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Have you ever thought of a Beaver Builder addon that allows you to use customized templates and pages as a header or footer across your website? Header Footer for Beaver Builder adds a settings option to your page builder settings page making it easier to add customizable header and footer.

All you need to do is –

  1. Design a Page or a Template you wish to use as a Header / Footer
  2. Open the Page Builder settings page
  3. Open the BB Header Footer settings
  4. Select the page or template that you saved to be used as a header.

Try it out on a free dummy site

Features of Header Footer for Beaver Builder

  • Create attractive pages and templates that can be displayed as a Header or Footer.
  • Lets you use a fully customized header or footer across the website.

Themes you can use the Header Footer for Beaver Builder with

As of now, the Header Footer for Beaver Builder settings can be used with the following themes.

  1. Astra – The Fastest, Most Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme
  2. Tema de Beaver Builder
  3. Tema Genesis
  4. Tema GeneratePress
  5. Tema Primer
  6. Neve Theme

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  1. Faça upload dos arquivos do plugin para o o diretório /wp-content/plugins/bb-header-footer, ou instale o plugin diretamente na tela de plugins do WordPress.
  2. Ative o plugin através da tela de ‘Plugins’ no WordPress
  3. Uso as Configurações-> Criador de Páginas-> BB Header Footer para selecionar a página a ser exibida como cabeçalho e rodapé.


Quais temas são suportados por este plugin?

  1. Astra – The Fastest, Most Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme.
  2. Beaver Builder theme.
  3. Tema Genesis (e deve funcionar com a maioria dos seus temas-filhos).
  4. Tema GeneratePress.
  5. Tema Primer.
  6. Neve Theme.

Como funciona este plugin?

  1. Basta criar uma nova página (ou modelo do Beaver Builder)
  2. Projete-o seu cabeçalho ou rodapé como você desejar
  3. Depois, nas configurações de admin, você pode atribuir esta página como um cabeçalho ou rodapé do seu tema. Captura de tela


6 dezembro, 2022
We found the Beaver Themer stopped working and broke pagination on our site. Using this plugin has saved us. THank you soooo much.
28 setembro, 2020 1 resposta
I’ve used this on every site I’ve built with BB in the last 3 years (about 40 sites and counting) Outside of beaver builder itself, this is the most helpful plugin I use, and I would be lost without it.
23 março, 2020 1 resposta
This plug-in let’s you design your header and footer exactly how you want it which is something Beaver Builder lacks. Very easy to use.
26 agosto, 2017
Able to make beautiful headers and footers for sites built with Beaver Builder with this plugin. Thank you!
21 julho, 2017
You don’t need to make custom templates or buy Beaver Themer to customize your header and footer. You can use a page or a template (Fl Builder template) as your header or footer. I used a template for my footer. Once the plugin is installed go to “wp-admin > Settings > Page Builder > BB Header Footer” to set it up.
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  • Improvement: WordPress 5.9 compatibility.


  • Improvement: WordPress 5.8 compatibility.


  • New: New: Users can now share non-personal usage data to help us test and develop better products.


  • Fix: Layout CSS/JS not rendering in some cases


  • Fix: Load CSS/JS of Header and Footer in <header> fixing flash of unstyled content.


  • Fix: Beaver Builder layout cache missing some of the static CSS and JS files.
  • Fix: When editing the header / footer the layout was being duplicated.


  • Fix: Menu module could not highlight the current menu item in the header template.
  • Improvement: Load the Header and Footer JS in the wp_qneueue_script. earlier this was loaded right where the shortcode is added.
  • Allow the plugin settings to be changed from child theme functions, This allows disabling and changing headers and footer per page from code.


  • New: Added support for the Astra WordPress theme – The Fastest, Most Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme.
  • Fix: Submenu hides behind the page content if sticky header is enabled.
  • Fix: Shrink header option breaking the aspect ratio of the images.
  • Fix: Transparent header and sticky header CSS is applied on the page even if custom header is not selected.


  • Correção: Ocultar o rodapé padrão nos temas GeneratePress e Genesis.


  • Novo: Adicionado suporte para o tema Primer e seus temas-filhos.
  • Melhoria: Permite que o tema declare suporte ao plugin em seu código.
  • Melhoria: Adicione um cabeçalho/rodapé na página usando as funções do Beaver Builder ao invés de usar shortcodes.
  • Melhoria: A opção de encolher o cabeçalho agora encolhe um pouco mais, deixando alguns espaçamento na linha.


  • Novo: Cabeçalhos fixos!


  • Correção: Cabeçalho transparente não funciona no bb-theme.


  • Novo: Adiciona a opção de criar cabeçalho transparente.


  • Fix: duplicate


header> tag when using generatepress theme.


  • Lançamento inicial