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Contact Form 7 Signature Addon


Add a signature field to Contact Form 7

Este plugin adiciona um novo tipo de campo ao plugin Contact Form 7 e permite que os usuários adicionem uma assinatura manuscrita à mensagem através de um bloco de assinatura. O plugin usa a ótima biblioteca de Javascript do Szymon Nowak (


  • Version 4 is out, with a major technical refactoring of the plugin. If you’re a theme developer, please review the FAQ to see what changed (specially if you were using the provided javascript functions).
  • It is also now possible to use Base64 encoded inline images (at your own risk because of mail clients compatibility issues).


Este plugin requer a versão 4.6 ou superior do plugin do “Contact Form 7”.
O bloco de assinatura deve funcionar em quase todos os navegadores web e móveis modernos (IE9 +, …).

Installation / Support

Please read the FAQ for details on how to setup your signature fields.

You can ask for support here.

Be kind

This plugin is just sharing the result of something i needed once for a project, there’s nothing commercial in there. But i’ll listen to your requests and do my best to keep the plugin up to date anyway.

Imagens de tela

  • Configuração do campo de assinatura
  • Signature field rendered in contact form


This plugin requires the Contact Form 7 plugin.

  1. Upload plugin files to your plugins folder, or install using WordPress’ built-in Add New Plugin feature
  2. Ative o plugin
  3. Edite o formulário no Contact Form 7
  4. Choose “Signature field” from the Generate Tag dropdown
  5. Siga as instruções na página

If you want the signature image to be included in the body of your emails, just put an image tag which src attribute is set to be the content of your field, just like this :

<img src="[your-signature-field]"/>

If you want the signature image to be sent as an attachment to the email, just follow these steps :

  1. add a “attachment” parameter to your field like this : [signature your-signature-field attachment]
  2. add the signature tag to the mail attachment section, like you would do for a file (see this tutorial) : [your-file][your-signature-field]


I don’t see the signature image in the mail. What can i do ?

First things first : verify that your email is sent in HTML format. In CF7, theres’s a checkbox at the bottom of each mail configuration to do that.

Then verify that the image is wrapped in an HTML image tag in your mail configuration, like this :

<img src="[your-signature-field]"/>
And what if i want to use a Base64 encoded inline image in my email instead ?

This is not a very good idea, but just in case this is your only solution :

  1. adicione o parâmetro “inline” para seu campo, dessa forma : [signature your-signature-field inline]
  2. Inclua a imagem no corpo do email, como você faria normalmente : <img src="[your-signature-field]"/>
How can i customize my signature field ?

When building your signature field with CF7’s field generator, you have several options you can add to the field shortcode :

Width and height :

[signature signature-666 333x222]

Will tell the plugin to draw the field 333px wide and 222px tall.

ID and class :

[signature signature-666 id:foo class:bar]
Como eu adiciono estilos ao campo da minha assinatura?

Use CSS like you would do for any other field in your form.
For example, using the field wrapper, you can add a border like this :


.wpcf7-form-control-signature-body canvas{
border: 1px dotted #BADA55;

Como faço para que o meu campo de assinatura seja responsivo?

It depends on your form layout but once again, you can do this by using basic CSS instructions. The plugin will deal with window size and device orientation automatically updating itself to match the right size.

The only thing you have to do is override width and/or height styles to the field wrapper, not the canvas, like this :


@media screen and (max-width: 768px) {
.wpcf7-form-control-signature-wrap {
width:100% !important;


Como eu altero as cores do meu campo?

There are options for that in the field settings (only hex color supported for the moment) :

[signature signature-666 background:#333333 color:#FFFFFF]
O campo não está funcionando bem depois que minha janela do navegador de desktop foi redimensionada ou após a mudança de orientação no meu celular. Como posso consertar isso?

The signature field needs to be “reloaded” too when its container’s size changes, but you should be aware that it will also clear its content. I assume this is your responsability to do so. The plugin provides a jQuery function that you can call from your theme’s script file :


window.onresize = function(){
$(‘div.wpcf7 > form’).wpcf7ResizeSignatures();

É possível mudar o comportamento da escrita?

Sure, by using the signature pad’s available options directly like this:

[signature signature-666 dotSize:1.2 minWidth:1 maxWidth:5 throttle:0 velocityFilterWeight:0.1]
Desde a versão 4.0 eu tenho erros de Javascript. O que mudou e o que posso fazer?

The main thing that changed is the way you can interact with the plugin. There’s now a jQuery plugin for that, and i got rid of all the old JS functions like sigFieldsResize and sigFieldsClear.

Os métodos disponíveis agora são :

$('div.wpcf7 > form').wpcf7ResizeSignatures(); to resize fields
$('div.wpcf7 > form').wpcf7ClearSignatures(); to clear fields
$('div.wpcf7 > form').wpcf7InitSignatures(); to reload fields

So you only have to replace the former functions by these new ones. Don’t forget to have a look at your contact form additional settings tab, where there’s usually some code to clear the fields on submit.


24 abril, 2020
I got a tip from a friend to use this CF7-addon for my signature needs and it worked out great! I can absolutely recommend usig this addon if you need to implement handwritten signatures via signature pad. big thanks for creating this one!
16 março, 2019
Me parece muy buen plugins sin embargo no e podido generar la firma con el plugins "Contact Form 7 Signature Addon" aunque inserto el codigo me sale es la url o en tal caso solo el codigo: [signature-firma] como pueden ayudarme..?
9 novembro, 2018
So happy with this plugin - works nicely on both desktop and mobile, the signature area can be easily styled with css to have borders and background, and the signature can shows up nicely in both email body or as a link. Well done and thanks!
5 novembro, 2018
I would give 5 stars if you could use the WP-Color-Picker when customizing appearance. Works perfectly fine. Thank you for the work!
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  • Bugfix : File attachment issues


  • Better compatibility with other CF7 plugins


  • Compatibility with CF7 v4.9 (on_sent_ok is deprecated)


  • Bugfix : syntax error on PHP 5.2 and lower


  • Bugfix : support for PHP 5.3


  • Updated signature pad library to 2.1.1
  • Added signature pad options to the shortocode


  • Added a fix for Conditional Fields plugin to be compatible again


  • Technical refactoring
    • now using jQuery : if you were using the old sigFieldsResize function for example, please update to its jQuery counterpart, see FAQ.
    • new plugin architecture using WordPress Plugin Boilerplate
    • text domain changed to respect WordPress translation guidelines, so you might have to update your .po files
  • Dumped support for old CF7 versions
  • CF7 4.6+ is now made mandatory on plugin activation
  • É possível usar a imagem codificada em base 64 como uma opção
  • Storing plugin version in WP options for upgrade purpose


  • Fixed a bug when there’s no submit button in form


  • Removed use of CF7 deprecated classes & methods, thanks to leac


  • Fixed a bug where mandatory signatures cannot be sent as attachments


  • Added support for signatures as attachments


  • Fixed a bug where CF7 additionnal settings were erased sometimes
  • Fixed : signature field is cleared after contact form is successfully sent


  • Improvements on signature storage & security


  • Now posssible to change background color and pen color


  • Updated signature pad library to v1.5.3 (fixing a few mobile issues)