Advanced H2H for SportsPress


This plugin is an extension for SportsPress.

Give your league managers the option to use more advanced Sorting Criteria for your League Tables.
Now is possible to select different Sorting Criteria for each League Table!

Imagens de tela

  • The new CPT Sorting Criteria at SportsPress Teams Menu
  • “Regular” Order priorities (Pts, GD, F) i.e. Premier League
  • Tiebreak Order priorities (Pts, Goal Away) i.e. Premier League
  • Sorting Criteria Summary i.e. Premier League
  • Selection of Sorting Criterion at your League Table Edit Page.


  1. Install and activate Advanced H2H for SportsPress plugin.
  2. Create your own Sorting Criterion at SportsPress->Teams->Sorting Criteria.
  3. Select your prefered Sorting Criterion for your League Table
  4. Enjoy!



20 junho, 2024
I’ve been using sportspress for a number of years now and though their current sorting criteria functions – it is really limited. Especially when trying to incorporate head to head and where in your sorting order this would fall under. This plugin completely revitalizes the sorting ability and allows you to set custom sorting orders for each individual league (should you want this). Great work Savaas!!! Side Note: beware that this plugin currently does not function out of the box with Dan FIsher’s Alchemist theme though can be incorporated very easily by editing the league-table.php sportspress template file found in alchemist/sportspress/ folder. You would open that file and replace the code below (found on or around line 41) $table = new SP_League_Table( $id ); With the following $sah2h_criteria = get_post_meta( $id, ‘sah2h_criteria’, true );if ( ‘default’ !== $sah2h_criteria && ” !== $sah2h_criteria ) { $table = new SAH2H_League_Table( $id ); $table->h2h_criteria = $sah2h_criteria;} else { $table = new SP_League_Table( $id );} That is all I’ve done to have this advanced h2h plugin function with the Alchemist theme. *Use at your own discretion.
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  • FIX: Avoid blank page if SportsPress is not activated.


  • FIX: Error if the plugin is loaded before SportsPress.


  • NEW: Sorting Criteria Custom Post Type (see screenshots)
  • NEW: Ability to choose for each League Table which ordering criteria to use! (see screenshots)


  • First Release!