Connect Contact Form 7 to Constant Contact


This is an advanced Constant Contact to Contact Form 7 Connector. This plug-in will allow you to make a connection to Constant Contact’s API using OAUTH protocol. Retrieve all of your contact lists, and allow users to sign up for a single list, or multiple lists. This will update existing contacts in your Constant Contact list, or add new if they don’t exist. In addition to adding or updating E-Mail addresses of contacts in your list, this will also allow you to push basic contact fields, including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Address Information including Country

Some uses for this plugin would be to add an optional checkbox to a regular contact form where users can subscribe to a single or multiple CTCT lists. You could also include this with a product registration form, or pretty much make every form on your website a possibility for users to subscribe to your Constant Contact Lists.

Additional Features

  • Spam Prevention – Submitted e-mail addresses are subjected to a domain verification script, before they’re submitted to Constant Contact. This helps keep your contact list cleaner.
  • Failsafe Methods- In the event that Constant Contact’s API is down, the plugin will store failed attempts and retry twice daily until they are successfully added.
  • Error Reporting – If email addresses are submitted and rejected, an email is sent to the admin. Admin will be informed of users who may have unsubscribed previously and other constant contact error codes.
  • Authentication Failure Notification – in the event that the authorization to constant contact is lost, the admin will get a notification to re-authorize the application.
  • Add Opt-In Checkbox to WooCommerce Checkout
  • Includes prevention of bot submissions

Complete instructions can be found How to create an API Key and Token and here How to set up this plugin.


  1. Upload dd-cf7-constant-contact-v3.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place [ctct] Form tag in your Contact Form 7 – Contact Form.


How do I get a Constant Contact API Access Key and Secret?

To get started, go to Constant Contact Developer

Do you have detailed instructions on setting up the plugin?

Yes. There is a complete walkthrough here How to create an API Key and Token and here How to set up this plugin.

The form isn’t sending the data to Constant Contact

If you are connected properly, which it will show on the settings page. Then you must make sure you map your fields and tell the plugin if you are using the form tags or not. See Screenshot #2 for the settings tab.

Can I add Multiple Lists to the opt-in checkbox form tag?

Yes, you can do this by using the list: option in the form tag (shortcode) multiple times, like this:
[ctct ctct-815 list:f49xxxx0-0737-xxxx-a758-d4ae5292c4dd list:8dxxxx80-6131-xxxx-a4b4-d4ae528442b5]


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Registro de alterações


Added check for bot submissions


Fixes for cf7 form ID


Fixes for PHP 7.4 also when no list is chosen.


Allows for unsubscribed email to be sent to those who have previously unsubscribed. You can use an official Constant Contact form to re-subscribe.


Add if empty email… bail out


Fix error on form tag “ID”


Fix erroneous labeling of inactive forms.


Fix for Error in multiple lists with options checkboxes


Enable Multiple Lists on Opt-In


Add Refresh Lists


  • Add WooCommerce Opt In Checkbox to Checkout.


  • Add scheduled action to check for failures.
  • Add error handling when API is down.
  • Fix error output on settings page.


  • Added site name to error reporting email for clarity.


  • Initial Release