Campation PostOffice – Send Email Spam-free on HighSpeed without WP SMTP Email plugin


All-In-One WP Mailer Plugin: background queue sending, mail open/click measurement, email address check, DNS setup, send emails 10x faster than SMTP

New approach to a WP Mail plugin – no need for SMTP!

As you may know, WordPress comes with only marginal functionality for sending email. Many emails sent simply end up in the recipient’s spam folder.

The usual way is to use a WP mail SMTP plugin to send email from WordPress through external SMPT services (like Mailchimp, Mailgun, SendGrid, SendInBlue, and other SMTP services). Those services usually offer a small free tier, but also may cost your money on an ongoing basis.

Campation PostOffice is unlike any other WP email plugin!

PostOffice intercepts the wp_mail() function (like other SMTP plugins) with all headers and forwards all emails to an outgoing background queue. Sending in the background no longer slows down your website while providing an accurate log of all emails.

But as long as your WordPress website is able to send emails without any plugin, PostOffice enhances this generic function through its own email sending technology, Campation SpeedMail, which is 10x faster than SMPT and free of costs! Of course, this plugin can connect you to any SMTP server, too – but that’s antiquated.

Addionally PostOffice comes with Campation SmartDNS to check and setup the DNS of your domain (A, MX, SPF, DMARC, DKIM etc.) easily with ‘copy & paste’! Only a correctly configured DNS helps to improve email deliverability and guarantees your emails to not end up in the recipient’s spam folder, regardless of the sending plugin used.

Take advantage of even more unique features that are not found in other WP Mail plugins:

  • Respect all email headers: All email headers (“From”, “Reply-to” etc.) generated by the sending plugin are respected and used
  • Recipient address check: all recipient addresses are checked for correct spelling and MX record before sending emails – this can drastically reduce your bounce rate for WordPress email
  • Recipient database: all contacted e-mail addresses are included in the recipient database inside your WP
  • Outgoing mail queue: all emails are queued and processed in the background – you see the delivery/opening/click status of each email
  • Digital signature of email: all emails are digitally signed and comply with the DKIM standard to avoid being marked as spam
  • Open / Click measurement: open / click events in an email and the time elapsed since sending are measured
  • Dashboard: Charts, graphs and statistics show how your emails are flowing from WordPress
  • 24h statistical data: emails sent, opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed – compared to min/max target values you set for your outgoing email
  • Setup Wizard: simplified configuration to get this plugin up and running to send email in just a few steps
  • Permanent blindcopy (BCC): optional bcc of all transactional email (e.g. invoices) to the WordPress admin
  • Automatic cleanup of queue: Sent emails are deleted from the queue after a defined period of days to keep your WordPress database small
  • integrated FAQ and support system: Clarify all your questions and technical problems directly within the plugin administration

Campation PostOffice is a next generation, SMTP account independant WP Mail plugin, professionally coded using latest software technologies. It features a modern, fully AJAX-driven user interface, is fully compatibel with latest PHP 8.1.5 and coming WordPress 6.

What’s more in Campation PostOffice PRO?

The free version of Campation PostOffice already brings you significant improvements when sending emails from WordPress. However, you cannot benefit from the numerous functions our PRO edition comes with to send email even more professionally, e.g.:

With countless additional PRO functions, you not only automate tiresome tasks and increase the deliverability of your emails. You can also lower your bounce rate, increase the opening and click rate and continuously improve the reputation of your domain, which is very important today for the arrival of your e-mails in the recipient’s mailbox (and not in their spam folder!):

  • Campation AsyncMail: Put your foot down and increase the transmission capacity of your server by sending emails in parallel (both with SpeedMail and SMTP), only limited by hardware and license
  • Campation DNSGuard: Background monitoring of DNS/server health and email notification to admin in case of problems
  • Campation MailPriority: Email priority rules based on the email category (transactional, marketing, bulk, cold) of the sending plugin (WooCommerce, etc.) so that an invoice doesn’t have to wait for a newsletter to be fully sent
  • Campation MailSchedule: Send queued emails only during configured time periods (e.g. only during your business hours, not on Sundays etc.).
  • Campation IntelliMail: Machine learning the “Prime Time” for each recipient to increase open rate
  • Campation InaGuard: Block subscribers who show no response for XX days or XX messages from further messages
  • Campation DomainProtect: Distribute emails to 4 subdomains depending on mail category to protect your main domain
  • Campation WarmUp: Slowly increase the sending amount of each mail server/sending domain to protect the sender’s reputation
  • Campation MailThrottle: Throttle email traffic per second to each recipient domain to avoid overloading it like an attack
  • Campation MailPixel: Include your Analytics, Adwords and Facebook pixels in all emails (does not work with all email clients)
  • Campation RemoteMail (Plugin): SpeedMail for remote installations – rent a small VPS, install WordPress with the plugin ‘Campation RemoteMail’, connect and you have a further mail server!
  • Emergency switch: switch off immediately all outgoing mail from anywhere in WordPress admin
  • Re-send an email: any email can be resent from the outbound queue
  • Open-in-browser link: added to the top of all emails so that the recipient can open the email in browser
  • Free content in email footer: add any content to the footer of all emails
  • one click unsubscribe button: Shows the unsubscribe button in all modern email clients and prevents unwanted emails from being marked as spam
  • multiple SMPT server(s): not required but can be used like in other WP-Mail SMTP plugins. The number of connectable mail servers is unlimited (PRO Business)
  • SMTP contingents: Limit SMTP server usage to (free/paid) email quotas (hourly, daily, monthly quotas)
  • Sandbox modus: Redirect all emails to trash or admin (for testing purposes)
  • BIMI = Brand Indicators for Message Identification, show off your branded logo in the recipient’s inbox for high open rates
  • Automatic bounce management: all bounces are processed automatically – bounced addresses are blocked for further use
  • Mail error report: summary of the errors that have occurred for the administrator
  • Bounced addresses report: email list of bounced recipients
  • Automatic unsubscribe management: all unsubscribes are processed automatically – unsubscribed addresses are blocked for further use
  • Unsubscribed recipients report: Email report about unsubscribed email addresses
  • Blacklists reports: Monitors hundreds of blacklists and notifies admin when a mail server appears on a list
  • DMARC reports: Automatically process DMARC reports for each domain/mail server into human-readable format
  • SenderScore reports: monitors the SenderScore value of any mail server

There are 3 PRO versions – Starter, Premium and Business. With just a few clicks you can test each PRO version for free for 14 days without obligation – and if you don’t like it, you can automatically switch back to the free version! PRO brings you a significant expansion of functions and is indispensable if you want to use email marketing professionally.

Start with the free version today, and then enhance it with your 14 days trial of PRO to evaluate the whole bunch of useful features available!


  • any email format: text email, html email, emails with inline images or attachments, contact forms emails
  • PHP 7.2 – 8.1.5
  • WordPress 6.0 (expected May 2022)
  • WooCommerce
  • Mailpoet
  • any contact form plugin using wp_mail() standard like WPForms
  • … and any other plugin that uses the standard WordPress wp_mail() function to send emails
  • inspired by some popular WP SMTP plugins like WP Mail SMTP pro, WP SMTP, Postman, Easy WP SMTP, Post SMTP Mailer, Fluent SMTP and others


  • deactivate any other WP Mail plugin to send emails before activation of this plugin
  • working wp_mail() Your WordPress can send emails without a mail plugin via its generic email function wp_mail – if this is blocked by your hosting, the plugin can only be used in conjunction with an SMTP server (the proprietary sending technology SpeedMail has the same requirements as WordPress)
  • sufficient number of outgoing emails allowed on your WordPress (the amount of emails may be limited, ask your host! – but you can use SMTP)

Imagens de tela

  • Setup Wizard - some simple steps to get this plugin up and running to send emails without SMTP
  • Dashboard - charts, graphs, and stats show how your emails are flowing
  • Settings - clearly arranged windows for configuring all details of your email engine
  • Outbox queue - easy access to all the details of every email - when the mail was sent, why it was bounced, etc.
  • Recipients - see how all recipients are behaving with your emails, their response delay, preferred mail open and click times, opt-out - and access to all email data
  • FAQ / Support - find answers to all questions and contact our support directly in the plugin regarding all email related questions


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-campation-postoffice directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress
  3. You will get to the setup wizard, which will guide you through the configuration of your new email plugin to send emails like a charme without SMTP


Will I need an SMPT service?

No. Campation PostOffice uses proprietary email sending technology (SpeedMail™) that is 10 times faster than WordPress mail with SMTP. Your data is not sent to external services and there are no costs for external SMTP service providers! Nevertheless, you can use SMTP!

Why is it so much faster than any WP Mail SMTP plugin?

Put simply: it doesn’t need to connect and communicate through the SMTP protocol! To send your mails via an external SMTP server, your WordPress server must contact it. The two servers then start a typical SMTP dialog with about 10 questions and answers (“Who is there?”, “Who is the email going to?” etc.). This adds up to a time requirement of 700 – 1,200 milliseconds for each email. Therefore, on average, an WP mail plugin with SMTP can only send around 1 email per second – while SpeedMail can send 10-20 emails per second.

Will this plugin slow down my public website?

no way! All WordPress emails are stored in a queue (takes a few milliseconds) and sent in the background – your website won’t falter anymore! All recipient addresses are checked before use and permanently blocked in the event of errors.

How difficult is the configuration?

Once activated, you will be guided by an intuitive setup wizard to make all settings. Thanks to our SmartDNS™ technology, you can configure your domain’s DNS perfectly in no time at all – send email just like the big ones!

Can I also use PostOffice if my WordPress only allows to send emails via SMTP?

Of course! The only thing that cannot be used is the fast sending method Speedmail, but all other functions are also available for SMTP

Which SMTP services does the plugin support?

It supports any SMTP service (like Gmail, SendGrid, MailGun, Amazon SES, Mandrill, Yahoo etc.) although not through their API. But: there is no need for any SMTP connection!

How this plugin is found best?

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How do I reach your support?

Inside the plugin you will find a menu “Help / Support” which allows you to search by API in our FAQ / knowledgebase as well as to open a support ticket directly. If you find a technical issue we usually resolve it with a new update in 24 hours.


14 de fevereiro de 2022
I'm really excited about Campation PostOffice! Finally no more costs for SMTP, sending emails is much faster plus a wealth of functions that help me to professionalize my email marketing considerably! I was looking for a solution to send my emails via sub-domains. Amazingly PostOffice can do this, too! The easy configuration of the DNS and the ongoing monitoring of blacklists is also very practical, as is the definition of statistical target values for open and click rates! You can hardly compare this plugin with other mail plugins for Wordpress (as far as I can see). I recommend PostOffice! Deserves 5 stars! Well done, Campation!
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