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Streamlines keyword management and boost the SEO of your website with SEO Keyword Hound for WordPress. a one-of-a-kind WordPress SEO plugin!

The CM SEO Keyword Hound is a powerful tool that helps you pursue your search engine optimization goals. It aggregates and tracks complex data in a centralized way, saving you time.

The plugin has many advanced features, but can also be used by beginners and those who are not very familiar with SEO. Works well with Yoast, cache plugins and other SEO enhancers for WordPress.

Basic Features

  • Manage multiple keywords – Manage and track multiple SEO keywords, arrange keywords in groups
  • Tailored Keyword Analysis – Should the plugin look for keywords inside H1, H2, or H3? Should it analyze the first 100 or 200 words of the text separately? Define this and much more
  • Easy Keywords Import/Export – Quickly manage keyword lists through CSV import and export
  • Keywords sticky note – Use sticky note to easily edit your content using the keywords you choose

Pro Version Features

  • Manage your competitors – Manage a list of all your competitors, import and export competitors, mark important ones
  • See keywords your competitors use – Compare your page’s keyword incidence, density, and location with your competitors. Analyze keyword use between individual competitors or a group of competitor
  • See competitors by search queries – Find competitors while connecting to Google search API and using search queries you choose
  • Record changes you make – Track your keyword list building and keyword use with a detailed log. Track page edit events made by which user, to track what changes are effective, made by whom.
  • Track your page SEO KPIs – Manage over time conversions, impressions and bounce rate
  • Keep track of your page SEO events – Automaticaly and manually create events related to your page SEO to help you understand trends and progress
  • Smart Notifications – Set reminders for page owners to check page stats and regularly optimize content per specific events.
  • Manage all your site SEO from one dashboard – Manage all important SEO assets from one dashboard while helping your focus on the important pages first
  • Visualize your progress using graphs – All related statistics can be visualized using graphs to help you better understand trends and what causes them
  • Great Integrations – Integrated with Google Analytics and Moz, to quickly fetch essential metrics from each source and put them side by side with your keyword and competitor list.


The plugin requests the user to send registration data (name, e-mail and website) to CreativeMinds servers on an opt-in basis. Users can remove their data at any point from the plugin’s user guide settings screen.

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  • Keywords metabox in posts
  • Plugin options
  • Keywords analysis settings
  • Keywords metabox with content analysis


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure plugin.
  4. Start tracking keywords on your posts or pages.


More FAQ’s

Detailed User Guide

What do I need to use SEO Keyword Hound??

In order to use SEO Keyword Hound, you need some basic SEO knowledge, familiarity with SEO tools such as Moz, and Google Analytics

I use Yoast SEO. What can SEO Keyword Hound add?

A lot, actually! Yoast SEO and SEO Keyword Hound have very different scopes and complement each other.

Yoast does a really good job at analyzing single posts. The Keyword Hound, however, manages and tracks keyword performance. It presents historical data on your content and that of your competitors, allowing for more comprehensive strategies.

Does SEO Keyword Hound improve my SEO automatically?

The SEO Keyword Hound gives you powerful tools to put simple and complex strategies to action. Components such as the keyword monitor provide valuable insight and require users’ input.

What is SEO, SERP, Keyword, and Competitive Analysis?

All these are fundamental concepts for any person or company with a website.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, the group of strategies that aim to make your pages list higher on SERPs, or Search Engine Results Page.

One of the most successful SEO tactics is Competitive Analysis, which involves understanding and measuring your rivals’ strong and weak points. This evaluation takes in account the performance of keywords, those terms or expressions that users used during searches.

I’m a complete beginner. How can SEO Keyword Hound help me?

The SEO Keyword Hound allows you to tweak your content to make it more attractive to search engines.

It was designed to be approachable by anyone. Since it has many features, we recommend taking some time to learn core concepts by reading our documentation guide. The more you learn about its capabilities and SEO in general, the more you will profit from the plugin.

I’m a SEO expert. How can SEO Keyword Hound help me?

With its many, many features. Keyword tracking, page/post and global metrics, quick comparison with competitors, notifications and much more.


29 de novembro de 2019
They use false advertising on money back guarantee and have no intention of honouring it. Read T&C fine print before buying. I recently tried the free version but most of the key features were disabled. I was keen on seeing how the app can help with keyword management. With limited features, I decided to buy the pro version. Unfortunately, it did not meet my needs as I couldn't see the keywords on the dashboard as shown on the video. I decided to request for refund as I was not happy with the application. To my surprise, I was told that refund is only based on bugs that can't be fixed after 30 days per the refund policy. Looking at how they have designed the proceed to payment page. They have Cart FAQ in grey and below the big payment buttons to ensure that you do not read if you are not very keen. I have count my losses but you’ve been warned.
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