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If you have a service (accommodation, event or anything else) or product that has to be booked in advance, the Pinpoint Booking System is the best way to help your clients make a reservation – directly from your WordPress website. The booking calendar can be customized in any way you like, from the design to its functionalities, with add-ons.

It’s never been easier to schedule a service – with this booking system, your clients can book an appointment directly from your website, with the help of an AJAX powered, clean and intuitive calendar, with a responsive interface. This booking system makes renting a product a matter or a couple of clicks – all in one page.

If you’re in the accommodations business, this booking system is perfect for you. Reservations can be customized by days or by nights – with morning check-outs. You can add extra amenities or services to your client’s bookings, or offer them discounts and vouchers.

Being an administrator of this booking calendar is just as easy. Pinpoint Booking System is a match for both big and small companies, due to its easily manageable, flexible and intuitive administration area.


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The FREE version is limited to 1 calendar. Some functionality is limited by this restriction, but almost all features are available.

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Responsive Booking Calendar

With this WordPress booking calendar plugin, your clients will be able to book your services and check for their availability directly from your WordPress website. This AJAX simple calendar makes it easier for your clients to make appointments because there is no need to refresh the page to make any updates.

This user friendly WordPress booking calendar is perfect for any of your clients – it’s responsive, so it can be viewed on any device and it adapts to your customer’s time zones.

The Pinpoint booking calendar can be customized to a great extent: the client can select how many months to view in the calendar and there is a sidebar, where your customers can search for availability, select the number of rooms or items that they need, use coupons or select extras.

Your client is able to see a summary of their reservation and, if necessary, you can add a custom form that they can fill in – directly in the booking calendar.

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Book Days

In your booking calendar, days are displayed with one out of 5 types of availability: none, available, booked, special or unavailable. You can set a special price for groups of days, or select the minimum or the maximum number of days that can be booked.

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Book Nights

This feature is perfect for you if you’re in the accommodation business. The booking calendar offers support for morning check-outs. Your clients will have the option of checking-in in the afternoons and checking-out in the mornings – and the prices and availability will be displayed accordingly.

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Book Hours

With Pinpoint, you can control your reservations by hours. Hours are treated exactly the same as days, with 5 types of availability, special prices for groups of hours or a minimum or a maximum number of bookable hours.

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Book Hours Intervals

Pinpoint booking calendar lets you adjust the reservation time interval even more – with the help of the time slot. You can set hour intervals for your bookings, down to the minute. This gives you increased precision and control over your client’s reservations.

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Reservations management

Booking management has never been easier. Booking calendar administrators can add, cancel, edit, reject or delete reservation requests. Bookings can be instantly approved or rejected, but can never overlap – and the booking calendar will update accordingly.

You can choose between a list view or a calendar view to display your clients’ reservations, and they can be printed or exported in 4 types of formats – CSV, XLS, JSON, and ICS.



With Pinpoint, you can add extra amenities, services or others to your client’s bookings, either with a price or for free. You can set default values for the extras, and whether they are mandatory or not. Also, multiple extras groups can be made to be used with your booking calendar.


In case you need more information from your clients, you can create a custom form that your customers can fill in directly in the booking calendar. You can have text fields, text areas, checkboxes, dropdowns and even custom fields in your form. It’s worth knowing that you can create an unlimited number of custom forms for your calendar.


In this booking calendar, you can create discounts according to the time interval the reservation is made for. You can decide how the discounts will be calculated – once by day or hour, fixed or a percent – and their default amount.

Taxes and fees

If reserving your product or service comes with extra taxes or fees – you can add them to your booking calendar. You can decide their value, and if they will be included or not in the overall reservation price.


Another useful feature Pinpoint has is the creating of vouchers or coupons for your customers. You can set their default value, the terms and conditions of how they can be used and add them directly into the booking calendar.

WooCommerce Bookings

This booking calendar can be greatly extended with the WooCommerce plug-in. With this, you can make the most of the shopping cart, the specific payment gateways and all the other extra features that come with the WooCommerce WordPress plug-in. Additionally, all your reservations data is saved both in Pinpoint and WooCommerce orders.

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Other WordPress Booking System Features

Synchronization via iCal files

For better reservation management, the Pinpoint Booking Calendar can be synchronized with other calendars – Mac Calendar, Outlook, Google Calendar, iCalendar or Airbnb, via iCal format data.

Notifications for Booking Requests

You can send your clients’ reminders and notifications form your booking calendar, either by email or SMS. You can set up text messages to be sent, either to you or your customers – with Clickatell SMS gateway. For an email notification, you can create custom templates for any type of notice or language, and they will be sent with STMP, PHPMailer class or PHP mail function.

Support for multiple languages

If your local language is different from English, or you need to offer your services in multiple languages, the Pinpoint booking system offers support for a couple of languages already. However, if you find that yours is not, you can modify or translate your own texts with a simple “to-do” tool.

Support for multiple currencies

You can use any currency with our Pinpoint booking system. However, if you need to, you can customize your own currency to fit your needs, using hooks.

Online Payment Getaways

Even though payment cannot be mandatory when a client makes a reservation, it can be an option. With this booking calendar, PayPal is the default payment method, but if you have another preference, you can change that with add-ons. There are 6 payment gateways to choose from – Stripe, WePay, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Braintree, ICEPAY and Mollie.


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Upload the folder booking-system from the zip file to “wp-content/plugins” and activate the plugin in your admin panel or upload in the “Add new” section.


Click here to view Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin Documentation.


28 de novembro de 2021
Good: 1. Set up is easy and efficient. It has some features that are much better set up that in other plugins. Better logic 2.The plug-in doesn't create a bunch of default pages but provides short codes that can be integrated. This allows to minimize the checkout process to a minimum, while other plugin use too many steps. It also gives more control over design, layout of the pages. Other plugins don't allow to customize the content and design/layout of the default pages. 3. One of the better UI designs. Not fantastic but better than the vast majority of booking plug-ins out there Bad: 1. Very insufficient support documentation. To understand how to set up and implement all the features I had to use a video published by 3rd party. One I viewed the video set up was a breeze. but you'd expect the vender to provide better support. 2. Although the systems allows to integrate credit card payment through paypal and has the configuration for Paypal API settings, it never worked. Paypal account to account transfer worked, but credit card not. What is good is point 2 (above) that you have control over the page where you integrate the plugin calendar so we were able to add the code for paypal smart buttons. 3. ical sync - this did no work and is the main reason we abandonned its use. We were able to import calendar from airbnb, but not export. The ical sync link provided bu the system did not work. When used in OTAs it gave an error. Additionally, you can only set up sync with one OTA. What is the point of even developing that feature for only one OTA??? Makes no sense We asked for refund (still waiting) and received no reply or feedback from vendor. This plugin has some features that are way better than the other 3 I have used. Unfortunately, the hotel business is such that way more bookings are made through OTAs than direct. As such, a plugin should have that as a priority, otherwise it just misses the point (our and your business goals. As such, doesn't matter how well 90% of it has been made. It's useless. Sorry Get better ical functionality and resolve the paypal issues and I'll change back in a heartbeat
18 de setembro de 2021
On a glance, this plugin may look too difficult to use. That's because they offer so many kind of options to suit the various needs of booking out there, even to the smallest adjustment. Calendar works perfect. WooCommerce integration works perfect, and the documentation is very detailed! A quick question, is there any way to change the "Check in" text on the date picker sidebar? This is very minor so I understand if you don't have the option for this. Might be possible to use a little jQuery if you can point me in the right direction. Thank you!
20 de maio de 2021
I've really searched a lot, I've installed so many other plugins, tested so many demos, but none of them was so intelligently constructed, so flexible and so easy to intuitively work with (without reading the documentation) like this. I like it very much and I'm really glad that finally (after so many hours of searching and testing) I've found it!
14 de maio de 2021
Extremely complicated, for once. Also, the grey font makes it very hard to read the text in options, settings, etc. Uninstalling 🙁
14 de abril de 2021
When I asked why we can't book TWO DAYS at once (say, for a training weekend) I was told, "the Group Days feature was developed to allow the user to book other days outside the group, or even multiple groups, when it was implemented it was not possible to create the behaviour you need." So yeah, this dev team are RUBBISH...
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  • Reservations number per page can be increased to 250 or 500.
  • User permissions bug on PHP 8 has been repaired.
  • XLS generator has been updated using 3.0 engine.

  • Google synchronization for single hours has been repaired.
  • WooCommerce code has been verified known bugs have been repaired.

  • A bug when adding reservations as an administrator has been repaired.

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