Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater


Adicionar automaticamente os atributos da imagem, como título, legenda, descrição e texto alternativo, a partir do nome do arquivo de imagem nos novos uploads.

The plugin can update image attributes for both new images and existing images in the media library.

It allowed me to save tons of time. Further, the support is nice and ready to help.

Image alt text and title is critical for your image SEO and will help users discover your images (and there by your website) in Google / Yahoo / Bing image search.

Proper alt text also helps people who are blind or who have low vision understand your images there by improving the accessibility of your website. This will open up your website to a new segment of visitors and increase your traffic.

If I could give this 1 more star I would!

With this plugin you can:

  • Defina o nome do arquivo de imagem como a título da imagem.
  • Set the image filename as the image Caption.
  • Set the image filename as the image Description.
  • Set the image filename as the image Alt Text. This was a default feature in WordPress before 4.7. The plugin restores this essential feature which is great for SEO.
  • Insert Image Title into post HTML. WordPress stopped adding Image Titles to images since WordPress 3.5. The plugin restores it.
  • Remove hyphens from the image filename.
  • Remove underscores from the image filename.
  • Remover pontos ( . ) do nome do arquivo.
  • Remover vírgulas ( , ) do nome do arquivo.
  • Remove all numbers from filename.
  • Choose to turn off any of the above mentioned features.

With the bulk updater you can:

  • Set the image filename as image Title, Caption, Description and Alt Text after removing hyphens and underscores from the filename.
  • Update any number of images in your Media Library in one click.

If your image filename is My_image-name.jpg, your Image Title, Caption, Description And Alt Text will be My image name.

The plugin settings and bulk updater are in WordPress Admin > Settings > Image Attributes. Here you can choose which attributes to update for NEW uploads.

Please remember to take a database backup before running the bulk updater. The bulk updater updates ALL attributes for existing images in the Media Library and ignores the settings set for NEW uploads.

Image Attributes Pro

A pro add-on is now available for the plugin. Check out Image Attributes Pro.

The pro add-on can update the image attributes from not just the image filename, but also from the post / page / product / custom post type title. You can fine tune the bulk updater settings and even clean up the actual image filename.

Thank you so much for all your help in trying to fix this, its very much appreciated indeed. You’ve gone above and beyond what I was expecting in support!
Rest assured I will give great feedback on your plugin anywhere I can!!
James Barber, for Image Attributes Pro via email.

What the pro add-on you get these additional features:

  • Use post title as title text. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Use post title as alt text. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Use post title as caption. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Use post title as description. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Remove apostrophe ( ‘ ) from filename
  • Remove tilde ( ~ ) from filename
  • Remove plus ( + ) from filename
  • Remove pound ( # ) from filename
  • Remove ampersand ( & ) from filename
  • Remove round brackets ( ( ) ) from filename
  • Remove square brackets ( [ ] ) from filename
  • Remove curly brackets ( { } ) from filename
  • Filter words or characters from filename
  • Filter filename with regex
  • converter atributos de imagem em minúsculas
  • Use title casing for image attributes. First Letter Of Each Word Will Be Capitalized.
  • Use sentence casing for image attributes. First letter of a sentence will be capitalized.
  • Clean the actual image filename after upload.
  • Choose to turn off any of the above mentioned features.

With the pro bulk updater you can:

  • Update image title and alt text for images inserted into posts and custom post types. Not just the media library.
  • Fine tune all settings. Choose what to update.
  • Update image titles / alt text in media library only. Image titles / alt text in existing posts will be left unchanged.
  • Update image titles / alt text in media library and existing posts.
  • Update image titles / alt text in existing posts only if no title / alt text is set. All image titles/ alt text in media library will be updated.
  • Choose to turn off any of the above mentioned features.
  • Modify auto generated image attributes using the iaffpro_image_attributes filter.
  • Choose specific post types to bulk update using the iaffpro_included_post_types filter.
  • Disable updating of attributes in media library completely using the iaffpro_update_media_library filter.

For screenshots, FAQ and full list of features, please see the product website.

No Competitors
This is the only one that enables you to add missing tags to your images in one go, simple! … This one is very well coded and the author pays great attentions to users feedback / requests / support.

Imagens de tela

  • The settings page in WordPress Admin > Settings > Image Attributes with default settings.
  • Preview of the Advanced settings screen. Seen only when the preview is enabled.
  • Preview of the Bulk Updater settings screen. Seen only when the preview is enabled.
  • Bulk Updater


Para instalar este plugin:

  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress admin interface, or upload the plugin folder to /wp-content/plugins/ using ftp.
  2. Ative o plugin na tela de ‘Plugins’ do WordPress.
  3. Go to WordPress Admin > Settings > Image Attributes.


Este plugin atualizará as imagens existentes na biblioteca de mídia?

Sim, o plugin irá atualizar o título, legenda, descrição e texto alternativo a partir do nome do arquivo de imagem para ambas as imagens, as já existentes na biblioteca de mídia e os novos uploads.

I need more features. Can I hire you?

Please checkout the Image Attributes Pro add-on to see if it suits your requirement. If not, please send in a feature request with a brief description of your requirement and I will be in touch shortly.

This plugin saved me a lot of time, how can I show my appreciation?

I am glad to hear that! You can either upgrade to pro or leave a rating to motivate me to keep working on the plugin.


maio 17, 2019
I am deleting this plugin becouse I can not use Cyrillic names with it! I would be perfect if it could use a Cyrillic name from a Files title, not a Latin name from its address. Now it is almost useless for me. Back to searching a good plugin.
maio 5, 2019
I used the bulk updater to update almost 3.000 images. It went flawlessly in 15 minutes I think. Amazing tool, thanks a lot! If I ever make serious money with my blogs I will donate or buy the pro version, I promise.
fevereiro 7, 2019
If only I could get the time back that I used over the years populating the dumbest attribute there is online, the alt tag. This plugin makes it work the way it actually should: populate the alt and desc fields THEN I can change them if I want to. Leaving that stuff blank wastes so much time its just silly. Thanks for a great plugin. Stoked!!
novembro 20, 2018
I tested it on our WordPress multisite setup and worked perfectly! 944 images done in about 1 minute. I activated it in the Admin Dashboard, and although it is visible in all sites, individual site admins cannot see it, which is good. As the top admin, I can then run the plugin from the desired site, and will only add the captions to the images in the media library for that particular site. Thank you so much, your plugin worked like a charm and you saved us a lot of time and now we are Accessibility compliant on all images, even those posted several years ago.
novembro 1, 2018
Nice plugin! I had 1,000 images, Titled appropriately, but needed the Titles to be copied to the captions for a floral gallery project. It did the trick and saved hours. Great tool.
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  • Data: 06.Janeiro.2019
  • Testado no WordPress 5.0.2.
  • Enhancement: Improved bulk updater warning and inline documentation.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that ignored the setting for inserting image title into the post HTML. Thanks @jamesryancooper


  • Data: 06.Maio.2018
  • Enhancement: Changed text domain from abl_iaff_td to auto-image-attributes-from-filename-with-bulk-updater to make the plugin translation ready in
  • Enhancement: Code improvements.
  • Enhancement: Added an activation notice with link to the settings page for better on-boarding experience.


  • Data: 22.Novembro.2017
  • NEW: Global switch to enable or disable the plugin.
  • NEW: Test button.
  • NEW: Stop Bulk Updater button.
  • NEW: Support tab.
  • Improvement: Changed source of filename from guid to wp_get_attachment_url() to prevent conflicts with other plugins. GUID was being replaced by other plugins. Thanks to @niresh12495 for [bringing this up] (
  • Impreovement: Added checks to check if attachment is image before processing.
  • FIX: Added boolval() function for backwards compatibility with servers with PHP older than PHP 5.5.
  • Added preview of premium options that ship with Image Attributes Pro
  • Aprimoramentos de interface do usuário.
  • Melhorias no código.


  • Data: 17.Agosto.2017
  • Improved the architecture of the plugin laying foundation for future updates. Utilizing my starter plugin framework
  • Bug fix: For images that had EXIF data, EXIF data was used instead of filename. Props to @mathieupellegrin for reporting this.
  • NEW: Added option to Insert Image Title into HTML. WordPress stopped including image titles since 3.5. Code from Restore Image Title plugin was used.
  • NEW: Remove full stops ( . ) from filename.
  • NEW: Remove commas ( , ) from filename.
  • NEW: Remove all numbers ( 0-9 ) from filename.
  • NEW: Added a warning and user confirmation before while clicking “Run Bulk Updater” button to prevent accidental clicks.
  • UI Improvement: Cleaned up the interface and moved the Bulk Updater to its own tab.
  • UI Improvement: Bulk updater log is now displayed in a neat box instead of just printing the results on the page.
  • Parts of the code was updated for more efficiency and faster processing.
  • Tested on WordPress 4.8.1. Result = pass.


  • Data: 15.Julho.2017
  • Added: Character filter options. Plugin now removes hyphens and underscores.
  • Bug Fix: Minor bug fix.


  • Data: 4.Julho.2017
  • Added: Options to choose individual image attributes for NEW uploads.


  • Data: 4.Julho.2017
  • Primeiro lançamento do plugin.