Proteção contra spam, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk


Sem CAPTCHA, sem perguntas, sem contagem de animais, sem quebra-cabeças, sem matemática e sem spam . Plugin Universal AntiSpam.

Anti-Spam features

  1. Stops spam comments.
  2. Stops spam registrations.
  3. Stops spam contact emails.
  4. Stops spam orders.
  5. Stops spam bookings.
  6. Stops spam subscriptions.
  7. Interrompe pesquisas de spam, enquetes.
  8. Stops spam in widgets.
  9. Pára o spam no WooCommerce.
  10. Real-time email validation. Is email real or Not.
  11. Verifica e remove os existentes de spam comentários e de spam usuários.
  12. Compatible with mobile users and devices.
  13. Compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU).
  14. Blocking disposable & temporary emails.
  15. No Spam – No Google Penalties. Give your SEO boost.
  16. Mobile friendly Anti Spam & FireWall.
  17. Stops spam in Search Form.
  18. Disable comments.
  19. Spam FireWall: Anti-Flood.
  20. Spam FireWall: Anti-Crawler.
  21. Hide «Website» field for comments.
  22. Block messages by languages, countries, networks and stop words.
  23. Email Address Encoder – protection for email addresses published on your site.

Free trial then $12 per year

CleanTalk is an anti-spam plugin which works with the premium Cloud Anti-Spam service This plugin as a service

Public reviews

CleanTalk – Cloud-Based Anti-Spam Service to Keep Your Site Bot-Free.
NewsWatch Review.

Compare reCAPTCHA & Akismet VS CleanTalk

I know you have heard of a number of anti-spam plugins. But you must know, the cloud-based ones are the best regarding detection rate. They compare all the content in forms with their own algorithm to find out the legibility.

O principal ponto de venda da CleanTalk para mim não é simplesmente a sua eficácia. É o fato de que o CleanTalk funciona em segundo plano. Ele não faz os usuários pularem arcos para enviar um comentário ou preencher um formulário.

Proteção anti-spam para comentários

Native spam protection for WordPress, JetPack comments and any other comment plugins. The plugin moves spam comments to SPAM folder or you can set the option to ban spam comments silently. You can also enable the option in the plugin settings to auto-delete comments from SPAM folder.

Contact Form by WPForms spam filter

Plugin extends Contact Form by WPForms to provide spam protection. It filters spam submissions for each type of forms – simple contact form, marketing form, request a quote and etc.

Elementor Website Builder filter

Plugin extends spam protection for Elementor Website Builder. It filters spam submisssions and tested for contact form type.

Gravity forms spam filter

Plugin extends spam protection for Gravity forms. It filters spam submisssions for any type of forms.

Formidable Form Builder spam filter

Plugin extends spam protection for Formidable Form Builder. It filters spam submisssions for any type of forms – Contact Form, Survey & Quiz Forms.

Contact Form 7 spam filter

Plugin extends spam protection for Contact Form 7 (CF7). It can be used with any other third-party spam filters.
How to protect your Contact Form 7 using CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin

WooCommerce spam filter

Anti-spam by CleanTalk filters spam registrations and spam reviews for WooCommerce. The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.1 and higher.

Spam filter for theme contact forms

O plug-in bloqueia e – mails de spam por meio de qualquer formulário de contato de um tema (incluindo aqueles incorporados). O plug-in filtra e – mails de spam silenciosamente (sem avisos de erro no frontend do WordPress ) em formulários AJAX também.

bbPress filtro de spam

Proteção contra spam para tudo sobre o bbPress: logins, registros, fóruns, tópicos e respostas.

Other spam filters

  • WordPress Landing Pages.
  • WP User Frontend, UserPro.
  • Ninja forms
  • Contact Form Plugin by Fluent Forms Ninja forms
  • Forminator contact from
  • Newsletters – MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress (, MailPoet – emails and newsletters in WordPress (
  • Any WordPress form (checkbox ‘Custom contact forms’).
  • Any submission to the site (checkbox ‘Check all POST data’).

Verifique os comentários existentes por spam. Remoção de comentários de spam em massa. Limpar Comentário de spam.

With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can inspect through existing comments to find and quickly delete spam comments at once. To use this function, go to WP Console -> Comments -> Find spam comments.

Verifique os usuários existentes em busca de spam. Remoção de contas de spam em massa. Limpar usuários Spam

Com a ajuda do anti- spam da CleanTalk, você pode inspecionar as contas existentes para encontrar e excluir rapidamente os usuários de spam de uma só vez. Para usar esta função, vá para o WP Console -> Users -> Check for spam. Além disso, você pode exportar uma lista de usuários de spam para o CSV.

Listas negras privadas para serviço anti-spam

Automatically block comments and registrations from your private black IP/email address list.

Hide «Website» field for comments

This option hides the «Website» field from standard WordPress comments forms. After that spammers won’t be able to send spam links using «Website» field in the bottom of the comments form.

Low false/positive rate

This plugin uses multiple anti-spam tests to filter spam bots having as low false/positive rate as possible.

How does CleanTalk improve SEO for your website?

Então, você já sabe que a velocidade do site tem um impacto direto no SEO.

O CleanTalk funciona mais rápido que a maioria dos outros plugins antispam .É de conhecimento geral que quanto mais rápido o seu site for carregado, melhor será a sua experiência do cliente, melhor será o seu SEO e melhor será o seu site. A velocidade está se tornando cada vez mais importante em SEO, conversão e experiência do usuário . Hoje, a velocidade do site é um dos fatores mais importantes do ranking no Google. Um site que carrega lentamente perderá visitantes e receita potencial.

Among anti-spam plugins CleanTalk AntiSpam is one of the fastest. Despite the large plugin functionality, the developers have optimized the performance of
the plugin so that AntiSpam by CleanTalk is faster than most analogs. This contributes to the cloud service architecture, as all calculations take place in the cloud, not on the server, the server receives the finished result for further action.

Unlike stand-alone plugins (WP Armour, Antispam Bee, WP Cerber) Anti-Spam by CleanTalk uses less CPU that improves site response, visitors experience and SEO results.

Spam FireWall

Spam FireWall allows blocking the most active spam bots before they get access to your website. It prevents spam bots from loading website pages so your web server doesn’t have to perform all scripts on these pages. Also it prevents scanning of pages of the website by spam bots. Therefore Spam FireWall significantly reduces the load on your web server. Spam FireWall also makes CleanTalk the two-step protection from spam bots. Spam FireWall is the first step and it blocks the most active spam bots. CleanTalk Anti-Spam is the second step and checks all other requests on the website in the moment of submitting comments/registers etc.

How does Spam FireWall work?

  • The visitor enters to your web site.
  • Os dados de solicitação HTTP estão sendo verificados nos quase 5,8 milhões dos IPs de bot de spam identificados.
  • If it is an active spam bot, the bot gets a blank page, if it is a visitor then he receives a normal page. This process is completely transparent for the visitors.

All the CleanTalk Spam FireWall activity is being logged in the process of filtering.

Spam FireWall: Anti-Flood & Anti-Crawler

Spam FireWall: Anti-Flood and Anti-Crawler options are intended for blocking unwanted bots, content parsing, shop goods prices parsing or aggressive website scanning bots. Learn more

Anti-Spam plugin info

CleanTalk is an all-in-one anti-spam solution for WordPress that protects login, comment, contact and WooCommerce forms at once. You don’t need to install separate antispam plugins for each form. It allows your blog to work faster and save resources.

CleanTalk is a transparent antispam tool, we provide detailed stats of all incoming comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors. We have developed a mobile app for you to see antispam stats wherever you want.

We have developed the antispam for WordPress that protects you from spam bots at the maximum level allowing you to provide your visitors a simple and convenient form of comments/registrations without annoying CAPTCHAs and puzzles. CleanTalk detects spam in multistage tests allowing us to block up to 99.998% of spam bots. The anti-spam method offered by CleanTalk avoids inconvenient for communication methods (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.), and offers to your site visitors a more comfortable one.

CleanTalk is a premium anti-spam service for WordPress, the plugin works with our own CleanTalk Cloud Service. Anti Spam by CleanTalk offers a free trial, you can look at the pricing here. We provide anti-spam services at the highest level. To maintain this level we cannot afford to offer a free version of our service, as this will immediately affect the quality of the providing anti-spam protection. Paying for a year of anti-spam service, you save a lot more and receive:

  • Up to 99.998% protection from spam bots.
  • Time and resources saving.
  • More registrations/comments/visitors.
  • Proteção contra spam dos vários sites de uma só vez em diferentes CMS.
  • Facilidade na instalação e uso.
  • Aumento de tráfego e lealdade aos usuários.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Limpar estatísticas
  • Spam FireWall.
  • No captcha (reCaptcha), puzzles, etc.

How to protect sites from spam bots without CAPTCHA?

The most popular anti-spam method is CAPTCHA – the annoying picture with curved and sloping symbols, which are presented to the visitor to decipher and fill in. In is supposed that spam bots won’t discern these CAPTCHA, but a visitor will. CAPTCHA provokes great irritation, but if the visitor wants to comment, he has to fill in these symbols time after time, making mistakes and starting once again. Sometimes CAPTCHA reminds us of the doodles of a two year old child. For users with vision problems CAPTCHA is an insurmountable obstacle. Users hate captcha. Captcha for users means “hate”. Unreadable CAPTCHA stops about 80% of site visitors. After 2 failed attempts to decipher CAPTCHA 95% of visitors reject further attempts. At the sight of CAPTCHA and after input errors, many visitors leave the resource. Thus, CAPTCHA helps to protect the resource spam both from bots and visitors. CAPTCHA is not a panacea from spam. Doubts concerning the Need for CAPTCHA?

“Ultimately, CAPTCHAs are useless for spam because they’re designed to tell you if someone is ‘human’ or not, but not whether something is spam or not.” Matt Mullenweg

You do not have to work in IT to know what spam is. Besides piles of unwanted email, there are spam bots, or special software programs designed to act as human website visitors that post unwelcome messages over the Internet to advertise dubious services. More often than not spam messages do not even make sense. Similar to bacteria and virus mutations developing antibiotic resistance, spam bots are becoming more resilient in penetrating Internet firewalls and security layers.

White Label Mode

To switch the plugin work in the white-label mode you should set up a few settings on your main site in WordPress Multisite Network:

  1. Check setting “Enable White Label Mode”.
  2. Fill “Hoster API Key” field with key from CleanTalk’s hoster panel.
  3. Fill “Plugin name” field. It could be any name you want for the plugin.
  4. Save settings.

The plugin will do everything rest.

Real-time email validation. Is email real or Not.

It is very important to be sure that the user used his real email address. Spambots very often use fake email addresses, i.e. which addresses do not exist.

CleanTalk will check email addresses for existence in real time.

Non-existing email addresses also entail several other problems for website owners.

  • You can never contact them by email,
  • the client will never receive any notifications from you (account activation letter, password recovery, email distribution, notifications, etc.),
  • if you use email marketing for your clients, then a large number of nonexistent emails in the mailing list may result in your IP address being added to various blacklists of email servers.

Improve your email list with email validation without fake emails.

Blocking disposable & temporary emails

Block fake and suspicious users with disposable & temporary emails to improve email delivery. So, it also prevents malicious activity, spam bots, and internet trolls.

Stops Spam in Search Form

Spam bots can use your search form to make a GET request with spam text. CleanTalk Anti-Spam has the option to protect your website search form from spam bots. Each time, the search generates a new page and if there are many requests, this can create additional load. So, under some conditions, spam searches can be indexed, which affects SEO,

  • Spam FireWall blocks access to all website pages for the most active spambots. It lowers your web server load and traffic just by doing this.
  • Anti-Spam protection for website search forms repels spambots.
  • If your search form gets data too often the CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin will add a pause and increase it with each new attempt to send data. It saves your web server processor time.
  • Spam protection allows you to not forbid indexation for the crawler bots if you really need it but simultaneously you will get protection from spambots.

You will always know what users were looking for on your site.

Disable comments

This option disables comments on your site. You can choose one or several options:

  • Disable comments for posts
  • Disable comments for pages
  • Disable comments for media

When using Disables comments, existing comments will not be deleted and will remain on the pages.

Email Address Encoder

CleanTalk Anti-Spam offers a feature called “Encode contact data” that is designed to encode all email addresses on the website pages. Encoding the email addresses increases the level of protection of contact data from being abused, parsed, getting spammed and used in spam mailing lists by bots and online criminals. To reveal the encoded email address simply click on it and it will be decoded instantly.

O plugin anti- spam protegerá meu tema?

Yes, it will. The Anti-spam by CleanTalk is compatible with any WordPress theme.

Should I use other anti-spam tools (Captcha, reCaptcha and etc.)?

CleanTalk stops up to 99.998% of spam bots, so you can disable other anti-spam plugins (especially CAPTCHA-type anti-spam plugins). In some cases several anti-spam plugins could conflict with each other, so it would be better to use just one plugin.

Can I use CleanTalk with Akismet?

Sure, you can use CleanTalk with Akismet. In this case you will probably have higher false/positive rate (when legitimate comments/signups are being denied), but you will have stronger anti-spam protection on your website.

O CleanTalk é melhor que o Akismet?

Por favor, olhe para esta comparação de recursos aqui


  • Albanian (sq_AL) – thanks to fjalaime
  • French (fr_FR) – thanks to Gilles Santacreu
  • Spanish (es_ES) – thanks to Andrew Kurtis and WebHostingHub

Max power, all-in-one, premium anti-spam WordPress plugin. No comments & registrations spam, no contact spam, protects any forms. Just install and forget spam.

Imagens de tela

  • AntiSpam settings are easy to use to protect any contact forms. For example - Ninja forms, Fluent forms and etc.
  • AntiSpam plugin rejected a spam bot at the CAPTCHA less registration form. The plugin provides explanation to visitor and websites about each rejected comment/registration ou contact message.
  • Use AntiSpam analytics tool for each website in service Dashboard to have information about spam/legitimate stats.
  • Use AntiSpam log to control anti-spam plugin.
  • CleanTalk works faster than most of other anti-spam plugins.
  • O Painel com um mapa da maioria dos países ativos de spam por sua conta.
  • O plugin exclui/remove as contas usuários e comentários de spam existentes.
  • Link de atualização do painel do CleanTalk.
  • CleanTalk's dashboard.
  • SpamFireWall log.


Instruções de instalação

  1. Download, install and activate ‘Anti-spam by CleanTalk’.

  2. Obter chave de acesso

  3. Digite a chave de acesso nas configurações: WordPress console -> Settings -> Antispam by CleanTalk

  4. Fazer um comentário de spam fictício (registro ou mensagem de contato) com e-mail Você deve ver aviso:Proibido. Remetente na lista negra.

  5. Feito! O plugin está pronto para uso.

Vídeo Tutorial – Instalação do Plugin anti- spam no WordPress .

Importante!Para testar a proteção contra spam, você deve postar uma apresentação falsa como visitante do site (o uso deve ser feito fora do console do WordPress), porque o plugin não filtra envios de administradores do WordPress.

How can setup plugin in WPMU version?

In WordPress multisite version you can switch the plugin to use Global Access key. In this way the plugin doesn’t show any options to enter Access key in plugin settings and doesn’t show Trial banner in WordPress backend. To setup global CleanTalk access key for all websites in WPMS, define constant in your wp-config.php file before defining database constants:

define('CLEANTALK_ACCESS_KEY', 'place your key here');

Make it before you activated the plugin. If the plugin already activated, deactivate it and add the code and active it again.
Now, all subsites will have this access key.

Manage and control spam protection

Go to Dashboard at the or use Android, iPhone anti-spam app to manage and control spam protection.


Por que eles estão me enviando spam?

Os spammers querem obter backlinks do seu site para melhorar o PageRank do seu site ou redirecionar seus visitantes para sites maliciosos. Esse nível de spam pode prejudicar sua reputação com leitores e comentaristas se você não conseguir resolvê-lo. Não é incomum que alguns sites do WordPress recebam centenas ou até milhares de comentários toda semana. No entanto, usando um plugin CleanTalk, o spam pode ser facilmente manipulado pelo seu site WordPress.

Is the anti-spam protection safe for mobile visitors?

Sim. O plug-in não bloqueia os visitantes em dispositivos móveis , bem como os visitantes do site para computadores . Ele usa vários testes independentes de anti- spam para diminuir o número de falsos resultados e ter a menor taxa de falsos positivos possível. Vários testes anti- spam ajudam a evitar bloqueios falsos / positivos para visitantes reais do site, mesmo se um dos testes falhar.

What does the plugin do with spam comments?

Os comentários de spam estão sendo movidos para a pasta SPAM por padrão ou você pode definir a opção para banir os comentários de spam silenciosamente.

How can I test the anti-spam protection?

Please use the email for comments, contacts or signups to see how the anti-spam protection works. Also, you can see the logs for the last 7 days in the Dashboard or look at the folder “Spam” for banned comments.

How does the plugin stop spam?

Por favor, note – as ações do administrador NÃO estão sendo verificadas .

The plugin uses several simple tests to stop spammers:

  1. JavaScript anti-spam test. 99% of spam bots don’t have full JavaScript functions support. So, the plugin has the code which can be run by normal visitor and can’t be run by the spam bot.
  2. E-mail , IP, verificação de entradas de lista de atividades de spam de domínio . O plug-in usa o banco de dados de atividades de spam on – line em, que consiste em mais de 20 bilhões de registros de atividade de spam de IPs, e-mails , domínios e ASN. Se o IP ou Email do remetente estiver no banco de dados , o remetente receberá algumas pontuações de spam . Para reduzir a taxa de falsos positivos, o plugin não só usa o teste da lista negra para banir spammers, mas o remetente será banido quando e somente quando múltiplos testes de spam falharem.
  3. Comentário tempo de envio. Spam bots geralmente enviam as informações imediatamente após a página ter sido carregada, isso acontece porque os bots de spam não preenchem realmente o formulário da web, apenas enviam dados $ _POST para o blog . O visitante normal envia os dados após vários segundos ou minutos.

What about pingback, trackback spam?

O plugin passa pingbacks sem nenhuma verificação por padrão . Todos os trackbacks serão bloqueados se o remetente tiver atividade de spam.

Can I use CleanTalk to remove pending spam comments?

Yes, you can. The plugin has the option to test all pending comments via database of spam active IP/Email, found spam comments will be moved to Trash folder.

How does the plugin find spam in pending comments or registered accounts?

The plugin checks all non-spam comments in the blacklist database and shows you those senders who have spam activity on other websites.
There are some differences between blacklist database and API to protect you from spam bot registrations/comments online. Blacklists show all history of spam activity, but our API (which is used in spam tests) relies on other parameters too: last day of activity, number of spam attacks during the last days etc. These mechanisms help us to reduce the number of false outcomes. So, there is nothing strange, if some emails/IPs are not found by bulk comments/accounts test.

Para verificar os comentários, por favor, clique aqui:

WordPress console -> Comments -> Find spam comments

Para verificar os usuários, por favor, vá aqui:

WordPress console -> Users -> Find spam users

O plugin é compatível com o WordPress MultiUser (rede WPMU ou WordPress)?

Sim, o plugin é compatível com o WordPress MultiUser. Cada blog em ambiente multisite tem opções individuais de antispam para proteção contra spam .

Após a instalação, notei que o número de ataques de spam foi aumentado nas estatísticas

There are a few reasons for this:

  • With the indexing of your web-site by the search systems, appearance of external links and better search results position, your web-site attracts more and more spambots.
  • Non-transparent protection systems like CAPTCHA or question/answer, that don’t have spam attacks stats, don’t let you see the whole picture, or the picture is incomplete.
  • Counting methods for spam attacks and spam bots are different for different systems, thus the diversity appears. We seek to provide detailed stats.

Why my dummy “spam” comment passed to the WordPress?

The plugin has several options to detect spam bots and humans. If you just post spammy text like this:

"I want to sell something", "Buy something here.." and etc

the comments will be passed, because the plugin detects sender as a human. So, use special email to test the anti-spam functionality or wait a few days to see how the plugin works.

Is it free or paid?

The plugin is free and distributed under the GPLv2 license.

CleanTalk anti-spam plugin works with a cloud base anti-spam service and this plugin is a Software as a service (SaaS).
CleanTalk it’s a free plugin that works with premium Cloud Anti-Spam service.

The fact that the plugin works with a premium type service is mentioned in the plugin annotation and in its WordPress catalog description.

We are ready to help you with any issue regarding CleanTalk. There are hundreds of environment compositions and we do our best to cover as many as possible.

Can I use CleanTalk with cache plugins?

Anti-spam by CleanTalk doesn’t use static HTML code in its templates, so all anti-spam functions work correctly with any WordPress cache plugins.

Does the plugin protect from spam bots if I use forms with third-party services?

Yes, it does. Plugin protects web-forms on your websites which send data to third-party servers (like MailChimp). To enable this protection set the option ‘Protect external forms’ in the plugin settings.

O CleanTalk é compatível com o Cloudflare?

CleanTalk is fully compatible with CloudFlare. Service doesn’t filter CloudFlares IP’s (AS13335) through blacklists database, so in this case plugin/service filters spam bots using other anti-spam tests.

O CleanTalk é compatível com uma rede de entrega de conteúdo (CDN)?

Sim. O CleanTalk funciona com qualquer sistema CDN, ou seja, CloudFlare, MaxCDN, Akamai.

Can I use CleanTalk functionality in my plugins?

Yes, you can. Just use following snippet:

    include_once( ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/cleantalk-spam-protect/cleantalk.php' );
//for registration test:
$res=ct_test_registration("nickname", "", "");
//or for some other messages (contact forms, comments etc.)
$res=ct_test_message("nickname", "", "", "test message");

$res now contents array with two parameters:
* $res[‘allow’] – is request allowed (1) or not (0)
* $res[‘comment’] – comment for our server’s decision.

I see two loads of script cleantalk_nocache.js. Why do you use it twice?

This script is used for AJAX JavaScript checking. Different themes use different mechanisms of loading, so we use two methods for loading our script. If you absolutely know what you are doing, you can switch one of the methods off by defining constants in your wp-config.php file:

define('CLEANTALK_AJAX_USE_BUFFER', false); //false - don't use output buffering to include AJAX script, true - use it


define('CLEANTALK_AJAX_USE_FOOTER_HEADER', false); //false - don't use wp_footer() and wp_header() for including AJAX script, true - use it

Can I add exclusions for some pages of my site?

Yes, you can. There is a special setting in plugin settings.
You could use this guide to learn more:

Não posso enviar meus dados pessoais para servidores CleanTalk?

Yes, you can exclude your data. There is a special setting in plugin settings.
You could use this guide to learn more:

How to test Spam FireWall?

Use special IP in URL to test Spam FireWall. For example,

Attention! The incognito mode should be enabled in your browser when you do a test. To enable incognito mode press Ctrl+Shift+N for Chrome, Opera и Safari browsers; press Ctrl+Shift+P for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. A full guide to enable Incognito mode is here:

How can I enter access key in WPMU version?

To set up global CleanTalk access key for all websites in WPMU, define constant in your wp-config.php file before defining database constants:

define('CLEANTALK_ACCESS_KEY', 'place your key here');

Now, all subsites will have this access key.

O plugin funciona com o Varnish?

O CleanTalk funciona com o Varnish, ele protege o WordPress contra spam, mas por padrão o plugin gera alguns cookies para a proteção contra spam e também desativa o cache do Varnish em páginas onde os cookies do CleanTalk foram armazenados. Para se livrar do problema com o cache, desative a opção ‘Definir cookies’ nas configurações do plugin .

WordPress console -> Settings -> CleanTalk -> Advanced settings

Agora, o plugin protegerá comentários, registros e a maioria dos formulários de contato populares do WordPress, mas não protegerá alguns dos formulários de contato raramente usados.

O plugin anti- spam funciona com Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Yes, it does. But you have to turn off the SpamFireWall and the option ‘Use AJAX for JavaScript check’ in Advanced settigns of the plugin to be fully compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Should I change anything in the plugin’s settings or in my CleanTalk Dashboard when I switch my website from HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa?

No. You don’t need to change anything in the plugin’s settings or in your CleanTalk Dashboard. The plugin will work regardless of the protocol.

Spam FireWall e AntiSpam – Bloqueio de Redes

Anti- Spam – bloqueará os usuários do IP ou da rede selecionados de usar formulários de contatos / mensagens / registros / comentários.
Spam Firewall – bloqueia usuários de IP ou rede selecionada de entrar no site.

Please, read more here

Gerenciamento de comentários de spam

Por padrão , todos os comentários de spam são colocados na pasta de spam , agora você pode alterar a maneira como o plug – in lida com comentários de spam:

  1. Mover para a pasta Spam .Todos os comentários de spam serão colocados na pasta ” Spam ” na seção Comentários do WordPress , exceto os comentários com palavras-stop. Os comentários do Stop-Word serão sempre armazenados na pasta “Pendente”.

Você pode impedir a proliferação da pasta Spam. Pode ser limpo automaticamente usando a opção “Manter comentários de spam por 15 dias”. Ative esta opção nas configurações do plug – in : Página de administração do WordPress – & gt; Configurações – & gt; Antispam por CleanTalk – & gt; Configurações avançadas – & gt; ativar “Manter comentários de spam por 15 dias” – & gt; Salvar alterações.

  1. Mover para o lixo .Todos os comentários de spam serão colocados na pasta ” Lixeira ” na seção Comentários do WordPress , exceto os comentários com palavras-stop. Os comentários do Stop-Word serão sempre armazenados na pasta “Pendente”.

  2. Banir comentários sem passar para o backend do WordPress .Todos os comentários de spam serão excluídos permanentemente sem ir ao backend do WordPress, exceto os comentários com stop-word. Os comentários do Stop-Word serão sempre armazenados na pasta “Pendente”.

Quais comentários foram bloqueados e banidos podem ser vistos no Anti-Spam Log aqui:

Para gerenciar as ações com comentários de spam, vá para o Painel de Controle, selecione o site para o qual deseja alterar as ações e vá para ” Configurações ” abaixo do nome do site .

Leia mais aqui

Is the plugin EU GDPR compatible?

Yes, it is. Please read this article,


23 de janeiro de 2023 1 resposta
I was more than satisfied with Cleantalk Anti-Spam services... Until they broke my website. Imagine the horror of seeing a warning/error message where my web content should have been!! I panicked and contacted Cleantalk demanding that they fix my issue immediately or give me a full refund. Cleantalk/Eugene was already on it! They were professional and proficient. They restored my website immediately. Now, I'm protected and my website is working like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes issues happen. But, how we respond to these issues (yes, I panicked) is important. I appreciate Cleantalk/Eugene ignoring my rant and focusing on the issue! A1 Professionals!! My apologies to Cleantalk and Eugene, and thank you so much for promptly fixing my issue!
22 de janeiro de 2023 1 resposta
CleanTalk stopped the Spam Bot attacks against our website! We had just opened up our website to welcome new User Registration and User Login. Immediately following, we were bombarded with an unwanted endless attack of Spam Bots. In just a few days, we had accumulated a total of 25 unwanted Spam Bot new registrations in our backend Users Area! This forced us to shut down Registration,... and regroup. Trial and error, and we turned the Registration on again,... and failed to stop the bots,... every time. We are still without answers as to how the Bots are getting in?! In the meantime, we continue our resistance with the use of CleanTalk, and the guidance of John Connor, to effectively stop the onslaught of Spam Bot Cybernetics Model Terminators: T-800, T-900, T-1000, T-1001, T-3000, T-X, and Rev-9. “The Future is not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves”. LOL.
17 de janeiro de 2023 1 resposta
Blocks spam comments like a champ. I have one less thing to worry about!
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Registro de alterações

6.3.1 Feb 02 2023

  • Fix. Integrations. Add rules for catching metform fetch.

6.3 Feb 02 2023

Several form builders integrated 🎯, many integrations fixed 🐞 and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • Add. Integrations. Added Mailoptin.
  • Add. Integrations. Added Metform.
  • Fix. Integration. Ultimate Form Builder collecting parameters fixed.
  • New. Common. Added new filter to preprocessed data for the visible fields comparing.
  • Fix. Integration. UFB visible fields processing filter implemented.
  • Fix. Common. No cookie data gathering fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. Skip ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce service request.
  • Fix. Integration. Skip AutomateWoo service request
  • Mod. RemoteCalls. RC run_service_template_get cooldown changed from 3600 to 60 seconds.
  • Fix. Hosting license. Checking license status fixed.
  • Fix. Hosting license. Settings saving fixed.
  • Fix. Clear no_cookie_data_taken stat on State init.
  • Fix. Kali forms precheck skipped.
  • Fix. Clear no_cookie_data_taken stat on State init.
  • Fix. Common. Akismet compatibility in comments management part.
  • Fix. Translations. Now plugin can use local .mo files.
  • Fix. Dashboard chartjs. Added options for support an outdated chartjs version 2.9.
  • Fix. Integrations. Nobletitlecalc custom plugin exclusion.
  • Fix. SFW. Queue is in progress logic fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. AutomateWoo services requests excluded.
  • Fix. Integration. WooCommerce checking JS fixed.

6.2.1 Jan 24 2023

  • Fix. Integration. Convert Pro form integration fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. AJAX forms JS detection fix.
  • Fix. NoCookie. Message field clearance from service data.
  • Fix. Updater. PHP 8.0 compatibility.
  • Fix. Search forms. New sign of search forms to handle via NoCookie mode.
  • Fix. Search forms. Fix JS error while parsing NoCookie data.

6.2 Jan 19 2023

New remote call handled added, common parameters implemented, some integrations fixed and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • New. RC. Remote call service_template_get implemented.
  • New. Common. New params from JS has_focused and has_keyup.
  • Fix: If cookies_type===none – unset cookies_enabled
  • Mod. Integrations. Force AltCookies usage for Ninja Forms on NoCookies mode.
  • Mod. Integrations. Force AltCookies usage for Smart Forms on NoCookies mode.
  • Mod. Integrations. Force NoCookie data setting via direct integration for UltimateFormBuilder.
  • Mod. Chart source changed to opensource ChartJS.
  • Fix. Admin widget. Do not enqueue scripts if the widget is disabled.
  • Fix. Helper. Php notice fixed.
  • Fix. New AJAX integrations skip rules moved AJAX part.
  • Fix. ErrorToggle logic.
  • Fix. SFW. SFW outdated notice fixed.
  • Fix. Email encoder. Do not send encoded email to the cloud.
  • Fix: Fixed counter of checked comments when press pause
  • Fix. SFW. New statuses 99 implemented.
  • Fix. Added notice_email_decoder_changed banner
  • Fix. Fixed notice_email_decoder_changed()
  • Fix. SFW. Blocking pages for the testing purpose fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed counter of checked comments when press pause
  • Fix. Common. page_hits, prev_referer, site_referer parameters collecting fixed.
  • Fix. Common. Parameters collecting fixed.
  • Fix. Settings. Cookies option description fixed.
  • Fix. Admin. Dashboard widget fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. Formidable integration fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. Ultimate Form Builder integration fixed.
  • Fix. Ajax. Skipping direct integrations requests fixed.

6.1 Dec 15 2022

Some integrations fixed 🐞, Search forms 🎯 protection improved and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • New. Integrations. Add NewUserApprove plugin.
  • Update. EmailEncoder. Add hook for encode email in default wp widget.
  • Fix. Settings. Affiliate shortcode disabled state.
  • Fix. Elementor forms. Elementor login form skipping.
  • Mod: Optima Express Integration for Login Form
  • Fix. Integrations. Optima Express – Update form fixed.
  • Fix. Modified Header. Undefined post_type.
  • Fix. Integrations. Probably spam notification updated.
  • Fix. Integration. Ninja refactoring.
  • Fix. Cookies. No-cookies parameters gathering on search forms improved.
  • Fix. Integrations. Do not draw hidden fields on excluded pages.
  • Fix. Integration. WP Forms integration fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. Ninja Forms integration fixed.

6.0.1 Dec 4 2022

  • Fix. Updater. Updating checking fixed.
  • Fix. Updater. Updating function renamed.
  • Fix. Updater. Clean cron errors while updating.

6.0 Dec 1 2022

No cookie mode by default🔥, EmailEncoder user-friendly enhancements 💣, trusted text and affiliate settings 🎈, prepare SpamFireWall for incremental updating, and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • New. Major version updated.
  • New. Cookies. The plugin does not use browser cookies by default.
  • New. Settings. Trusted text and affiliate links management added.
  • New. SpamFireWall. Now can handle incremental update.
  • New. WooCommerce integration. Spam\no spam feedback now sends to CleanTalk cloud.
  • New. Settings. Some URLs became active links.
  • Mod. Ninja forms integration. Improvements.
  • Mod. Email encoder. Decode all the emails on the page if cloud allowed and remember the state for session.
  • Mod. Connection reports. Totally refactored.
  • Mod. SpamFireWall, Anti-Crawler, Anti-Flood die pages. Settings cookie data via single AJAX.
  • Fix. Comments scanner. Comments counting fixed.
  • Fix. MailChimp for WordPress integration. Fixed.
  • Fix. MC4WP integration. Request catching without JS fixed.

5.189.1 Nov 23 2022

  • Fix. Woocommerce. Marking orders as spam fixed.
  • Fix. Settings. Some text has been localized-ready.

5.189 Nov 17 2022

Cookies enhancements 🔥, StrongTestimonials plugin integration 💣, let Woocommerce orders interface to report spam, checking existing users and comments improvements🎈 and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • New. Cookies. Do not run cookies setting process if no access key provided.
  • New. Cookies. NoCookie mode now support SFW, Anti-Crawler and AntiFlood modes.
  • New. Integrations. StrongTestimonials for POST and AJAX requests.
  • New. Woocommerce. Orders interface now can manage spam.
  • New. UserChecker. User can be approved and unapproved from spam list
  • Mod. Checking comments. Lot of improvements.
  • Mod. Synchronization process frontend improvements.
  • Mod. httpPing. Ping now uses curl if fsockopen is disabled.
  • Mod. Removed Google Fonts from die pages
  • Mod. Public JS. Iframes check refactoring.
  • Fix. Common. Rotating m-servers fixed.
  • Fix. AltCookies enhancements. Now can place zero values correct.
  • Fix. Registration check. Fix request type and submittime graylisting on Avada Fusion register forms.
  • Fix. Public JS. Skip GiveWP iframe generated forms because of direct integration.
  • Fix. Integration. GiveWP protection improved.
  • Fix. Skip ninja form PRO service requests with nonce.
  • Fix. Integration. Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce requests excluded.
  • Fix. Code style enhancements.

5.188 Nov 2 2022

Lot of improvements of the EmailEncoder 🔥, wpForo topics and posts protection 💣, a honeypot for Gravity forms, parameters without cookies improved 🎈 and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • New. wpForo – add topic and post under protection
  • New. GravityForms – added honeypot
  • New. Readme. Compatibility tested up to WP 6.1
  • New. EmailEncoder. Exclude content from encoding by tag attributes (at least placeholders and values).
  • Mod. Cloud. Remove all_cookies header before send requests to the cloud.
  • Fix. NoCookie mod. Data collection improvements.
  • Fix. bbPress registration now redirect back to the form on bad submissions.
  • Fix. EmailEncoder. Minor improvements.
  • Fix. EmailEncoder. Decoding process logic fixed.
  • Fix. EmailEncoder. Do not show the comment for the allowed requests.
  • Fix. EmailEncoder. Comment about decoding process fixed.
  • Fix. Common. GDPR checkbox fixed.
  • Fix. WPMS. Custom column on sites list page fixed.
  • Fix. Common. Deleting visible fields hidden input after its processed.
  • Fix. Readme. Requires WP 4.7+.
  • Fix. Integration. Skip some Smart Quiz Builder requests.
  • Fix. Common. Visible fields hidden input value is on base64 now.
  • Fix. JS. ApbctJsLib updated.
  • Fix. Comments. Calling hook ‘comment_post’ priority fixed.
  • Fix. Mautic integration fixes.
  • Fix. Honeypot flag fixes.

5.187 Oct 20 2022

New integrations added 🔥, CleanTalk status on the sites list implemented 💣, parameters without cookies improved 🎈 and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • New. Integration. Site Reviews Integration.
  • New. Integration. Sendinblue Integration
  • Mod: Cleantalk Status in list of sites
  • Fix. JS. CF async loading scripts fixed.
  • Fix. JS. Listening events on document object instead of window object.
  • Fix. Fixed spam protection if JS disabled.
  • Fix. Mautic integration. Force third-side validation pre-intreception.
  • Fix. WooCommerce. CartBounty plugin requests skipped.
  • Fix. Code. Deprecated hooks wpmu_new_blog, delete_blog fixed.
  • Fix. WPMS. Getting setting fixed for apply this on the new added blog.
  • Fix. Code. JS events listening on the document object.
  • Fix. Code. JS parameter without cookies fixed.
  • Fix. EmailEncoder. Exclude placeholders from encoding to prevent field breach.
  • Fix. No cookie. Collecting data moved to the more early stage.
  • Fix. Common. Custom ajax forms block message fixed.
  • Fix. EmailDecoder. Email decoding block message fixed

5.186 Oct 06 2022

Several integrations added 🔥, custom logo for SFW blocking pages added 🎯, external forms into iframe protected 🎉 and some minor issues fixed 💪🏼

  • New. MemberPress direct integration.
  • New. SFW. Added custom logo on sfw die page.
  • New. Integrations. Handle EasyDigitalDownloads plugin registration hook.
  • New. External forms. External forms into an iframe has been protected.
  • Fix. ct_ajax_hook. Latepoint serice AJAX requests ignored.
  • Fix. apbct_settings__prepare_errors() Mismatching types fix.
  • Fix. Integrations. Ignore service requests in GiveWP integration.
  • Fix: Removed duplication of the hidden field in the search form
  • Fix. EmailEncoding. Styles fix.
  • Mod. EmailEncoding. Add a tooltip while decoding mailto: links.
  • Fix. External forms. Mautic external forms integration.
  • Fix. Internal forms. Modify regexp for exclusion urls of wordpress native internal forms.
  • Fix. Intergrations. Correct registration flag translation to basecall due EasyDigitalDownloads handling.
  • Fix. Common. Rotating m-servers fixed.
  • Fix. JS. Custom ajax forms blocking answer fixed.
  • Fix. JS. Headless parameter cast to boolean type.
  • Fix. NoCookie.php. Remove namespace redundant declaration to keep compat with <php5.6
  • Fix. Internal forms. Internal forms protection fixed.

5.185.1 Sep 28 2022

Fixed a security issues.

  • Fix. Fixed a security issues.

5.185 Sep 22 2022

NoCookie data collection, new admin notices style, external forms logic improved and many minor issues fixed.

  • New. NoCookie data collection.
  • New style admin notices
  • Upd. Settings. Email encoder setting duplicated on the top level place.
  • Fix: Fixed SFW looping with alternative cookies
  • Fix: Changed hook for EventsManager
  • Fix: Changed option description
  • Fix. External forms. JS logic fixed.
  • Fix. Cookies. Skip cookies setup on favicon loading.
  • Fix. HttpRequest. Error string offset fix due request error handling.
  • Fix: Fixed AdminNotices->is_cleantalk_page
  • Fix. Common. Rotating moderate-server via cron job fixed.
  • Fix. Common. Moderate servers details updated.
  • Fix. Email encoder. An ability to decode again implemented if an error was occurred.
  • Fix. GDPR. Contact form 7 integration fixed and upgraded.
  • Fix. ct_ajax_hook(). ProfileGrid AJAX actions skipped.
  • Fix. Connection report. Option implemented.
  • Fix. Integrations. Formidable forms item_meta handling.
  • Mod: Added clearing AC table from AC logs once a day
  • Fix. Debugging logic. Now drops debug data correct.
  • Mod. AltSessions. Now sends and parse cookies data as JSON.
  • Fix. AltCookies. Getting some parameters fixed.
  • New. MemberPress integration.
  • Fix. Cookie. Mouse/scrolling cookie storing fixed.
  • Fix. AltCookies. Correct handle types before save to DB when value is false.
  • Mod. Ajax/Rest selection. Now check if REST route provide a JSON string.
  • Fix. AltCookies. AltSession JSON handling fix.
  • Fix. Common. ‘no_cookie_data_taken’ notice fixed.

5.184 Sep 08 2022

Settings interface fixed, Email Encoder improved, jQuery dependency removed and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. cleantalk-admin-settings-page.js. Higlight access key field on key typos and do warn user.
  • New. Class for inline notices.
  • New. cleantalk-admin-settings-page.js. Notice user if key is bad to force retry synchronization.
  • New. cleantalk-admin.php. Localize key_is_ok to js script.
  • New. cleantalk-settings.php. Remove ‘save settings’ button disabling.
  • New. SFW. Adding custom logo to the block page ability implemented.
  • New: Email Decode. ‘check_bot’ method sending implemented
  • Fix. Email encoder. Handle mailto: links.
  • Fix: Added exception checking when adding a hidden field to WC Checkout
  • Fix: Fixed sending the email when the order was received
  • Imp. cleantalk-admin-settings-page.css. Notices CSS changed.
  • Imp. cleantalk-admin-settings-page.js. New notice view.
  • Fix: Fixed JS emailencoder
  • Fix: Fixed Upay integration
  • Fix. HTML5. Remove “text/javascript” in tag script.
  • Fix: Excluded email encoding on UltimateMember validation request
  • Fix. Code. JS refactored to be free of jquery
  • Fix. Internal forms. Some logic fixed.
  • Fix. External forms. Some logic fixed.
  • Fix. Admin. FeedBack sending timeout increased up to 15 sec.

5.183 Aug 18 2022

Checking for bot while email encoder decode, negative reports improved, some integrations fixed and some minor issues fixed.

  • New: Email Encoder. Check bot before decode.
  • New. Storing big connection reports.
  • Fix. Kses tag fixed.
  • Fix: Skipped login form for Wishlist Member
  • Mod: Added headers_sent in Cookie::set
  • Mod: Added aweber external form integration
  • Fix. Server variables. Getting Request variable fixed.
  • Fix. Connection reports. Getting data from options fixed.
  • Fix. Connection reports. Saving data fixed.
  • Fix. Connection reports. Displaying data fixed.
  • Fix. Cookies. Getting cookies from alternative way fixed.
  • Fix. Cookies. ApbctWP\Variables\Cookie getting fixed.
  • Fix. Cookies. Cookie check parameter fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed error with response from custom ajax requests

5.182.2 Aug 08 2022

Server variables sanitizing fixed, js key getting fixed, internal forms catching fixed.

  • Fix: removed & in getAndSanitize()
  • Fix: ct_add_hidden_fields() – the data in the locale storage is added in json format
  • Fix: Excluded wp-comments-post.php form from internal scripts
  • Fix. Server variables. ServerVariables::sanitizeDefault() method is abstract now.
  • Fix. Server variables. Common\Variables* classes are abstract now.
  • Fix. Server variables. Default sanitizing method implementation added to ApbctWP\Variables* classes.
  • Fix. Server variables. Client code fixed.
  • Fix: FluentForm integration fixed
  • Fix. Server variables. Url decoding removed.

5.182.1 Aug 04 2022

Server variables getting fixed.

  • New. Server variables. Sanitizing logic added.
  • Upd. Server variables. Getting variables logic updated.
  • Upd. Server variables. Default sanitize added for ApbctWP\Variables* classes.
  • Upd. Server variables. Client code updated – using ApbctWP\Variables* classes.
  • Upd. Server variables. Sanitizing array nesting increased.
  • Fix. External forms. Form draw fixed.
  • Fix. Common. Set check JS value fixed.
  • Fix. Common. Custom ajax forms catching logic fixed.
  • Fix: added styles to hide the honeypot field in the plugin Ultimate Member

5.182 Jul 28 2022

Email encoder improved, internal and external forms protection fixed, code quality improved and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. Email encoder. Encoding exclusions implemented.
  • New. Alternative cookies AJAX calls reduce. Use browser localStorage to keep check_js value instead of CTSetCookie()
  • Upd. External forms. integration added.
  • Upd. Internal forms. Internal forms protection logic updated.
  • Fix. GetFieldsAny.php Take visible fields from POST if apbct_visible_fields cookie is not detected.
  • Fix. Integrations. WPUserMeta. Added case of user-meta-pro
  • Fix. Email encoder. Divi contact forms exclusions added.
  • Fix. public.js. Handle exception if backend returns invalid JSON.
  • Fix: External Forms. Match action with action, method with method.
  • Fix: Restore JS for internal form protection.
  • Fix: JS localize. Add blog_home to ctPublic object.
  • Fix: Honeypot. Delete redundant style.
  • Code: Internal forms. Fix action detection.
  • Code: Internal forms. Added exclusion for native WordPress action scripts.
  • Fix: SpamFirewall. Ignore warning from gzdecode() in ApbctWP/Firewall/SFW::updateWriteToDb().
  • Fix: Internal forms protection. Now is controlled by settings.
  • Fix: External forms protection. Now is controlled by settings.
  • Fix. Common. Prevent JS async loaded by CF.
  • Fix: Protect external. Sort callback params.
  • Fix. Code. Code quality improved.
  • Fix. Variables. Filter variables contains arrays fixed.
  • Fix: Honeypot field. Make filed invisible.
  • Fix: GiveWP integration.
  • Fix: ApbctWP/Variables/Cookie::setNativeCookie(). Adjust the detection of the default ‘secure’ flag logic.
  • Fix. Variables. Getting empty variables fixed.
  • Fix. External/Internal. General contact form option dependence fixed.

5.181 Jul 14 2022

One integration added, SFW testing page updated, code quality improved and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. Integrations. WP User Meta integration.
  • Upd. SFW. Testing page updated.
  • Fix. WP discuzz integration. Check for spam if comment is edited.
  • Fix. WP discuzz integration. Remove unnecessary data when check on comment edition.
  • Fix. Admin banner. Security attention mark fixed.
  • Fix. Code. Sanitizing incoming data.
  • Fix. CSS. Fix stylesheet source name and minifed name.
  • Fix. apcbt-public-bundle. New detection method for mailerlite classes to prevent default submit clicks.
  • Fix. HTTP lib. Multi request error handling fixed.
  • Fix: setting page JS key validating.
  • Fix: Replace array_* function implemented on State properties.
  • Mod: ApbctWP/State to use the direct equation on properties.
  • Fix. Integrations. WPUserMeta. Added case of user-meta-pro

5.180.2 Jul 04 2022

SpamFireWall working fixed.

  • Fix. Updater. Updater actions moved from the hook “upgrader_process_complete”
  • Fix. SFW. JS errors on the block pages fixed.
  • Fix. SFW. Skiping block hyperlink fixed.
  • Fix. SFW. Additional redundant blocking by AC fixed.

5.180.1 Jul 01 2022

  • Fix. Common. Undefined class fixed.

5.180 Jun 30 2022

Getting api key from the CleanTalk Dashboard implemented, SFW updating improved, code quality improved and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. API key length extended to 30 symbols.
  • New. Remote call. RC post_api_key implemented.
  • New: Option ‘cleantalk_debug’ now outputs in ‘debug’ remote call.
  • Upd. SFW. Direct update during fallback.
  • Fix. Honeypot fields for search. Search forms with GET method now handles correct.
  • Fix. Ajax. Prevent JS errors on ajax general contact forms.
  • Fix. apbct_need_to_process_unknown_post_request() Add Divi themes exclusion to proceed them to contact_form_validate().
  • Fix. General contact form catching fixed.
  • Fix. cleantalk-pluggable.php. Skip service requests of enable-jquery-migrate-helper
  • Added notice_review banner
  • Fix. cleantalk_external.js. Exclude mewtwo flight forms.
  • Fix. Code. Compressing JS gulp task updated.
  • Fix. Request.php. Extend CURL timeout and low-speed detection limit.
  • Fix. Cleantalk.php. Exclude timestamp refreshing via template_rediret hook for alternative cookies mode.
  • Fix. External forms JS error fixed.
  • Fix. cleantalk-public-integrations.php-> apbct_form_search__add_fields(). Force to run pregmatch search if DOM content is broken.
  • Fix. Honeypot. Styles moved to the separated file.

5.179.1 Jun 21 2022

General contact form catching fixed

  • Revert “Integration before common aa (#129)”

5.179 Jun 16 2022

Email Encoder functionality improved, SFW updating process improved and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. EmailEncoder.php->modifyContent. Admins and logged in exclusions.
  • Fix. Email encoder. Prevent encoding data for logged in users.
  • Fix. Queue. Return statement from executeStage() method added.
  • Fix. SFW. Updating process fixed.
  • Fix. SFW. SFW update worker fixed.
  • Mod: Using the shutdown hook to call a function ct_contact_form_validate().
  • Fix. apbct_sfw_update__worker. Clear errors if stage is finished.
  • Fix. HTTP lib. Useragent for WP HTTP API requests fixed.
  • Fix. cleantalk_external. Exclusion for booking forms.
  • Fix. cleantalk_external. Exclusion for flodesk forms.
  • Mod: Replace apbct_update_actions() to upgrader_process_complete hook
  • Fix. cleantalk_external.js->ct_protect_external(). Exclusion for booking forms.
  • Fix. RemoteCalls. No cache parameter added.
  • Fix. apbct_remove_upd_folder(). Force unknown file deletion (‘.last.jpegoptim’)
  • Fix. apbct_remove_upd_folder(). Add chek if a strange file is a file and exists.
  • Fix. GetFieldsAny.php. Decode email if it is urlencoded.
  • Fix. cleantalk-public-validate.php. Add JS check to public forms.
  • Mod: Refactoring User Scanner
  • Fixed apbct_cookies_test cookie
  • Upd. JS. Cookies has_scrolling and mouse_moved optimized.
  • Upd. Email encoder. Links mailto: processed.

5.178 Jun 02 2022

Comment moderation option added, cookies prefix added, RemoteCalls stability improved and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. Options. Comment moderation option added on discussion page.
  • New. Settings. Encode contact data long description added.
  • New. Cookies. Getting prefix function implemented.
  • New. Cookies. Get and set cookies with prefix.
  • New. Cookies. Using cookie prefix on client code.
  • Mod: Created RemoteCallsCounter::class to limit remote calls
  • Mod: Created RemoteCallsLogger::class for logging last remote calls
  • Upd. Comments. Comment moderation logic modified.
  • Fix: extended form
  • Fix. SFW. Statistics fixed.
  • Fix: external
  • Fix: external
  • Fix: fixed test for wpforms
  • Fix. Pluggable. Getting REST url fixed.
  • Fix: Formidable Pro Multistep Fixed
  • Fix: Formidable Form Pro ajax response – fixed
  • Fix. Settings. Alternative cookies option renamed.
  • Fix. Common. Cookies test function fixed.
  • Fix. External forms. JS logic fixed.
  • Fix. External forms. Force ajax check action handler added.
  • Fix. cleantalk.php. VisualFormBuilder hook change.
  • Delete RC update plugin
  • Fix. cleantalk.php. Visual Form Builder integration: add legacy support.
  • Fix. Helper. Fatal error (Call to private method) fixed.
  • Fix. WooCommerce. WC checking order hook changed.
  • Fix. Settings. Validate URL exclusions.
  • Fix. cleantalk-public-integrations.php->apbct_form__gravityForms__testSpam. Gravity forms multiple email fields fix.
  • Fix. SFW updating. Writing update errors fixed.
  • Fix. cleantalk.php-> apbct_sfw_update__worker() Convert errors array to a string if set in a stage.

5.177.2 May 27 2022

  • Fix. EmailEncoder.php. Fix accident encoding.

5.177.1 May 19 2022

  • Fix. Pluggable. Getting REST url fixed.

5.177 May 12 2022

WP 6.0 compatibility, Email Encoder added, Common HTTP API implemented, Honeypot fields improved and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. Email Encode functionality added.
  • New. cleantalk-common.php. Honeypot field value and source now sends in sender_info.
  • New. ct_preprocess_comment(). Honeypot field source now sends in sender_info.
  • New. HTTP API. Common CleanTalk http library added.
  • New. Public integrations. Honeypot field for search form.
  • New. WP 6.0 compatibility.
  • Fix: EZ Form Calculator – clearing the message
  • Fix. Common. Checking all post data fixed.
  • Imp. Settings. “Hide website” field moved to “different” section.
  • Imp. Settings. “Hide website” type changed to checkbox from radio.
  • Imp. Settings. “Honeypot field” state changed to enabled by defaults.
  • Mod: Integration for Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro – registration form
  • Fix. Custom ajax. Custom ajax handler usage removed completely.
  • Fix: Excluded the addition of visible fields in filter of The Events Calendar
  • Fix. cleantalk-common.php. Added search honeypot field signature to potential honeypot fields post values
  • Fix: MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce – skipped step validation
  • Ref. cleantalk-public-integrations.php. Empty string converts to false – comparison removed.
  • fix: apbct_get_rest_url – returns the result of a get_rest_url() function if it exists
  • Mod: modified getting pixel_url.
  • Fix. apbct_init. Reduce multiple direct calls of apbct_get_pixel_url__ajax.
  • Fix: Cleantalk\Common\HTTP\Request. Timeout error while async request.
  • Fix. HTTP API. Process exception passed from WordPress \Requests class.
  • Fix. Cleantalk. Antispam class fixed.
  • Fix. API. Common API class fixed.
  • Fix. Comments checker. Pagination fixed.
  • Fix. Common. CleanTalk service request excluded.

5.176 Apr 28 2022

New integration added, honeypot fields added and some minor issues fixed.

  • New. Integration. NextendSocialLogin integration implemented.
  • New: Exclusions validation in apbct_settings__sanitize__exclusions().
  • New. WPDiscuz integration. Now sends sender_url. Integrations.php now ready to process sender_url.
  • New. Common. Headless parameter added.
  • Upd. Integration. A honeypot field was added for the CF7 integration.
  • Upd. Integration. A honeypot field was added for the WPForms integration.
  • Fix. Common. Prevent double json encoding for source_url.
  • Fix. SFW. SFW results priority depends by network mask.
  • Fix: Excluded visible fields for AvadaFormBuilder
  • Fix: honeypot fixed
  • Fix. Forms. Prevent generating a honeypot field if such option is disabled.
  • Fix: Fixed external forms
  • Exclusion fields descritpions update.
  • Fields exclusion input changed to textarea to keep visual identity with URL exclusion.
  • Fix. After review. Removed condition on exclusions array slicing. Functions order changed.
  • Fix. WPDiscuz integration. Now tries to get email, nick and message directly from POST. If unsuccessful then runs get_fields_any.
  • Fix: Optimize and fixed user scanner
  • Fix. JS. Using ajax for getting JS key is disabled by default.
  • Fix. Common. Custom ajax logic removed.
  • Fix. Settings. Now templated settings applies to sub-sites on the first save.
  • Fix: FixTeam integration – removed visible fields
  • Fix. apbct_settings__sanitize__exclusions(). Checking input params types.
  • Fix. Settings. Url/fields exclusion validating fixed.
  • Fix: Fusion Avada Form Builder Fixed
  • Fix: External form fix for infusionsoft

5.175 Apr 14 2022

Integration added, typos fixed, user scanner improved and minor issues fixed.

  • New. Integration. Events Manager plugin integration implemented.
  • New. Code. New validate classes.
  • New. Code. New validate sub-classes in ApbctWP.
  • Upd. Readme. One more AntiSpam feature added.
  • Mod: PlansoFormBuilder integration
  • Fix. External forms. Capturing buffer fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. Simple Ajax Chat sending fixed.
  • Fix. Exclusions. Special flag to prevent exclusions implemented.
  • Fix. Getting key errors handle.
  • Fix. Getting key error output fixed.
  • Fix: Added VFB_Pro integration
  • Fix. Settings api. Long description for text fields implemented.
  • Fix. Settings. Long description for hoster api key removed.
  • Fix. Settings. Long descriptions UTM marks fixed.
  • Fix. Comments checker. Dates ranges fixed.
  • Fix. Code. Core based JqueryUI use on users/comments checking page.
  • Fix. Code. Moderate API answer fixed.
  • Fix. Code. Including assets fixed.
  • Fix. Text. Typos on company brand terms fixed.
  • Fix: Glitched redirect after plugin activation.
  • Fix. Settings. Hoster Access Key long description mark removed.
  • Fix: Filter visible fields for AvadaFormBuilder
  • Fix. Code. Using wrappers for calling global variables.
  • Fix. Code. Cookie secure attribute fixed.
  • Fix. Code. Refactoring the user scanning engine.
  • Fix. Cookie. Getting cookies fixed.
  • Upd. Settings. SFW long description added.
  • Upd. Localization. SFW, AC, AF titles is not localized now.
  • Fix. Common. Collecting visited urls fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. JP contact form checking JS fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. CF7 form checking JS fixed.

5.174.1 Mar 25 2022

  • Fix: Comments/Users scanner fixed.

5.174 Mar 25 2022

Minor issues fixed.

  • Fix. URLs storing fixed.
  • Fix. Visible fields. Do not add hidden field for logged-in users if the protection was deactivated.
  • Fix. Integration. CF7 native spam protection fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. Formidable integration fixed.
  • Fix. Integration. Skipping elementor pro action fixed.
  • Fix. Scanners. Users and comments scanners fixed.

5.173 Mar 03 2022

Honeypot field implemented for improving antispam protection, new integrations added, performance improved and minor issues fixed.

  • New. Honeypot field for the registration form.
  • New. Integration. Added Visual Form Builder Integration without Ajax.
  • New. Integration. GiveWP integration implemented.
  • Upd. Code. Helper::ipGet() improved.
  • Upd. Settings. Honeypot setting modified.
  • Fix: Formidable Integration Refactoring.
  • Fix. Integration. Fusion Avada Form Builder output fixed.
  • Fix. Settings. Honeypot setting descriptions fixed.
  • Fix: Skipped WP Booking System Premius service requests
  • Fix. Exclusion. Checkout For WC – service requests skip.
  • Fix. Comments checker. Found comments displaying optimized.
  • Fix: visible fields was excluded form custom form.

5.172 Feb 17 2022

Updating system modified, settings long descriptions added and minor issues fixed.

  • Fix: Fixed Fusion Builder Avada Form integration
  • Fix: Fixed CF7 visible fields
  • New. Updating system modified.
  • Fix: Fixed apbct_store__urls()
  • Fix. Updating system. Source url template fixed.
  • Fix. Updating system. Redundant errors handling removed.
  • New. Integration. WS-Forms integration implemented.
  • Fix. Settings. Long description mark fixed.
  • Upd. Settings. Set cookies setting long description added.
  • Upd. Settings. Hide website field setting long description added.
  • Upd. Settings. Anti-Crawler setting long description added.
  • Fix. Settings. Long description mark for checkboxes fixed.
  • Upd. Settings. Anti-Flood setting long description added.
  • Upd. Settings. CleanTalk Pixel setting long description added.
  • Mod: Replaced the is_super_admin() function with its own apbct_is_super_admin(
  • Fix. Settings. Settings hints fixed.
  • Upd. Ajax. Nonce lifetime constant added.
  • Fix. Integration. Elementor pro forms integration fixed #2.
  • Fix: Formidable Forms – fixed spam protection without JS
  • Fix. Settings. Hints links contain UTM marks.

5.171.2 Feb 09 2022

Minor issue fixed.

  • Fix. Comments/Users checker. Date ranges validation fixed.

5.171.1 Feb 09 2022

XML-RPC requests excluded and minor issues fixed.

  • Fix: Excluded standard WordPress search form from apbct-public.min.js
  • Fix. Common. ct_contact_form_validate moved to the init hook.
  • Fix. Exclusions. XML-RPC request removed from the filtering.
  • Fix. Comments/users checker. Values for dates range validating.
  • Fix. Comments/users checker. Values of dates range for resuming scanner validating.

5.171 Feb 03 2022

Visible fields processing modified, many excepted requests are skipped, SFW compatibility with a cache fixed and minor issues fixed.

  • New. Exclusions. Excluded some service requests from checking but log them with exception flag.
  • Upd. Visible fields. Storing visible fields into an input.
  • Upd. Visible fields. Visible fields processing modified.
  • Upd. Visible fields. Replacing redundant service field.
  • Fix: SFW. Caching block page prevented.
  • Fix: Skip. Entry Views plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Antispam. Ajax checking moved to the plugins_loaded hook.
  • Fix: Skip. APBCT plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Skip. Vault Press (JetPack) plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Skip. GridBuilder plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Skip. Woo Gift Wrapper plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Skip. iThemes Security plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Settings. Using new API key when sending local settings to the cloud.
  • Fix. Integration. Registration form of eMember plugin.
  • Fix. Exception action. Xmlrpc requests skipped.
  • Fix. Integration. Elementor pro forms integration fixed.
  • Fix: Excluded from the test the standard check for Formidable Form Plugin in some situations
  • Fix: Skip. Microsoft Azure Storage plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Skip. AdRotate plugin service requests.
  • Fix: Skip. Super admin requests.
  • Fix: Fixed the block message for HappyForms
  • Fix: Excluded the form of WP Time Slots Booking Form from apbct_ready()

5.170 Jan 13 2022

One integration added, CleanTalk pixel functionality fixed and minor issues fixed.

  • Mod: Added Ova Login Integration. Registrations under protection
  • Fix. Common. is_trackback() notice fixed.
  • Fix: Removed the exeption for Quick Contact Form from ct_contact_form_validate()
  • Fix: Moved the function apbct_settings__get_ajax_type() to cleantalk-pluggable.php to fix the plugin activation error via the CLI
  • Fix: Fixed errors in apbct-public.js
  • Fix: Cleared notice_incompatibility if SFW disabled
  • Fix. AC. Antibot cookie fixed.
  • Fix. Pixel. Auto mode fixed.
  • Fix. JS. Checking JS via ajax fixed.
  • Fix. Pixel. Getting pixel url from backend fixed.

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