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Data Soap Validation


There is nothing more frustrating than finding out someone has submitted an enquiry on your website and the contact number or email is not valid.

Verify that telephone numbers and email addresses entered into contact forms are valid as soon as your users click submit.

Ensure that the contact details you are provided are valid in real-time to help eliminate spam. Help your staff save time and money from calling invalid leads.

Data Soap Validation easily integrates into
Contact Form 7
Elementor Pro
Gravity Forms

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This Data Soap Validation Plugin requires PHP in order to run, your can also upload and validate data directly at

Imagens de tela

  • The settings page
  • Example usage in Woocommerce
  • Example usage in Contact Form 7
  • Example email validation in WPForms


How do I install the install the plugin?

If you have searched via the plugins tab on your WordPress, simply click ‘Add Plugin’ followed by ‘Activate’

If you have downloaded the ZIP file, navigate to the plugins tab on your WordPress site and click ‘Upload Plugin’

Does Data Soap validate mobile and landline telephone numbers?

Yes we do! Both mobile numbers and landline numbers are vaildated when entered

How do I enable the validation?

Once the plugin is installed all you need to do is open the settings in the left hand side and enable the validation options required


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