Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor


Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor is an image comparison slider plugin for Elementor Page Builder. This plugin allows you to create the effect for comparing two before and after images.

This plugin let you compare two before and after images with Elementor Front-end Drag and Drop Builder.

You can add unlimited numbers of slider with this plugin. This plugin also let you see the preview of how the slider looks on the website while you editing a slider.

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  • Responsive and Touch Friendly - It is fully responsive on any browser and Touch Friendly for mobile and touch devices.

  • Image Dimensions — You can use any image sizes used in your theme.

  • Custom Image Dimensions — You can also use custom image dimension such as Width and Height for the images.

  • Custom CSS — Option to Override Default CSS and add your own style with Custom CSS

  • Live Preview — you can see the preview of how the slider looks on your website while you editing a slider.

  • Unlimited Slider — There is no limitation on the number of slider. So, You can create unlimited number of slider .

Upgrade to Pro!

There is also a pro version of this plugin. You will get more features and advantages on the pro version.

Pro Features

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  • Two types of Orientation (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Move with Mouse Click on Image
  • Move with Mouse Hover
  • Change Image Size
  • Apply Custom Image Dimension
  • Customizable Default Slider Offset
  • Customized Before/After Texts
  • Customizable Background for Before/After Texts
  • Customizable Text Color for Before/After Texts
  • Responsive and Touch Friendly
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Supported on all Modern New Browsers and Devices
  • Use Unlimited Sliders on Same Page
  • Global Custom CSS
  • Global Custom JS
  • All Free Features
  • Priority Support and Bug Fix

More Features are Coming Soon

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** We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve the plugin! Please contact with us at for any kinds of Suggestion**

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  • Admin Panel
  • Slider


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to Elementor Front End Editor, and looking for the addon under “WEB BUILDERS ELEMENT” panel named as “Before After Image Comparison Slider”.
  4. Upload Two Images and set your desired image sizes and configure other options as you do on other elements.


13 de novembro de 2019
The Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor works great, nicely scripted, straight forward to use and incorporate into the page layouts. Thank you!!
10 de novembro de 2019
The plugin is great but no matter if I review or not, the rating prompt is constantly driving me crazy. I don't mind providing ratings and reviews but the dismiss button doesn't work in any browser and the prompt just never goes away. That's my only complaint thus far.
9 de novembro de 2019
Works great. Super easy to implement. I use it with Elementor. I can't say anything bad about it. That does exactly what I was looking for and expecting. Perfect! Thanks for the plugin.
31 de outubro de 2019
Hi, i do really like it, but i feel like an option to hide or edit the text that pops up would be awesome For example, i do 3D Modeling, and i wanted to use this to show a 3D model with textures and with just the wireframe, but it says "Before" And "After" When i would like that to be something like "Shaded" "Wireframe" or just to hide the Black text that pops up. I Don't know if that would be a lot of work, but still its an awesome plugin, and it's free! thank you very much for this 🙂 Carlos.
28 de outubro de 2019
Fantastic. Easy to use, does what it says on the tin!! Perfect for photographers showing before and after edits.
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Add Custom CSS Option

Add Support Page on Admin


  • Make Compatible with Image Lazy Loading Effect
  • Fix Divider pushed off right
  • Fix PHP Warning undefined index ‘slug’


  • Fix a JS issue


  • Make the plugin Translation Ready
  • Fix Live Preview not working of the Slider
  • Remove Internal Javascript from before-after widget


  • Fix Slider not showing on first page load


  • Update Plugin Review Links


  • Bug fixes for Elementor Front End Editing
  • Fix Issues for Image Size Customization


  • Initial Release