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Contact Form 7 Round Robin Lead Distribution


Brand New This plugin extends Contact Form 7. It allows web form enquiries to be distributed sequentially amongst a group of recipients. Sometimes called Round Robin Distribution this is commonly used to share web leads fairly amongst a sales team.

For example if there are 3 in the sales team: Bob, Bill and Ben then:

  • The first web enquiry is sent to Bob
  • The second web enquiry goes to Bill
  • The third to Ben
  • And the fourth back around to Bob again

Everyone gets a fair share. Everyone’s happy, including you for finding this handy little plugin. 😉

PS. This is a new plugin. It works fine in all my testing, but please contact if you have any problems, or have improvment suggestions. If it works for you, please do a developer a favour and help me get this plugin off the ground with a 5 star review. Thanks.

Imagens de tela

  • Before you begin. Install plugin 'Contact Form 7' and setup your forms.
  • Step 1. Add your users. (email recipients)
  • Step 2. Assign the users to the selected form.
  • Round Robin should now be working. Distributed leads are logged.
  • Round Robin, works by overwriting CF7's "Mail To:" field each time a notification is sent.


Option 1 – Install Straight from WordPress (easiest)

  1. In WordPress Admin, Select Add New From the Plugins Menu
  2. Search for “Round Robin” – Find Contact Form 7 Round Robin Lead Distribution in the list
  3. Install and Activate the Plugin

Option 2 – Manually Upload

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Unzip the download
  3. Upload the entire contact-form-7-round-robin-lead-distribution folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Using Round Robin once installed

  1. Create a CF7 form (Install CF7 if you haven’t already done so)
  2. Under the Contact Menu item, use the RR User Manager to setup your recipients
  3. Under the Contact Menu item, use the RR Forms Manager to assign recipients to the desired CF7 form.
  4. That’s it, web leads will be shared evenly between the recipients. Actual sends are kept in a log.

Check out the screenshots section for a visual guide


Is there a limit to how many recpients I can set?


Does it record a log of who email was distributed to?

Yes. You can access this under the Contact Menu. “RR Mail Tracker”

I have an idea for a feature

Yes sure, I’m interested to hear it. Please email to

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Registro de alterações


*A upgrade to CF7 broke this plugin. (Sorry if you experienced this)
*This has been fixed in this version. Current version only works with CF7 3.9 and greater.


*Fixed checkbox display bug in Chrome


  • Interface improvements
  • Screenshots added
  • Nifty logo added


  • Misc Styling fixes


  • Misc Styling fixes


  • Bug fix


  • Interface improvements
  • Added Icon
  • Menu rearrange


  • Interface improvements


  • Initial release.