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WhatsApp connectivity for WordPress websites! Engage customers and generate leads!

Let’s make your Web page visitors Contact you through “WhatsApp”, “WhatsApp Business” with a single Click (WhatsApp Chat, Group, Share)

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WhatsApp Chat

Add your ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘WhatsApp Business’ Number. And let your website visitors contact you with a single click.

📱 Mobile: Chat from WhatsApp Mobile App.

💻 Desktop: Chat from WhatsApp Desktop App or from Web WhatsApp page(

💎 Styles

Select a Style that matches your Website design.

8 predefined styles + Add your own Image/GIF.

Can Select different Styles for Mobile, Desktop.

🌼 Add Own Image

Instead of selecting a pre-defined style, add any image/Animated image/GIF.

✳️ Position to Place

Add styles at any position of the screen
(not limited to fixed positions).

can set different positions for Mobile and Desktop.

⏩ Pre-filled Message

Text that appears at the WhatsApp chat window when the user clicks on the Image/button.

Users can start the conversation easily.

Variables to change values dynamically

{site} -> Website Title
{title} -> Page Title
{url} -> Web page URL
[url] -> Web page full URL including parameters

With these variables, we can understand from which page the user started WhatsApp chat.

Pre-filled Message

🎁 WooCommerce

Separate ‘pre-filled message’, ‘call to action’ settings for WooCommerce Single product pages.

Additional, variables for WooCommerce to change values dynamically

{product} -> Product Name
{price} -> Product Price (current price)
{regular_price} -> Regular product price (with out any sale)
{sku} ->Stock keeping unit

📒 Change Settings at page level

Change ‘WhatsApp Number’, ‘Call to Action’ at the page level

(while editing the post, at the right side bar ‘Click to Chat’ metabox)

Page level settings

📈 Analytics

Creates an Event when the user clicks on the WhatsApp Icon/button.

Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel

🌈 Eight Styles + own Image

  1. Style-1: Button, appears as the theme button.
  2. Style-2: Image
  3. Style-3: Image
  4. Style-3 Extend: Image [New]
  5. Style-4: Chip style – a combination of image and a text message
  6. Style-5: Image, on hover shows sidebar content-box
  7. Style-6: Plain text with a link
  8. Style-7: Icon with customizable padding
  9. Style-7 Extend: Icon with call to action on hover [New]
  10. Style-8: Button with text, icon
  11. Style-99: Own Image / GIF / Animated image

list of Styles

✏️ Styles are customizable

🔆 Localization

Compatible with WPML, Polylang.

Easy to setup different values for each language

  • WhatsApp Number
  • Call to Action
  • Pre-filled message

Setup for WPML, Polylang

🚀 Performance

Rich in features but the frontend of the site content is very light weight.

We highly concentrate on performance.

👓 Show/Hide

Show or Hide styles based on Post type, Post ID, Category, Device Type(Mobile, Desktop).

⛳ Shortcodes

Use shortcodes to add the icon/button with inline the Posts content, widgets.

change the default setting values using shortcode attributes – WhatsApp Number, Style, Prefilled message, Call to Action.

Chat Shortcodes


To change the WhatsApp number use ‘number’ attribute

[ht-ctc-chat number=915123456789]

Shortcodes for Chat


Enable Group chat feature and add WhatsApp Group id in the plugin setting page.

Make it easy for your customers to join your Whatsapp Group.



Let users share your website with their WhatsApp contacts and get more leads.


Help Translate The Plugin

Help by Translating the plugin to available in more languages

🔯 Addons

Reverse position for RTL Pages

Reverse position for RTL pages, if left then right, if right then left.
i.e. if position is set to right: 10px then plugin will display at left: 10px

Reverse position for RTL Pages

Imagens de tela

  • 8 Styles, 1 Add own image / GIF Style
  • Chat Settings - Enter WhatsApp Number, prefilled message, call to action, desktop: web view / desktop app view
  • Desktop settings - style, position to place
  • Mobile settings - style, position to place
  • Change Values at page level: 'WhatsApp Number', 'Call to action', 'Group ID'
  • Add style at any position of the screen
  • Shortcodes - add style with inline the content
  • Style - 5 - Image with content box
  • Style - 8 - Materialize button
  • Style - 99 - Add your own Image / GIF(Animated Image)
  • Customize Styles
  • Enable Chat, Group, Share Settings
  • Group settings page
  • Share settings page
  • Hide on Selected pages
  • Show on Selected pages


From Dashboard ( WordPress admin )

  • plugins -> Add New
  • search for ‘click to chat for whatsapp’
  • click on Install Now and then Active.

using FTP or similar

  • Unzip “Click-to-Chat” file and
  • Upload “Click-to-Chat” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.


WhatsApp Number

Enter the WhatsApp number with country code

country code +1
number: 6123456789
** WhatsApp number: 16123456789 **

Pre-filled Message

Makes the users start the conversation easily.

Add variables to change values dynamically

{url} -> Web page URL
{title} -> Page Title
{site} -> Website Title


Hi {site}!!
I like to know more information about this {title}, {url}.

Additional variables for WooCommerce single product pages
{product} -> Product Name
{price} -> Product Price (current price might be the sale price/regular price)
{regular_price} -> Regular product price (with out any sale)
{sku} ->Stock keeping unit


Hi {site}!!
I like to buy this {product}, {url}

With this prefilled text, we can know from which page the user started the conversation, regarding which they contacted us, and their details

Call to Action

Text that appears along with the icon/button.


WhatsApp us

For WooCommerce single product pages

Chat to buy, only {sku} stock left

Select Styles

Select styles based on Device.
* Style for Desktop
* Style for Mobile

For selecting styles: plugin detects the device(mobile, desktop) based on HTTP User Agent (using wp_is_mobile)

Styles are customizable according to your theme/usecase.

Position to place the styles

Add Styles at any position of the screen (not just fixed to selected positions).

Position to place settings


bottom-right corner:
bottom: 10px
right: 10px

Center of the Screen (bottom-center)
bottom: 10px
right: 50%

Center of the Screen (left-center)
bottom: 50%
right: 10px

Plugin supports all CSS units as suffix. (px, %, rem,…)

position to place

Localization – WPML, Polylang

From WPML, Polylang Settings -> ‘String Translations’ and filter strings to ‘Click to chat for WhatsApp’ and change value based on language.

  • User Input (Plugin Settings values): – ‘Click to chat for WhatsApp’
  • Admin strings (Plugin Settings) – text domain: ‘click-to-chat-for-whatsapp’

Help plugin by Translating Setting page, Readme text

Shortcodes Attributes

Shortcodes by default get values from the plugin settings page. Override these values using attributes.

  • number
  • call_to_action
  • pre_filled
  • style


[ht-ctc-chat number=915123456789]

Shortcodes for Chat


“Click to Chat” don’t collect any of the user data and don’t use cookies.

Show/Hide on Selected pages/devices

Show only on selected pages

Hide only on selected pages

Show/Hide on Mobile/Desktop

WhatsApp Group Invite/chat

Enable Group Feature Add WhatsApp group id at plugin settings page. and let user join in WhatsApp Group.

WhatsApp Share

Enable Share feature and let users share your website easily.

Add variables to change values dynamically
{url} -> Web page URL
{title} -> Page Title
{site} -> Website Title

Share Text – E.g.

Checkout this Awesome page {title}, {url}

🔧 Basic Troubleshooting

  • Clear cache
  • Check WhatsApp number entered with country code
  • Check Show/Hide settings

For any queries, please contact us.

❤️ Support / Contact

For any issues with the plugin / suggestions:

⭐️ Give Support

If you like the plugin, please support the developers by giving 5 star rating

Thank you so much from “Click to Chat” developers, HoliThemes.


28 de janeiro de 2021
I had problem with pre-filled message for woocommerce. Their support team is very responsive. Now the plugin can display woocommerce pre-filled correctly.
28 de janeiro de 2021
Always use the plugin, work perfectly. The plugin is always update and the developers are improving the plugin every time. The feedback with the plugin staff is very fast and they are dedicated to creating the solution that is needed.
3 de dezembro de 2020
Un plugin increíblemente poderoso con múltiples opciones de diseño y posicionamiento que sin duda lo convierten en un favorito instantáneo. Espero pronto extiendan mas el soporte para Woocommerce. Felicitaciones a todo el equipo por el gran trabajo.
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