Buddyboss Extended Add-on


šŸš€ All-in-one enhancement plugin that improves WordPress & BuddyBoss integration.

šŸš€ Forum Extended Features

ā€¢ Allow users to subscribe/unsubscribe to a specific forum card.
ā€¢ Allow users to remove all their subscription in /forums/subscriptions page.

šŸš€ Group Extended Features

ā€¢ Automatically subscribe user to forum & all discussions after joining the group.
ā€¢ Automatically subscribe users in the group when new discussion has been created.
ā€¢ Unsubscribe to forum & discussions when a user leave the group.

šŸš€ Admin Setting Features

ā€¢ Enable/disable auto subscription to forum & discussions in group module.
ā€¢ Exclude topic/discussion type.
ā€¢ Enable/disable subscribe/unsubscribe button in forum cards. (Using Buddyboss Font Cheatsheet)
ā€¢ Change the subcribe/unscribe logo for forum cards.
ā€¢ Enable/disable “Remove subscription” button in /forums/subscriptions page.

Imagens de tela

  • Plugin setting can be found under: Settings > Buddyboss Extended Add-on.
  • Unsubscribe/Subcribe button in forum card.
  • "Remove all subscriptions" button under /forums/subscriptions.


Free to use ?

Yes it is 100% free to use and distribute.


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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alteraƧƵes


  • Fixed: the “unsubscribe from all” buttom disapeared.
    • Thanks to @taliabarlev for finding the issue.
    • https://wordpress.org/support/topic/the-unsubscribe-from-all-buttom-disapeared/#post-15047501


  • Fixed: index.css not found.


  • Add translation support.
  • Plugin improvements.
  • Fixed: User subscriptions is being reset when joining or leaving a group.


  • Added popover in subcribe & usubcribe button.


  • Initial Release.