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fevereiro 3, 2018
I created an API token, and then copied that token and pasted it into the pairing code field in the Bitpay plugin, and clicked find, but it gives back the error that it was "unable to pair with Bitpay". I tried it using Livenet and Testnet. I've triple checked the token, and it is accurate. Any suggestions?
dezembro 27, 2017
Not working in newest Version. Shows Error: "Sorry, but Bitcoin checkout with BitPay does not appear to be working."
outubro 10, 2017
It took me a couple of iterations to get this plugin working. Turns out both mcrypt and bcmath are required. Install these and restart your webserver before attempting to pair, like so (on Debian'ish machines running Apache). apt install php-mcrypt php-bcmath service apache2 restart
setembro 5, 2017
Installed the plugin , did the pairing and then tried a test purchase but when bitcoin is selected on checkout page it show an error "Sorry but Bitcoin checkout with Bitpay does not appear to be working"
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