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Brinkin Banner Exchange


Brinkin Banner Exchange is a smart banner exchange service which connects advertisers and publishers together using website banners without having to understand HTML and JavaScript.

By placing banners on your wordpress blog, you will earn impressions which you can then in turn use to display your banner advertisements on other websites to increase your own traffic. If your blog is already generating traffic
you can also sign up for revenue sharing and get paid directly for displaying banners.

The Brinkin Banner Exchange is different from other advertising networks, we provide:

*Targeted Banner Advertising relevant to your visitors

*Detailed statistics on your account and your visitors

*Allow management of multiple websites from a single account

*Geographic Targeting, Device Targeting (eg iPhones)

*Automated A/B Testing (Improves your banner click-through rate)

*Automated Fraud Prevention

For more information on the benefits of the Brinkin Banner Exchange, please visit our website.

The WordPress plugin provides easy access to our banner network, including:

*Automated account signup and daily banner stats from inside WordPress

*Control over which pages banners are displayed

*Inline banner ad’s simply by typing [Brinkin-Banner] in your posts

This plugin requires PHP 5.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the Brinkin Banner Exchange plugin to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Provide your account details under the Brinkin Banner Exchange Settings menu


How do I get a Brinkin Banner Exchange account?

There are two ways to getting a free Brinkin Banner Exchange account.

  1. You can register directly with our website at
  2. You can simply enter your email address into the plugin settings page, and an account will automatically be registered for you. Note you will still need to login to the Brinkin Banner Exchange to provide us with your banner.
How do I upload my website banner?

Currently it is not possible to setup your banner directly through the WordPress administration interface, to setup your banners you will need to login to your Brinkin Banner Exchange account at

How many banners will be displayed per page?

There is a maximum of three banners allowed per page, one per post.

What if I want more control over where the banners are placed?

If you would like to place a banner in a custom location within your posts, simply add [Brinkin-Banner] anywhere within you post and it will be automatically replaced with a banner.

If you would like even more control over which pages and where your banner is placed, then you can access the banner javascript code directly from within your Brinkin Banner Exchange account.


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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações


  • Ability to place banners in sidebar widget
  • Ability to designate banner size for posts and sidebar


  • Ability to position banners within a post


  • Ability to align banners within a post
  • Updated to support WordPress 2.9


  • Updated Javascript code to take advantage of edge content network (faster banner delivery)
  • Updated to support WordPress 2.8.6


  • Implemented the ability to place inline banner ads in posts using [Brinkin-Banner]


  • Implemented the ablity to enable/disable banners depending on page type


  • Initial Version