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Custom Shipping Options for MemberMouse


By default, MemberMouse adds every shipping option you have configured to an order form, even if you don’t want them displayed (like ones that are internal use, free shipping options, etc.).

Custom Shipping Options for MemberMouse enables you to filter out those extra options by specifying which ones you do want displayed. Only want U.S. and International shipping as choices (leaving free shipping for your Customer Service reps, or as a special offer)? No problem! Just add it to your URL and you’re good to go.

Imagens de tela

  • Getting the ID of the shipping option by hovering over the description.
  • All defined shipping options available (default).
  • Shipping options filtered.


  1. This plugin can only be used in conjunction with the MemberMouse Platform paid plugin. It must be installed and activated prior to using this one.
  2. Follow standard plugin installation and activation methods.


How do I filter out specific shipping methods?

Add the mm-fso query string to the URL of your checkout page and specify the IDs of the methods you want to offer.
For example,4 will only show shipping methods 1 and 4.

Can I filter the methods prior to them being displayed?

Not at this time.

What if JavaScript is disabled?

MemberMouse relies on JavaScript for the sales process. If it’s disabled in the browser, none of it will work properly.

Will this change the shipping options in MemberMouse?

No, this only removes the unwanted options from the checkout page. Everything else remains as you set it up.


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  • Initial release.
  • Enable JavaScript filter through URL parameter.