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Connect a WordPress chat with WhatsApp. The best solution for marketing and support. Stop losing customers and increase your sales.

New in WAme 3.2 📍

🌚 Discover the new Dark Mode. Great news for all those who prefer white text on a black background. Now you will find an option to activate it in your settings.

⌁ What you can do with WAme ✅

🛎 Insert a WhatsApp button on your website.

Define in which pages or zones it should appear, the delay time, if you want it to the right or to the left, only on mobile phones or also on the desktop.

🔮 Magic WhatsApp button.

Add your logo, profile picture or even an animated gif. You can define a tooltip to capture the user’s attention, the limit is set by your creativity.

📱 Add multiple phone numbers.

You can serve users in different terminals, you can insert a different one in each page, product or section.

🔴 Show a notification.

Use a balloon on the button to get the user’s attention. In this way, you ensure that you do not miss any important message you want to give them, surprise them in a less intrusive way.

📯 Create call-to-action messages.

For users to click on the button, use custom CTAs on each page, product or section. Welcome them, help them and offer them offers or promotions. You can read more about this topic here.

💬 Customize conversation start messages.

So that the user does not waste time in writing. This way you will be able to know from which page it comes or what product is being consulted when you start the first conversation.

🛒 Integration with WooCommerce.

Define CTAs and Custom Messages for product pages, you can use dynamic variables such as {SKU}, {PRICE} or {PRODUCT}.

🏁 Analyze the conversion data in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Remember, you do not have to do anything, the plugin already creates and computes the events by itself. You can read more about this topic here.

💱 Customize different languages.

To be able to support all your users, wherever they are. Our plugin is compatible with WPML and Polylang.

⌁ What you can´t do with WAme ⛔️

👨‍🎨 Modify the appearance of the button.

Users recognize it instantly because it is in thousands of web pages and they know what it is for, it generates trust. If you modify it, you lose these important values.

😡 Wasting time configuring other similar plugins.

Having many options is not an advantage, the configuration of WAme is so easy that in less than 2 minutes you will be ‘wasapeando’ with your clients.

⌁ Translations 🇦🇶

English (US)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Spain)
Translate into your language

⌁ If you like WAme 😍

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WhatsApp and WhatsApp Logo are brand assets and trademark of Facebook, Inc. WAme is not in partnership, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Inc.

Imagens de tela

  • Botão no desktop.
  • Button with tooltip and custom image.
  • Chamada à ação no desktop.
  • Boton e chamada à ação no celular.
  • WAme general settings.
  • WAme advanced visibility settings.
  • WAme WooCommerce settings.
  • WAme on post/page edition.


  1. Faça o upload de toda a pasta creame-whatsapp-me para o diretório /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Ative o plugin no menu ‘Plugins’ do seu WordPress.


Eu não consigo ver o botão ou ele está sobre/sob outra coisa

You can change the position of the button so that nothing covers it by adding this CSS in Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS:

.whatsappme { z-index:9999; }

Greater values of z-index are left over, the default value is 400.

E sobre o GDPR?

WAme don’t use cookies.

WAme save two localStorage variables for proper operation:

  • whatsappme_visited to know if is the first time on site or is a returning user.
  • whatsappme_hashes if you set a Call To Action (CTA), when user launch WhatsApp or close Chat Window the CTA hashed is saved to prevent show automatically that CTA again.
Google Analytics integration

WAme send a custom event when user click to launch WhatsApp.

If Global Site Tag (gtag.js) detected:

gtag('event', 'click', { 'event_category': 'WhatsAppMe', 'event_label': out_url })

If Universal Analtics (analytics.js) detected:

ga('send', 'event', 'WhatsAppMe', 'click', out_url })

If your tracker doesn’t have the standard name ‘ga’ you can set your custom name with ‘ga_tracker’ setting:

add_filter( 'whatsappme_get_settings', function( $settings ){
    $settings['ga_tracker'] = 'my_custom_GA_name';
    return $settings;
} );
Google Tag Manager integration

WAme send an event (if GTM detected) when user click to launch WhatsApp:

dataLayer.push({ 'event': 'WhatsAppMe', 'eventAction': 'click', 'eventLabel': out_url });
Facebook Pixel integration

WAme send a custom event if Facebook Pixel is detected when user click to launch WhatsApp:

fbq('trackCustom', 'WhatsAppMe', { eventAction: 'click', eventLabel: out_url });
Other integrations

There is a Javascript event that WAme triggers automatically before launch WhatsApp, which can be used to add your custom tracking code (or other needs).

  $(document).on('whatsappme:open', function (event, args, settings) {
    // Your staff
    // Note: args.link is the link to open, you can change it
    // but only wa.me, whastapp.com or current domain are allowed.
WPML/Polylang change Telephone by language

WAme general text settings can be translated with the strings translation of WPML/Polylang. You only need to save WAme settings to register strings and make them ready for translation. But “Telephone” is not translatable by default. If you need different phone numbers for every language add the following php code in your theme functions.php and save WAme settings.

add_filter( 'whatsappme_settings_i18n', function( $settings ) {
    $settings['telephone'] = 'Telephone';
    return $settings;
} );
Emojis are not saved

To save emojis the site database must use utf8mb4 encoding.
If your database enconding is utf8 you can use emojis converting them to html entities with a tool like this.


18 de março de 2020
Thanks for such an awesome plugin, really easy to set up and worked first time with no problem. Just a suggestion, would it be possible to implement in settings, operating times on the chat mode, ie able to set chat times from say 8.00am to 5.00pm for example. The reason being I work from home and would like to limit phone notification noise after hours if possible. Just a thought. Thanks.
12 de março de 2020
Me elimine las lineas de codigo, la programación y todas las complicaciones que pueden gererarse al moento de montar un web, es super sencillo de instalar y configurar, con una sencillez sorprendente, brinda una solcuci+on inmediata y muy, pero muy práctica al tema de comunicaciones con clientes directamente desde el whatsapp. felicitaciones. Muchas gracias por tan genial aporte.
13 de fevereiro de 2020
Felicitaciones al equipo que desarrollo el plugin es muy fácil de usar y muy útil, es una maravilla.
9 de fevereiro de 2020
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Registro de alterações


  • NEW: Metabox can override global settings and leave it blank with {}.
  • NEW: Can use wame_open class on any element to open WAme or launch WhatsApp.
  • NEW: Added ‘whatsappme_delete_all’ filter, set true to clear all WAme data on plugin uninstall.
  • CHANGED Tested up to WordPress 5.4.
  • CHANGED updated FAQs GDPR info to include localStorage vars.


  • FIX svg animations on firefox.
  • FIX empty messages on WP < 4.6.
  • FIX Google Analytics ‘ga’ event not sent if gtag for GAds or GTM is present.


  • NEW: Dark mode.
  • NEW: Hide on mobile when keyboard is open.
  • NEW: Post metabox show main WAme settings as placeholders.
  • CHANGED webp support is now on server side.
  • CHANGED rewrite of chatbox output, SVGs separated, full chatbox scroll and new filters.
  • FIX ‘apply_filters_deprecated’ fatal error on WP < 4.6


  • FIX php warning with new var {DISCOUNT} when price is zero.


  • Minor improvements and link to Wame CTA Extras.


  • NEW: WooCommerce Call to Action for Products on Sale, also added dynamic vars {DISCOUNT} {REGULAR}.
  • FIX Fatal error when selected button image is deleted from media library.
  • FIX WooCommerce settings not registered for translation.
  • For devs: format replacements now also accepts callbacks.
  • For devs: new javascript events for chat window ‘whatsappme:show’ ‘whatsappme:hide’.


  • CHANGED Tested up to WordPress 5.3
  • FIX Save on the first time can store some settings incorrectly.
  • FIX rtl styles for new button text.


  • NEW: WhatsApp button image.
  • NEW: WhatsApp button tooltip.
  • NEW: Start WhatsApp button text on Chat Window.
  • NEW: Option to disable automatic open of Chat Window.
  • For devs: static functions moved to a WhatsAppMe_Util class.


  • FIX in landscape or with long CTAs the chat window could be higher than view and can’t be closed.
  • For developers:
  • New metabox filters ‘whatsappme_metabox_output’ and ‘whatsappme_metabox_save’.
  • Change filter ‘whatsappme_message_replacements’ to ‘whatsappme_format_replacements’.
  • Change filter ‘whatsappme_message_send_replacements’ to ‘whatsappme_variable_replacements’.


  • NEW: Send Facebook Pixel custom event when user launch WhatsApp.
  • FIX empty tabs on settings page due to conflicts with other themes or plugins.


  • FIX sometimes the phone number is lost in WAme settings on save.
  • CHANGED Wame button z-index to 1000.


  • NEW: Better Integration with WooCommerce: CTA and Custom Message for product pages and new dynamic variables {SKU}, {PRICE} {PRODUCT}.
  • NEW: Admin help tab with styles and dynamic varibles info.
  • NEW: For developers: a lot of new hooks to change or extend WAme functions.
  • NEW: Custom javascript document event ‘whatsappme:open’ that allow trigger other actions and/or change the link url.
  • CHANGED Rebrand “WhatsApp me” to “WAme chat”.
  • CHANGED Code linted following WordPress standar.
  • FIX when post visibility was set as “hidden”, it used default global visibility.
  • FIX javascript error when “ga” global object is defined but isn’t Google Analytics.
  • FIX rtl styles for chat.


  • FIX javascript error when “ga” global object is defined but isn’t Google Analytics.


  • FIX PHP notice on some archive pages.


  • Readme texts and description.


  • NEW: WPML/Polylang integration.
  • NEW: Added setting to launch WhatsApp Web on desktop.
  • NEW: Separated button delay and chat delay settings.
  • NEW: dynamic variables {SITE}, {URL} and {TITLE} now also works on Call To Action.
  • CHANGED Better ordered settings panel.
  • FIX incorrect post id on loops can return post config instead main config.
  • FIX typo error on filter “whatsappme_whastapp_web”


  • NEW: Hide in front if editing with Elementor.
  • CHANGED improvements in public styles.


  • NEW: styles/scripts minified.
  • FIX UX issues.


  • NEW: Now can change telephone number on every post/page.
  • NEW: Send Google Tag Manager event on click.
  • NEW: New filter ‘whatsappme_whastapp_web’. Set true if you prefer to open WhatsApp Web on desktop.
  • NEW: “Send button” change when dialog is opened.
  • UPDATED Tested up to WordPress v.5.1.
  • UPDATED International Telephone Input library to v.15.


  • CORREÇÃO do aviso do PHP em alguns casos raros.


  • CORREÇÃO do erro de JavaScript da navegação privada no Safari do iOS.


  • CORREÇÃO do erro de JavaScript no IE11.


  • NOVO: Opção de botão para um modo menos intrusivo.
  • ALTERADO, agora cada chamada diferente para ação é marcada como lida separadamente.
  • ALTERADO, agora primeiro mostra a chamada à ação (se for definida) antes de iniciar o link do WhatsApp.


  • CORREÇÃO, removida a função array_filter que requer no mínimo o PHP 5.6.


  • NEW: Advanced visibility settings to define where to show WAme button.
  • NOVO: Integração com WooCommerce.
  • ATUALIZADA a biblioteca de entrada de telefone internacional v.13.
  • Pequenas correções na limpeza de campos e outras melhorias.


  • NOVO suporte para o Google Analytics Global Site Tag (gtag.js).
  • MUDANÇA, o rótulo dos eventos agora é o URL de destino para corresponder ao comportamento geral.
  • ATUALIZADA a biblioteca de entrada de telefone internacional


  • CORREÇÃO do erro de JavaScript introduzido na versão 1.4.1.


  • Fix JS frontend sometimes can’t load WAme settings.
  • Fix better Google Analytics event tracking when leave page.


  • NOVO: Adicionada a opção de definir a primeira mensagem a ser enviada. Você pode incluir variáveis como {SITE}, {URL} ou {TITLE}.
  • Corrige o aviso do PHP quando o $post global é nulo (ex: resultados de pesquisa ou página de login).


  • Apenas define ganchos admin/público quando ele corresponde a melhorar o desempenho e corrigir um aviso no painel.


  • Corrige um erro fatal quando a extensão PHP mbstring não está ativa


  • Adicionada a opção para alterar a posição do botão para a esquerda
  • Adicionado estilos de formatação para texto de Chamada à ação como no WhatsApp: itálico negrito tachado


  • Adicionado campo de telefone internacional para entrada de telefones melhorada
  • O número de telefone está pronto para gerar links corretos do WhatsApp


  • Adicionada a opção de substituir o CTA ou ocultar o Boton nos posts/páginas
  • Não enfileira os ativos se não for mostrar o botão
  • Filtros adicionados para desenvolvedores


  • Textos do Readme


  • Correção na versão do plugin


  • Correção do text domain


  • Primeira versão