Autogrid is a block for the WordPress block editor that allows you to create adaptive columns. The elements inside it are automatically distributed into columns, filling the available space.

The order of customization

  1. Set the maximum number of columns and their minimum width, after reaching which the cells will be redistributed.
  2. Specify the size of spacing between cells and their padding. These parameters can be configured adaptively, for example by setting min. the size of the container when the value should be applied.
  3. If necessary, set the width of certain cells by specifying the number of columns they should occupy. You can specify the minimum and maximum number of columns to be displayed when the value should be applied.
  4. Done! Test.

Imagens de tela

  • Example of Autogrid block
  • Autogrid Block Settings
  • Autogrid block cell Settings
  • Autogrid block cell settings
  • How the Autogrid block looks on the site


Este plugin disponibiliza 2 blocos.

  • Autogrid Autogrid Block. The elements inside this block are automatically distributed in columns, filling the available space.
  • Autogrid Item Autogrid Block Item.


What browsers are supported?

The grid works well in modern browsers:
Chrome 79+, Firefox 76+, Edge 79+, Safari 16+.

Adaptability starts working only with:
Chrome 106+, Firefox 110+, Edge 106+, Safari 16+.

The information is obtained based on a comparison of the support of the CSS features used: CSS Grid, CSS math function min(), CSS function repeat(), CSS Container Queries.


11 fevereiro, 2024 1 resposta
I only tested this plugin for about 10 minutes, but that was enough for me to come here and give it my 2 word review:Pure Genius !!! Ok, some more details: Before this plugin in order for me to achieve some complex multi "row" layouts, with different "cell" sizes, I have to setup multiple Columns blocks, and group them together. Even though with the Columns setup, you have more precise control for the column sizes, this plugin simplifies things a lot. Also, considering that this plugin is only 75kb in size, a rare sight nowadays, I am extremely happy and impressed with this - so far... If any issues arise, I will report back. Thank you for this plugin !
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  • Improved adaptability of cell size. Max value was interpreted incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem when the Autogrid block nested in the extended cell was displayed incorrectly.


  • Added a lot of design tweaks and improved adaptability settings.