Big Magic AI


Big Magic AI, powered by ChatGPT, is a WordPress blogger’s assistant that helps overcome writer’s block by generating content and images for you. It also provides English grammar correction and translation support. Checkout the official page for videos.

Big Magic AI uses Open AI’s ‘Completions’ and ‘Images’ endpoint to support the following features:

  • Generate content
  • Generate image
  • Translate
  • Correct English grammar

Note: This plugin requires an OpenAI API Key.


  1. Go to WordPress Admin Page
  2. Click “Plugins” in the menu
  3. Click “Add New Plugin” in “Plugins” page
  4. Search for “Big Magic AI”
  5. Activate “Big Magic AI” plugin
  6. Once activated, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘OpenAI API Key’
  7. Insert your OpenAI API Key
  8. Done! Go to “Posts” and start playing with it


Este plugin disponibiliza 4 blocos.

  • [Big Magic AI] Generate Image You no longer need to leave your current browser tab to get an image. Simply generate an image within the text editor using '[Big Magic AI] Generate Image.' Not going to lie, it uses DALL·E 2, so please manage your expectations.
  • [Big Magic AI] Correct English Grammar Want to write in English to reach a broader audience but feeling shy about your grammar? Type in the text you wish to proofread using 'Big Magic AI: Correct English Grammar'
  • [Big Magic AI] Translate Expand your blog to other languages! Translation is supported in 58 languages. Simply search for '[Big Magic AI] Translate' in the block editor.
  • [Big Magic AI] Generate Content Stuck writing an introduction? Use '[Big Magic AI] Generate Content' to have AI assist you in generating content. However, don't overuse it. Ensure that your unique voice is included in your writing.




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  • Update readme.txt’s ‘Description’
  • Add screenshots
  • Added an icon


  • Release Date – May 18 2023
  • Released ‘Generate content’, ‘Generate image’, ‘Translate’, and ‘Correct English grammar’ feature
  • Better error handling within the editor