before proceeding with the purchase ( termed as: Product Questions and Answers section ).
  • If a customer finds a problem with a particular vendor or so they can report an abuse against the vendor.
  • Last but not at all the least, an easy checkout process with WooCommerce supported payment gateways.

Insights from future WCMp for customers:
Customer’s question and answer tab
Live Order tracking
Return and Refund Module
Support Ticket Module

With so much for customers, what’s in store for the vendors?

  • An entirely separate frontend dashboard, where they can manage their products, coupons, orders, commissions, customer questions and much more ( technically termed as: The Vendor Dashboard ).
  • Vendors get their dedicated store ( or vendor’s shop ) and their equivalent store settings which they can manage themselves.
  • Vendors get a weekly and monthly sales report in the vendor dashboard itself.
  • For overseas marketplaces, vendors can also see their sales report based on locations, which country has ordered more of their products ( termed as: Visitors Map ).
  • They can also set their shop location using Google maps, they can also add their external shop URL, link their social profiles, which will be visible to the customers. In short, vendors can manage their profile completely from their dashboard.

✓ In terms of Product Management:

  • Vendors can add or upload products from their dashboard itself just as WooCommerce provides in the backend – which includes adding virtual and downloadable products, setting tax or shipping classes, managing product tags, adding product attributes, manage the inventory of each product and much more.
  • Vendors can also sell products previously listed by other vendors as theirs i.e. a product will have more than one vendor attached to it (this is called the much in demand Single Product Multiple Vendors ).
  • Vendors can also add their products GTIN, ISBN or UAN number.
  • A categorical tree or Browse Tree Guides (BTG) for products just like Amazon is also included for ease of product management.

✓ Coupon Management:

  • Vendors can create, edit, delete fixed/percentage coupons ( applicable only for their products ) similar to WooCommerce.

✓ Shipping and Tax Management:

  • Vendors can enable or disable a shipping zone, as is necessary.
  • Add shipping methods and configure shipping rates.
  • WC Marketplace also lets vendors configure table rate shipping, flat rate, local pickup and free shipping.

✓ For Order Management:

  • Vendors can see and manage all their orders from the vendor dashboard itself.
  • They can export their orders into a CSV, change the order status and add an order note for reference.
  • Vendors can also mark an order as shipped and issue refunds for customers.

✓ Coming to, Vendor’s Commissions:

  • Vendors can select their preferred mode of payment – supported payment methods are: PayPal, Stripe and Direct Bank Transfer.
  • Vendors receive their commissions at equal periods of time according to the payment schedule set by the admin although vendor does have an option to withdraw all or some of his pending dues at any point of time ( technically, it is termed as Request Withdrawal Commission ).
  • Vendors also have an access to their very own ledger book where they can see all of their transaction history and it’s details.
    > Insights from future WCMp for vendors:
    > – WPML Integration
    > – Vendor’s Question Answer tab
    > – Vendor Followers Module
    > – Vendor Notification Module
    > – Deactivate Vendor account Module

What would the admin’s experience be with WC Marketplace?

Simply hassle-free with just initial setups.

  • Automatic setup wizard for a perfect online store setup.
  • Admin can easily customise the vendor’s registration form with innumerable built in form elements.
  • Adding, managing or rejecting a vendor’s application are under admin’s supervision.
  • Set announcements and upload knowledgebases for vendors.
  • Admin configures and controls the single product multiple vendors flow.
  • The admin also decides on the template applicable for the vendor’s shop from a list of various predefined templates.
  • An admin can generate sales report for each vendor ( termed as: Vendor wise sales report ).
  • An exclusive to-do list for the admin is included for easier operation and management of the store.
  • Admin can accept payments from customers using any payment gateway that are supported by WooCommerce.

✓ Incase of Product Management:

  • Admin manages the product types that a vendor can upload from their dashboard.
  • Automatic or manual approval from the admin is necessary after a product is submitted by the vendor.

✓ Coupon Management:

  • Similar to product management, automatic or manual approval from the admin is necessary after the coupon has been submitted by the vendor.
  • When an admin creates a coupon, the coupon will be available across the entire website irrespective of vendors.

✓ In terms of admin’s control over vendor’s capability:

  • An admin can block or even suspend a vendor.
  • Hide or display vendor’s contact details and choose a colour template for the vendors dashboard apart from vendor’s product management capabilities discussed above.

✓ Shipping and Tax Management:

  • Adding and configuring shipping zones are all under admin’s workload.
  • Configuring tax classes and tax rates are also one of admin’s primary roles.

✓ Configuring vendor’s commissions:

  • Admin can choose from a variety of commission types: Commission per product, Commission per vendor and Commission per category.
  • Admin can configure the allowable payment methods for a vendor to receive payments, the commission payment schedule, withdrawal locking period ( time period after which the vendor can request for a withdrawal of commission ), set disbursement threshold ( the minimum monetary amount of pending commission required over which the vendor will be allowed to request for a withdrawal ) and payment gateway charge (on setting this, the set amount will be deducted from the vendor’s pending dues ).
  • Similar to WooCommerce order page, WC Marketplace also provides a commission page separately. Here, the admin can manage commissions entirely and change it’s status.

Insights from future WCMp for admin:
Vendor verification via SMS and email
Product Approval module
To-Do List and Announcement Enhancement

Take a step forward and try our demo.

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Imagens de tela

  • Painel do fornecedor.
  • Configurações gerais.
  • Configurações de front-end do fornecedor .
  • Configurações de pagamento .
  • Configurações de capacidade .
  • Configurações de vendedores no Storefront.
  • Comissões de vendedores.
  • Relatórios de vendas do vendedor.
  • Relatório de vendas específico do produto.
  • Vendors management backend.
  • Vendor quick view.
  • Vendor application and admin notes.
  • Vendor profile management form dashboard.
  • Múltiplos vendedores para um único produto.


NOTA: o plug-in WC Marketplace é uma extensão do WooCommerce, portanto, o plug-in WooCommerce deve ser instalado e ativado no seu site WordPress para que este plugin funcione corretamente.

  1. Efetue o download a instale o plugin WC Marketplace usando o instalador padrão do WordPress. Se você efetuar o download manual do WC Marketplace, certifique-se que efetuou o upload para /wp-content/plugins/ e ative o plugin através do menu Plugins no WordPress. Ou siga os passos abaixo:
    Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin > Upload dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor.zip > Install Now > Activate Plugin.
  2. Configure o que quiser, em WCMp / Configurações .
  3. Configure as notificações por e-mail em WooCommerce / Configurações .
  4. Ver comissões em WCMp / Comissões.
  5. Veja relatórios WCMp / Relatórios.


Este plugin funciona com a versão WP mais nova e também versões mais antigas?

Ans. Yes, this plugin works fine with WordPress 4.9.6! It is also compatible for older WordPress versions upto 4.2.

Até qual versão do WooCommerce compatível com este plugin ?

Res. Este plugin é compatível com a versão mais recente do WooCommerce.

Até qual versão do PHP este plugin é compatível?

Res. Este plugin é testado com PHP versão 5.6.

Where can I find the REST API documentation?

Ans. You can find the documentation of our REST API on the WCMp REST API Docs.

WC Marketplace is awesome! Can I contribute?

Ans. Obviously, you can! Join in on our GitHub repository 🙂


23 de maio de 2020
Já procuro a algum tempo um plugin que pudesse me atender, me surpreendi como esse plugin gratuito é tão completo, a ponto de se até melhor do que outros que são pagos... Quando precisei de suporte foi atendido em menos de 24 horas, eu Super recomendo!
11 de abril de 2020
The plugin is really awesome. Almost all important things are free to use! And the support within in the forum is very great. Anyway for a free support. I think it's out of the ordinary that for something you don't pay anything receive source code which you just can copy / paste and if there are any issues you will get further help. I appreciate this kind of support. Keep up the great work.
3 de abril de 2020
I would give this software zero stars or negative 5. Support is absolutely shocking, when existent… The software is FULL of faults which don't seem to be resolved. They don't understand English. They take 24 hours to respond to a question if lucky. AVOID this software, it looks great - its function is a useful as throwing a strawberry trifle into your computer fan.
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Registro de alterações

3.5.0 – 2020-05-19

  • Added – BuddyPress compatibilities.
  • Added – Announcement email to vendor.
  • Added – Product Q&As emails for vendor and customer.
  • Added – Product approval management.
  • Added – Customer refund request process for vendor orders.
  • Added – Vendor Review API endpoint. #235
  • Added – Backend WCMp core reports enhancement.
  • Tweak – Vendor endpoint with image and banner fields. #234
  • Tweak – Vendor reviews based on product reviews. #276
  • Fix – Regenerate commission issue. #285
  • Fix – Suborder refund sync with parent order
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.11 – 2020-04-14

  • Fix – Subscription suborders issue. #67
  • Fix – Vendor per product shipping issues. #253
  • Fix – Shipping tax issue. #254
  • Fix – Templates files information header. #257
  • Fix – Default permalink settings conflict with vendor add product. #261
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.10 – 2020-03-11

  • Added – Generate coupon code supports in vendor dashboard.
  • Tweak – Query optimization for vendor products. #231
  • Fix – Undefine index issue in SPMV product query. #216
  • Fix – Banking overview pagination. #219
  • Fix – Admin new product email product link. #227
  • Fix – Order status change dropdown issue on mobile. #230
  • Fix – Coupon category issues. #232
  • Fix – Per product shipping issue. #233
  • Fix – Rest API vendor controller return filter name variable ref. #241
  • Fix – Commission mass payment issue for unsuccessful orders. #247
  • Dev – Added wcmp_get_orders_query_args filter . #238
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_product_excerpt_richedit and wcmp_vendor_product_description_richedit filter . #245
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.9 – 2020-02-04

  • Added – WPML supports on vendor product list. #221
  • Tweak – Vendor dashboard widget withdrawable balance functionalities on transaction details.
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard product stats widget product link. #209
  • Fix – Backend vendor registration form builder state issue. #210
  • Fix – PHP-7.4 conflict syntax. #217
  • Fix – Decimal commission value on category wise commission settings in backend. #218
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.8 – 2020-01-14

  • Added – Banking overview updated on unpaid commission deletion. #162
  • Added – Order note in vendor new order email. #191
  • Added – Order notes on regenerate order commission.
  • Fix – Undefined vendor object on add new vendor in backend. #196
  • Fix – Advance product listing default categories reset issue. #198
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard header RTL issue.

3.4.7 – 2019-12-24

  • Added – Vendor orders list bulk actions filters. #103
  • Added – Vendor email on Add Vendor via backend. #189
  • Added – Unpaid deleted commission in banking overview. #162
  • Tweak – Vendor orders list filter by statuses.
  • Fix – Apply vendor via Rest API. #177
  • Fix – Responsive issue of vendor transaction details. #174
  • Fix – Create sub orders via Rest API order create. #176
  • Fix – Order refund mail double trigger. #153
  • Fix – Parent order shipping refund reflect issue on sub order. #147
  • Fix – Display order note on vendor new order email. #191
  • Dev – Added wcmp_bulk_actions_vendor_order_list filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_order_list_add_extra_filters action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_orders_list_do_handle_bulk_actions action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_orders_list_do_handle_filter_actions action.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.6 – 2019-11-28

  • Fix – Product category issues. #157,#158
  • Fix – SPMV products vendor name. #161
  • Fix – Hidden customer info on vendor order email. #159
  • Fix – SPMV products add to cart overriden issue. #168
  • Fix – Vendor setup wizard user restriction. #169

3.4.5 – 2019-11-12

  • Fix – Failed order to suborders statuses sync issue. #146
  • Fix – Admin new product email edit product url issue. #149
  • Fix – WCMp cron call to a member function get_coupons issue. #152
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard coupon amount decimal issue. #144
  • Fix – Vendor order details customer order notes issue. #137
  • Fix – Vendor registration form attachment non required setting issue. #132
  • Fix – Backend commission paid transaction issue . #135
  • Fix – More products (SPMV) external products link issue. #136
  • Dev – Vendor application resubmit hook wcmp_before_reapply_vendor_application_save added. #106

3.4.4 – 2019-10-15

  • Added – Multiple categories products category wise commission. #111
  • Tweak – Vendor access capabilities for different posts. #112
  • Tweak – Widget contact vendor redirect url. #124
  • Fix – Vendor new order email find & replace issue. #107
  • Fix – Vendor sales_stat_overview issue. #122
  • Fix – Pending products showing under more products (SPMV). #119
  • Dev – Backend vendors list table extra column filters. #105
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.3 – 2019-09-24

  • Added – Vendor total earned on order details section. #93
  • Tweak – Vendor search list scripts. #83
  • Tweak – Vendor New Order email trigger. #91
  • Fix – ‘You are not logged in’ message on Product Q&As tab. #81
  • Fix – Undefine variable issue. #89
  • Fix – WooCommerce registration settings overriden issue. #90
  • Fix – Debited amount value on Refund creation in banking overview. #95
  • Fix – Vendor Notify as Shipped email item price commission. #96
  • Fix – Missing products name on transaction details. #100
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.2 – 2019-09-09

  • Added – Sold by vendor support in WooCommerce Blocks. #61
  • Tweak – Vendor dashboard order list filter by statuses. #71
  • Tweak – Admin commission list filter by statuses. #74
  • Fix – Remove commission order item meta from shipping email. #60
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard Withdrawal issue.
  • Fix – Parent order status issue. #62
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard order details product link. #70
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard Banking overview. #68
  • Fix – Vendor message to buyer display depending on filter. #78
  • Updated – Language file.

3.4.1 – 2019-08-06

  • Tweak – Disabled order migration emails.
  • Tweak – Restrict suborders email for order on-hold and processing.
  • Fix – Admin woocommerce report issue.
  • Fix – Stock reduce issue.
  • Fix – Vencor commission multiple taxes issue.
  • Updated – Stripe library.

3.4.0 – 2019-07-24

  • Added – WCMp Split order.
  • Added – WCMp Vendor wise banking overview ( ledger ).
  • Added – WCMp Vendor wise store setup wizard.
  • Enhancement – Vendor order management section.
  • Enhancement – Vendor quick banking overview section.
  • Enhancement – Vendor order note to customer.
  • Enhancement – Google reCAPTCHA v3 in venddor registration form builder.
  • UI – Backend ( Admin ) commission details page.
  • UI – Backend ( Vendor ) order listing page.
  • UI – Backend ( Vendor ) order details page.
  • UI – Vendor order details page.
  • Dev – Introduced wcmp_get_orders() function.
  • Dev – Introduced wcmp_get_order() function.
  • Dev – Introduced is_wcmp_vendor_order() function.
  • Dev – Introduced get_wcmp_available_payment_gateways() function.
  • Dev – Introduced wcmp_get_commission_statuses() function.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_checkout_vendor_order_processed action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_checkout_create_order action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_checkout_update_order_meta action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_create_order_line_item action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_create_order_shipping_item action.
  • Dev – Added woocommerce_checkout_create_order_tax_item action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_dash_order_items_after_line_items action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_dash_order_items_after_shipping action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_dash_order_items_after_refunds action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_order_details_add_order_action_buttons action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_order_partially_refunded action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_order_fully_refunded action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_commission_update_commission_meta action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_commission_before_save_commission_total action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_commission_after_save_commission_total action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_commission_fully_refunded action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_commission_partially_refunded action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_after_create_commission_refunds action.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_create_vendor_order_new_order_data filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_parent_order_to_vendor_order_status_synchronization filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_order_to_parent_order_status_synchronization filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_parent_order_to_vendor_order_statuses_to_sync filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_order_statuses filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_dash_order_item_thumbnail filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_vendor_dash_hidden_order_itemmeta filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_create_vendor_commission_args filter.
  • Dev – Added wcmp_commission_total_amount filter.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.3.7 – 2019-06-19

  • Added – WCMp backend settings tools for cleanup data.
  • Added – Vendor report abuse email with WC_Mail template.
  • Fix – SPMV multilingual ‘(Copy)’ issue.
  • Fix – SPMV newly created product deletion hide others products.
  • Fix – Product types option settings override.
  • Fix – Backend WCMp > Vendors > Add Vendor with existing user details error issue.
  • Fix – Admin add new product email edit product link.
  • Fix – WCMp core function warning max() issue.
  • Fix – Product category filter join() issue.
  • Fix – Backend payment settings overriden issue via addons.
  • Fix – Vendor registration wrong password submit disable issue.
  • Tweak – Vendor top rated products widget show.
  • Tweak – Vendor report abuse from.
  • Dev – Disable wcmp_is_disable_store_visitors_stats filter added.
  • Dev – Capability for product is_wcmp_vendor_edit_non_published_product filter added.
  • Updated – Stripe library.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.3.6 – 2019-05-14

  • Fix – woocommerce_term_meta issue fixed.
  • Fix – Vendor No allowed product types issue fixed.
  • Fix – Product types cap admin restriction issue fixed.
  • Tweak – Country dropdown dependancy.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.3.5 – 2019-04-22

  • Added – WC 3.6+ compatibility added.
  • Tweak – Vendor shop logo image height-width for social share.
  • Fix – get_woocommerce_term_meta deprecated issue.
  • Fix – wc_rest_controller incorrectly called issue.
  • Dev – wcmp_vendor_shipping_{$method_id}_configure_form_fields for third-party shipping module.

3.3.4 – 2019-03-26

  • Added – Product custom taxonomy supports.
  • Added – Some WCMp email object supports.
  • Tweak – Default product category hierarchy now respect Advance marketplace product listing settings.
  • Fix – Vendor product category widget member function issue.
  • Fix – Sold by vendor anchor link issue.
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard Announcement action toggle issue.

3.3.3 – 2019-03-05

  • Added – Low stock threshold settings added in product inventory settings.
  • Tweak – New product email product edit link changed from backend to frontend.
  • Fix – Language issue on WCMp date.
  • Fix – WCMp core product types supported issue.

3.3.2 – 2019-02-26

  • Added – Contact vendor email with WC_Mail template.
  • Fix – Core wcmp_get_shipping_zone function issue fixed.
  • Fix – Respect backend settings for vendor registration issue.
  • Fix – New tag addition for product issue fixed.
  • Fix – SPMV term_links-product_cat issue fixed.
  • Dev – Redirect url wcmp_user_apply_vendor_redirect_url filter added.
  • Dev – Calculate shipping wcmp_get_shipping_methods_for_shipping_address filter added.
  • Dev – Generate commission wcmp_vendor_commission_data_header filter added.
  • Dev – Generate commission wcmp_vendor_commission_data filter added.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.3.1 – 2019-01-22

  • Added – Advance marketplace product listing settings added for admin.
  • Added – GTIN settings added for admin.
  • Added – Autocomplete added on vendor list search by location.
  • Added – Suspended vendor restriction added on vendor widget list.
  • Added – Vendorwise content restriction added on wp_editor quick link option.
  • UI – Rtl support added for product category classify section.
  • UI – Knowledgebase html content added.
  • Tweak – Todo list pending vendor approval url change from wp users to WCMp > Vendors.
  • Fix – SPMV settings checking on product search for add product.
  • Fix – Shipping module settings on profile progress bar.
  • Dev – Redirect url wcmp_vendor_save_product_redirect_url filter added.
  • Dev – Redirect url wcmp_widget_vendor_list_query_args filter added.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.3.0 – 2019-01-10

  • Added – Marketplace product addition by categories, product GTIN or name.
  • UI – New vendor add product section.
  • UI – New vendor add coupon section.
  • Tweak – WCMp payments gateways process changed curl request.
  • Fix – Vendor shipping methods description.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.2.2 – 2018-12-11

  • Added – Vendor wise shipping module.
  • Added – Bulk product delete on vendor dashboard product list.
  • Tweak – SPMV product save time complexity.
  • UI – Vendor store shipping section.
  • UI – Vendor dashboard Q&As section.
  • Fix – Add media issue on vendor dashboard policy.
  • Fix – Vendor list shortcode attributes issue.
  • Fix – Backend search product filter issue.
  • Fix – Backend delete vendor issue from WCMp > Vendors.
  • Fix – get_url_from_upload_field_value function media fetch.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.2.1 – 2018-11-16

  • Added – Media delete capabilities for vendor.
  • Fix – Single product multiple vendor’s products showing issues for vendor non-published capability.
  • Fix – Backend WCMp > Vendors > Add new link issue.

3.2.0 – 2018-11-14

  • Added – Product specific GTIN supports for backend.
  • Added – Vendor store_name in Rest API product objects.
  • Added – Show ingle product multiple vendor ( SPMV ) products based on WCMp settings > Genenal.
  • Tweak – Single product multiple vendor concept.
  • UI – Vendor store logo display UI.
  • Dev – WCMp Rest API before_wcmp_rest_prepare_product_object_data filter added.
  • Dev – WCMp Rest API wcmp_rest_prepare_vendor_object_args filter added.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.1.7 – 2018-10-30

  • Added – Vendor wise commission field added on WCMp > vendors.
  • Added – Allow editing of draft products, even edit_publish_product cap is disabled.
  • Fix – pre_get_posts filter issue.
  • Fix – Stripe load checking.
  • Fix – Vendor order details order exists issue.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.1.6 – 2018-10-13

  • Added – Backend vendor wise commission list filter.
  • Added – Vendor dashboard product list bulk action.
  • Added – Vendor dashboard product list filter by product types.
  • Added – Country-state dropdown on vendor registration page.
  • Added – Skip withdrawal request for vendor-end shipping and COD order.
  • UI – Payment gateways credentials view.
  • Fix – Vendor list php notice issue.
  • Fix – Vendor list map hooks issue.
  • Fix – Widget product category term duplication issue.
  • Fix – WCMp email parameter issue.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.1.5 – 2018-09-24

  • Added – Store locators map on vendor list page.
  • Added – Pagination on vendor list page.
  • Added – Net earning column on backend WCMp > Commission.
  • Added – Vendor enable shipping settings ( WCMp > General ).
  • Added – Admin can change vendor store title ( WCMp > Vendors ).
  • UI – Vendor List page.
  • Tweak – Vendor country-state with woocommerce country-state in store settings.
  • Fix – Product duplicate submit issue.
  • Fix – Vendor product category hierarchical issue.
  • Fix – Suspended vendor’s product view.
  • Fix – Media list view issue.
  • Fix – backend undefine pages_array issue.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.1.4 – 2018-08-28

  • Fix – WP backend commission amout issue on mark as paid.
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard external URL styling.
  • Tweak – Vendor profile change password.
  • Tweak – Vendor shop address on store page.
  • Tweak – Vendor Announcement notification count.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.1.3 – 2018-08-16

  • Added – Media crop features for store banner and logo.
  • Tweak – WCMp extension page UI.
  • Fix – Vendor order list filters responsive.
  • Fix – Product ownership changed on checkout for product manage stock enabled.
  • Fix – Multiple checkboxes required issue on vendor registration form.
  • Fix – WP backend user list pending vendor view action.
  • Fix – Block vendor products on taxonomy page.
  • Fix – wcmp_get_the_terms null issue.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.1.2 – 2018-07-17

  • Added – Gateway charges type Fixed + Percentage.
  • UI – Vendor banner screen responsive.
  • UI – Dashboard table responsive.
  • Fix – Vendor registered date.
  • Fix – WCMp frontend title_input field.
  • Fix – Dashboard coupon list expiry date issue.
  • Fix – Google re-captcha on vendor registration form data.
  • Fix – Permalink structure on wcmp ajax.
  • Fix – Parameter issue on wcmp_get_all_order_of_user function.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.1.1 – 2018-07-05

  • Fix – Suspended vendor backend restriction.
  • Fix – Vendor products shortcode issue.
  • Fix – Vendor add order note time issue.
  • Fix – Commission and transaction Title current time.
  • Fix – Admin new vendor account vendor profile link.

3.1.0 – 2018-07-03

  • Added: – Introduced WCMp Rest API.
  • Added: – Vendors management section for admin.
  • Added: – Non-vendor ( Pending, Rejected and Suspended vendor ) limited dashboard access.
  • Added: – New vendor top rated product widget.
  • Added: – WCMp Stripe payment gateway support.
  • Feature – Vendor can managed their profile from their dashboard.
  • Feature – Rejected vendor can re-apply from their dashboard.
  • Fix – Vendor products category widget.
  • Fix – Vendor order CSV product quantity.
  • Fix – Vendor no shipping issue at checkout.
  • Fix – Vendor registration form checkbox required field validation.
  • Tweak: – Default upload_input field save process changed to id instead of url.
  • Tweak: – Default datepicker format to (Y-m-d).
  • Tweak: – Replace deprecated vendor application section with Vendors management ( WCMp > Vendors ).
  • Dev – Moved ‘wcmp_vendor_fields’ post meta to user meta.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.0.7 – 2018-06-12

  • Added: – Vendor dashboard > Shop description wp_editor support.
  • Added: – Shipping method on vendor new order email.
  • Added: – Product link inside order details.
  • Tweak: – Vendor dashboard > Vendor shipping method on order details.
  • Tweak: – Shipping hide on local pick up.
  • Fix – Child products ownership issue on parent product deletion ( Single product multiple vendor ).
  • Fix – Free withdrawal limit.
  • Fix – Vendor new product email on admin assign product.
  • Fix – Edit review issue.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.0.6 – 2018-05-08

  • Added: – Vendor dashboard > Product tags autocomplete support.
  • Added: – Vendor dashboard > Orders listing action icons on hover title.
  • Tweak: – Replace use of deprecated woocommerce_params with respective wcmp script data.
  • Tweak: – Replace vendor display_name with store name in sold by {vendor}.
  • Fix – wp-admin > Add product page SKU field was not showing.
  • Fix – Vendor dashboard > Vendor report price decimals issue.
  • Fix – Single product page > Vendor refund policy issue. #29
  • Dev – Add new $WCMp->localize_script() method.
  • Dev – Add filter ‘wcmp_get_script_data’.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.0.5 – 2018-04-09

  • Enhancement: – Single order details section.
  • Tweak: – Commission calculation logic.
  • Fix – Duplicate withdrawal request.
  • Fix – Email issue.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.0.4 – 2018-03-21

  • Enhancement: – Product questions and answers section.
  • Enhancement: – Vendor show all Q&As section.
  • Fix – Email settings issue.
  • Fix – Frontend tinymce issue.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.0.3 – 2018-03-08

  • Fix – Vendor assign from backend.
  • Fix – Commission export issue.
  • Tweak – Single product multiple vendor logic.
  • Tweak – Bootstrap JS load in vendor dashboard.
  • Updated – Language file.

3.0.2 – 2018-02-27

  • Novo: o Admin pode generar novamente a comissão de pedidos na página do pedido.
  • Correção: Problema do fuso horário do vendedor.
  • Correção: problema da redimensionamento da imagem do widget da lista do vendedor.
  • Atualizado: Arquivo de idioma.

3.0.1 – 2018-02-20

  • Novo: todos os novos painéis do fornecedor com widgets pré-facricados de dicas acionáveis.
  • Novo: widget de localização da loja do vendedor.
  • Novo: fonte de ícone do WCMp introduzida para o frontend do vendedor.
  • New: Product based Questions & Answers feature.
  • Novo: Administrador pode mandar estatísticas semanais / mensais para vendedores via email.
  • Novo: Comissão inteligente de categoria de produtos introduzida.
  • Novo: estado da transação da Comissão registrado como nota de comissão.
  • Novo: o administrador agora obtém um link de vendedor aprovado / rejeitado no e-mail de registro do vendedor.
  • Novo: desinstalação limpa! Agora remove todas as tabelas e opções do banco de dados do WCMp, sem restos, se ‘WCMP_REMOVE_ALL_DATA’ for definido.
  • Novo: o suporte ao registro do WooCommerce foi adicionado.
  • Novo: adicionado ‘Valor fixo’ as taxas do gateway de pagamento .
  • UI: painel de configurações de administração fácil de usar.
  • UI: WordPress como esquema de cores para o frontend do vendedor.
  • Melhoramento: os vendedores agora podem adicionar produtos simples no frontend.
  • Melhoramento: os fornecedores agora podem adicionar / gerenciar cupons do frontend.
  • Melhoramento: suporte ao WP Editor adicionado no frontend do vendedor.
  • Melhoramento: suporte de vendedor múltiplo de produto único adicionado no frontend do vendedor.
  • Melhoramento: o formulário de registro do fornecedor agora oferece suporte a vários campos de configurações da loja .
  • Ajuste: as imagens do WCMp armazenam a mudança do processo em id em vez de url .
  • Corrigido: título de produto duplicado.
  • Corrigido: atribuição do fornecedor na edição em massa dos produtos.
  • Corrigido: Shortcode ‘wcmp_products’.
  • Atualizado: Arquivo de idioma.


  • Adicionado: chave da Google Map API para armazenar o widget de localização
  • Adicionado: Restrição para atualizar o título do produto em um único fornecedor de produto único.
  • Adicionado: Modo assíncrono nas configurações de pagamento Paypal.
  • Solução: Problemas de produto único com múltiplos vendedores.


  • Recurso : Assistente de instalação / configuração para lidar com configurações básicas de mercado e instalação
  • Recurso: Esquema de cores para alterar a aparência do painel do vendedor.
  • Recurso: 3 modelos de vendedor diferentes para escolher.
  • Funcionalidade: widget de categoria de produto específico do vendedor adicionado na loja de vendedores.
  • Correção: Armazene o logotipo e a imagem do banner a partir de uma url.


  • Adicionado: Ocultar o produto duplicado na página da loja se múltiplos vendedores de um único produto for habilitado.
  • Atualizado: funções e capacidade do usuário.
  • Atualizado: arquivos de idioma .
  • Corrigido: Erro de Ajax.
  • Corrigido: problema de CSS.
  • Removido: restrição de envio de taxa fixa.
  • Dev: Atualização do modelo taxonomy-dc_vendor_shop.php, single-product / multiple_vendors_products.php.


  • Adicionado: Pesquisa de campo fornecedor no WCMP Lista de Produtos de Vendedores Widget.
  • Adicionado: título do método de envio após o envio do vendedor.
  • Adicionado: Provisão para excluir o formulário de pedido do fornecedor.
  • Adicionado: taxa do Gateway de pagamento.
  • Atualizado: arquivos de idioma .
  • Corrigido: remova o envio pendente do painel do fornecedor se o administrador tiver capacidade de envio.
  • Removido: Widget do Painel WP do painel do vendedor (Visão geral, Rascunho Rápido, Atividade, Eventos e Notícias do WordPress).
  • Dev: Atualização do template – shortcode/vendor_lists.php.


  • Adicionado: Filtro wcmp_vendor_taxonomy_name para alterar o texto padrão do breadcrumbs do vendedor WCMp.
  • Atualizado: arquivos de idioma .
  • Corrigido: modelo de e-mail do vendedor.
  • Corrigido: padrão do WordPress Recent Comments widgets número de comentários a serem exibidos .
  • Corrigido : problema CSS e JS.


  • Adicionado: Marque a comissão como paga e marque como opção reversa na página da comissão.
  • Atualizado: Arquivo css e js do vendedor .
  • Atualizado: exportar csv de comissão.
  • Corrigido : Exibição da imagem do perfil do vendedor na visualização mobile .
  • Corrigido : exibição de navegação na página do painel do vendedor (compra e anúncio).
  • Modificar: processo de pagamento da Comissão.
  • Removido: ação em massa (Editar, Exportar comissões não pagas (CSV), marcar todas as comissões como pagas, marcar as comissões selecionadas como não pagas, marcar as comissões selecionadas como pagas, marcar as comissões selecionadas como reversas) do tipo de postagem da comissão adicionada (Mark paid, Export) .
  • Removido: alternar o status da comissão de uma única página de comissão.
  • Dev: Novo Status de transação wcmp_canceled
  • Dev: Atualização do template – vendor-dashboard/vendor-transaction_detail.php, vendor-dashboard/vendor-withdrawal/vendor-withdrawal-request.php, vendor-dashboard/vendor-transaction/vendor-transaction-items.php


  • Adicionado: Suporte para o plugin de envio avançado WCMp .
  • Adicionado: Suporte para Loco Translate plugin .
  • Adicionado: arquivo POT na pasta de idioma
  • Atualizado: domínio de texto de plugin de wcmp para dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor
  • Corrigido : resposta de pagamento Paypal.
  • Atualizado: arquivos de idioma .


  • Corrigido : Problema da guia do produto do painel do vendedor
  • Corrigido: Fornecedor enviar produto enviar capacidade de cupom
  • Corrigido : erro no título da loja
  • Reparado : exibição da Comissão para produtos variáveis


  • Adicionado: custos de envio divididos entre vendedores associados a pedidos.
  • Adicionado: Configuração de administrador para ocultar a guia “Vendedor” na página do produto.
  • Adicionado: Período de bloqueio antes da comissão poder ser desembolsada.
  • Adicionado: custo de envio inteligente do fornecedor ao relatório WCMp.
  • Atualizado: Uma vez que o administrador pagou, não pode mais editar comissões.
  • Atualizado: ‘Universidade’ renomeada para ‘Base de conhecimento’.
  • Corrigido : Problema ao acessar a área do painel do vendedor para o PHP 5.4.
  • Corrigido : Atualização do título da loja do fornecedor .
  • Corrigido : erro de cálculo no relatório WCMp (administrador e vendedor).
  • Corrigido : ação em massa para marcar pedidos como enviados (vendedor).
  • Corrigido: configuração de custo da classe de envio dos vendedores.
  • Corrigido : correção CSS no painel do vendedor.
  • Corrigido : Validação adicionada para o popup ‘Reportar abuso’.
  • Corrigido : revisão do vendedor e erro de classificação .


  • Corrigido: recursos do vendedor
  • Corrigido : CSS do painel de distribuição do vendedor
  • Corrigido: cálculo da taxa de envio
  • Corrigido : estatísticas / relatórios do vendedor
  • Atualizado: arquivo de idioma


  • Corrigido: Configurações das políticas do vendedor.
  • Corrigido: cálculo de envio.


  • Corrigido: recursos do vendedor


  • Corrigido : menu de navegação do painel do vendedor.
  • Adicionado: Sobreposição do template apoio via complementos de terceiros.


  • Corrigido: link da página quebrada do painel do vendedor.
  • Corrigido: recursos do vendedor


  • Adicionado: página do painel do vendedor baseada em ponto final
  • Adicionado: suporte ao WooCommerce 3.0
  • Adicionado: suporte PHP7
  • Atualizado: estrutura do arquivo do plugin
  • Atualizado: navegação no menu WCMp
  • Atualizado: arquivo de idioma


  • Corrigido : Dequeue Google Recaptcha js
  • Corrigido: erro de migração do registro do vendedor
  • Corrigido : exibição do Widget na página do pedido do vendedor
  • Reparado: Data de pagamento agendada na Página de retirada do vendedor


  • Corrigido: exibição da guia de retirada do vendedor
  • Atualizado: arquivo de idioma
  • Adicionado: Filtros nas páginas de configurações do administrador
  • Reparado : Typos
  • Reparado: cálculo do valor do desconto na página do painel do vendedor


  • Adicionado: restringir o acesso ao backend do vendedor
  • Adicionado: Shortcode para exibição de produtos de vendedores recentes
  • Adicionado: página de extensão no painel de configuração
  • Adicionado: Filtro para exibir a barra de administração no frontend
  • Corrigido: lógica de notificação de e-mail após solicitar o vendedor


  • Corrigido : shortcode dos produtos do vendedor
  • Adicionado: Filtro em mais abas do vendedor
  • Atualizado: arquivo de idioma


  • Corrigido: hook de desativação do plugin


  • Adicionado: Suporte WordPress 4.7
  • Corrigido : Problema de CSS no Painel
  • Corrigido: Notificação por e-mail no novo cadastro de vendedores


  • Adicionado: Filtros & amp; hook.
  • Corrigido : menu do painel do vendedor.


  • Corrigido : URL de rastreamento de envio e exibição de identificação de rastreamento no modelo de e-mail
  • Adicionado: Mais hooks & amp; filtros
  • Reparado : pagamento da comissão do fornecedor via paypal masspay


  • Corrigido: menu suspenso do método de pagamento no backend Issue#9.
  • Corrigido : erro do formulário de registro do vendedor.


  • Corrigido: erro de banco de dados no nome do produto Issue#4.
  • Corrigido: recursos de função de usuário Issue#5.
  • Corrigido: otimização de velocidade do WCMp Issue#7.
  • Corrigido : erro de javascript de registro do fornecedor corrigido .


  • Adicionado: Registro do vendedor
  • Removido: caixa de seleção Inscreva-se como vendedor na minha conta.
  • Corrigido : formatação da descrição do vendedor
  • Corrigido : Suporte WPML


  • Removido: fancyBox – jQuery Plugin .
  • Removido: jquery-2.1.3.js.


  • Adicionado: rastreamento de embarque.


  • Adicionado: Adicionar Gateway de pagamento PayPal .
  • Adicionado: traduções chinesas.
  • Modificado: traduções russas atualizadas.


  • Adicionado: Suporte WooCommerce 2.6.
  • Adicionado: O vendedor pode gerenciar métodos de transporte inteligentes por zona.