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Craftwork Utilities for Woocommerce


Looking for small enhancement for Woocommerce without coding.
Craftwork Utilities for woocommerce is here for you.
We usually receive the question and request from woocommerce users for How to add some function to improve online store workflow.
So, We decided to make it as utilities plugin which everyone can use.

Craftwork utilities for woocommerce has the following function.

  • Replace ‘add to cart’ button with view details button
  • Customizable text for view details button.
  • Replace ‘add to cart’ button for single product page.
  • Replace currency symbol text with preferred text.
  • Automatic redirect to checkout after click add to cart.
  • Automatic clear previous cart when click add to cart.
  • Specific after login redirect URL.
  • Specific back to shop URL.
  • Work with latest woocommerce version 4.4.x.

Any suggestion or feedback are always welcome.

Imagens de tela

  • Replace currency symbol with specific currency text like THB.
  • Replace add to cart button with view details button.
  • Redirect user to custom url after login with woocommerce.
  • Redirect to checkout immediately after add to cart.


Which version of woocommerce that i can use with this plugin ?

We tested with latest version of Woocommerce (5.6.x). However, you can also use with older version of woocommerce.

Why ‘replace add to cart button’ does not replace in button woocommerce all product blocks ?

Some Woocommerce blocks does not have any php filter to modify behavior from php so we can not replace those which are not have php filter.


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Registro de alterações


  • add capability to remove suffix custom fields


  • add woocommerce price suffix options


  • add custom back to shop url function


  • add support to woocommerce products by category block


  • add checkout summary message feature
  • completed Thai translation.


  • optimize backend css loading
  • optimize variable custom field save method.


  • add variables product custom field function.
  • test with woocommerce 4.5.2 and wordpress 5.5.1
  • add partial thai translation


  • stable tag and release.


  • Initial version.