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CF Image Resizing


Rewrites images on the fly so you can use the Cloudflare Image Resizing service.

You will speed up your website drastically by offering to browsers AVIF/WEBP images delivered from global locations thanks to Cloudflare.

Internally the plugin is developed to use the fastest functions from PHP available, without any database calls. There is zero to none overhead in performance, your website will not get slower, only faster.


  • Enhances your images to become clearer and much nicer (from tests, wordpress cropping alters the image and becomes lower quality)
  • Speeds up your website to offer a better experience for users (images loaded from Cloudflare CDN is much faster than your server)
  • Improves your SEO (since your website performs much faster)
  • Removes strain from your web hosting (asset loading is one of the biggest problems for web servers, especially Apache)
  • Saves bandwith on your web hosting (there is a very significant save factor, especially on websites with many images/photos)

Current features

  • Replaces all attachment/single image source URL’s
  • Replaces all multiple image source set URL’s
  • Replaces all every other image src found inside the content
  • Serves Cloudflare Image Resizing the original image and lets Cloudflare crop it
  • Adds missing image default sizes (width/height for Google Page Insights scoring)


  • Latest WordPress and PHP 7+
  • All general themes
  • MAI Themes and Genesis Framework
  • DIVI Themes
  • Content Areas (formerly Template Parts)
  • Editor plugins like Visual Composer
  • Optimization plugins like WP Rocket


  • Before using this plugin please ensure you have turned ON the Cloudflare Image Resizing feature for your domain.
  • If your WordPress is inside a sub-folder, remember to tell the plugin this by setting the folder name.
  • You can configure quality settings (I do not recommend altering the default settings).
  • If you notice images not being re-written, try enabling more “hooks”. If it still does not work, open an issue.
  • You can configure whitelisting of images coming from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, etc.


  • Open the developer console in your browser after enabling this plugin to test functionality. Go to “Images” tab and see if the all the downloaded images have the Cloudflare Image Resizing format.
  • If you have filenames similar to image-100×200-100×300.jpg the plugin might not re-write it. Rename your file and re-upload it without any extra sizes in the filename.

Special Thanks

These are the people that spent time and effort to test and help improve the plugin, as well as sponsoring development.



  1. Visit “Plugins” > Add New
  2. Search for CF Image Resizing
  3. Activate CF Image Resizing from your Plugins page.


  1. Download CF Image Resizing
  2. Upload the “cf-image-resizing” directory to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory, using ftp, sftp, scp etc.
  3. Activate CF Image Resizing from your Plugins page.


Will this plugin slowdown my website?

Absolutely no. The plugin was written with speed in mind, that being said there are no database calls and every function used from PHP has been carefully selected to offer maximum performance.


6 fevereiro, 2023
I had some questions upfront using this plugin and the author responded quick and took the time to answer all my questions. Very nice!
23 julho, 2022
Hello, unfortunately, this plugin doesn't seem to work. I've followed the instructions, but it ended up breaking all the site's images. I've tried contacting the developer, but he hasn't answered. Be warned.
8 março, 2022
We've been looking implement Cloudflare Image Resizing feature came across this plugin and it's exactly what we were looking for. Huge shoutout to Mecanik for all of the hard work!
8 março, 2022
Its simple to set up and improves speed in combination with Cloudflare image resizing. Great developer support.
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Version 1.3 (2022-03-04)

  • Rewrite: The plugin was re-written to include fixes for all the bugs reported via github, new features (and flexibility to add more features), configurable settings/options and more.
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.9.1
  • Tested for several weeeks on several large production websites