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Sell Event Tickets On WordPress – Plugin for Coconut Tickets

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Sell Event Tickets On WordPress – Plugin for Coconut Tickets


Flexible event ticketing for small businesses with large ambitions. Create your events on the Coconut Tickets platform then use this plugin to sell tickets and vendor pitches within your WordPress website. Customers will visit your website and see your marketing then when they make their ticket selections Coconut Tickets will process the sale. The customer will be sent their tickets and you will receive the ticket revenue in your PayPal or Stripe account (no waiting for the event to complete).

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Coconut Tickets Benefits

  • Free trial (full product)
  • Fixed per ticket fees (no percentage fees)
  • Only pay when tickets are sold.
  • Sell tickets with no additional per ticket fees.
  • Time slot, whole day or whole event tickets.
  • Scan ticket QR code to validate entry to your event
  • Customizable sales URL
  • Customizable on page SEO
  • Publish your event as a Google data snippet for better search results
  • Real world usability. For example, manually resend a ticket to a customer who has lost it.
  • Direct payment to your Stripe or PayPal account, no delays and no man in the middle

Public ticket sales benefits

  • Choose between paid or free tickets for your event
  • Single day tickets, complete event tickets, and tickets for a specific period (e.g. a weekend)
  • Define tickets in whole days or time slots (e.g. 10am, 11am)
  • Create as many ticket types as you need (with any subscription plan)
  • Collect attendee details with Coconut Tickets booking form, including conditional questions
  • Download our free ticket scanning app to control entry to your event
  • Proven with events from 10 tickets to 10,000 tickets

Benefits of selling to event vendors

  • Event vendor registration, documents and payments all online
  • Vendors pick the pitch they want, upload their documents, and pay online.
  • Vendors can pay a fixed cost or bid for your event pitches
  • Collect all your vendor information with one online form
  • Vendors upload their documents when they registers online
  • Choose when vendors pay: when they register, online when you approve or manually when they receive an invoice

For event organizers in small to medium size businesses who need to sell tickets to their events, Coconut Tickets is a complete online, flexible, event ticketing solution. No software to install, and no hidden fees.

Sell tickets online for these events with Coconut Tickets

  • Outdoor festival tickets (fireworks, military festivals, music festivals and open air concerts)
  • Indoor presentation tickets and show tickets with strict seating limits (e.g. musical recitals and indoor concerts)
  • Outdoor show tickets (country shows and fairs with specific day tickets and multi-day tickets)
  • Short repeating event tickets (ice skating with hourly time slots and strict participation limits)
  • Vendor pitch tickets (concession stalls for food sales and merchandise at your events)
  • Charity event tickets and fundraiser tickets
  • Single day or multi-day events that repeat every year
  • Free ticket events (zero cost tickets where guest registration is required)
  • Online virtual events (no physical venue)

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See the terms and conditions for Coconut Tickets
Coconut Tickets Terms & Conditions

Imagens de tela

  • An example ticket sales page displayed through the plugin.


This section describes how to install the event ticketing plugin and get it working.

  1. Unzip and Upload the folder ‘coconuttickets’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Using your browser, login to Coconut Tickets website
  4. On the Coconut Tickets dashboard select your event
  5. From the event admin area select ‘Publish Links’ and use the tool to generate the link code for WordPress embedding
  6. Paste this WordPress link code into your page or post where you wish the sales page to appear


Does the plugin on my website affect the security of my event ticket sales

No, your customers will see your tickets sales page through the plugin but all transaction processing takes place either on the Coconut Tickets platform, PayPal or Stripe.

I am an event organizer not a web designer, how can I design a ticket sales page?

Anyone can design their ticket sales page on the Coconut Tickets platform. You can accept the design automatically created for you, or you can drag/drop/click until you get the design you want. This design will appear on your WordPress site when you use this plugin.

How will my customers know the tickets are from me?

You can include your branding, your business name and your logo on the ticket sales page; then using this plugin these branded sales pages will appear on your WordPress website.

Do I need a website to sell tickets?

In addition to this plugin you can also place a link to your Coconut Tickets sales page in your email or any social media tool you are using. When the customer clicks then Coconut Tickets takes control of the sales process for you either through the plugin or by redirecting your customer to Coconut Tickets website.

When will I receive the ticket revenues?

Customers make their payments directly into your PayPal or Stripe account. There is no delay and no need to wait for the event to complete. Coconut Tickets is not a financial intermediary and never receives the ticket payment money.

Are there any hidden fees?

To use Coconut Tickets services you need only pay the fixed fee for each ticket you sell, collected at the end of each month. However, your payment services provider is likely to charge you a fee for your use of their services (e.g. PayPal 2.9% fee for withdrawals).

Can this plugin be used to edit my events on Coconut Tickets?

No, this plugin is purely for the display of your sales pages. The plugin has no administrative rights to your events.

What if I need to obtain specific information from my event visitors?

Using Coconut Tickets you can design your own registration form to capture exactly the information you need from your event attendees. Forms can include conditional questions the result of which decides which question to ask next.

Can I create custom ticket categories?

Yes, you can combine the in-built ticket periods (e.g. whole day, or whole event) with the ticket categories of your choice. For example you can create a family ticket which permits entry for 4 people or a mother and child ticket permitting entry for 2 people.

My event offers merchandise to improve the event experience, how would I do that?

You can create optional products that a customer can select after they have chosen their tickets.

How can I control entry to my events?

Coconut Tickets has a QR scanning system for event checkin which uses an Android app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play. All online tickets issued by Coconut Tickets can be read by the scanner.

How can I be sure that every ticket booker will pay?

For paid events the event visitor must pay to complete their online registration. Tickets will not be issued unless payment is received.

Is this a WordPress event ticketing system?

Yes, the purpose of this plugin is so that you can sell tickets directly from your WordPress website. Although the transaction processing takes place securely on Coconut Tickets platform and not on your website.

Will the event ticketing plugin work with other ticketing platforms?

This plugin works exclusively with the Coconut Tickets platform. If you already use Eventbrite, Ticket Tailor or Picatic then you will be prepared for the ease of use of Coconut Tickets. Creating an event in Coconut Tickets is quick to do and easy to redefine for monthly or yearly repeating events. Sign-up for a free trial and you will see how you can benefit.

Are there real people that I can talk to?

Yes of course. Send a contact request with your details and we will happily contact you.
Coconut Tickets


13 setembro, 2018
I recently started using coconut tickets for music events, I like the simplicity of the plugin to handle the whole process form the sale of the tickets to verifying the e-tickets at the event. As an event manager I find the sales page easy to customise where I can define ticket prices, quantities and premiums along with the layout with event details and the data I want to collect from the customers. I really like the integration of vendor pitch tickets which also collects the vendor information (certificates ect) so I don’t have to this manually. I find the monthly packages affordable with the packs you can choose well put together comprised of event and ticket amounts. For our events it is especially good because we are seasonal and only have to pay for the month we’re selling tickets.
6 julho, 2017
The only plugin I have found that can sell tickets for vendor pitches (vendor slots) at events as well as public tickets. Sales go straight to my PayPal account. Cuts down on chasing my vendors by email. Planning to do more events with this tool.
6 julho, 2017
I was selling tickets from my website on the same day that I signed up for coconut tickets. This is the best online event ticketing I’ve used. RECOMMENDED
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  • Initial release


  • Allows dynamic setting of Coconut Tickets parameters to start an event group buy-no sequence with a specific event. Single event tickets sales are unaffected.


  • Fixes error saving message that was displayed in WP Gutenberg editor


  • Improvements to work better with block editor. Updated app resizing.