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Admiral is the advertising industry’s most advanced platform to help publishers understand how adblocking affects them. With Admiral you can see how much revenue you are losing to adblockers and then start recovering that revenue automatically.

The Admiral WordPress plugin is simple, free and easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to integrate into any existing WordPress site. Anyone earning ad revenue with their site needs a solution like Admiral.

Installation steps

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Signup at and create an account
  • Copy your Property ID provided after signup or by navigating to the property settings page.
  • Go to Settings > Admiral in WordPress and paste the Property ID that begins with A-.
  • Save Changes

Advanced Adblock Analytics

Admiral offers the most advanced adblock analytics on the planet — down to the impression level — for publishers curious about their adblock losses or measuring their efforts to recover lost revenues. We even offer DFP integration for large publishers looking for actionable intelligence for their adblock problem.


  • Easy to view and understand website and ad analytics
  • Track active website visitors with adblockers
  • Measure lost revenue from visitors with adblockers

Advanced Features

  • Engage with visitors to have your website whitelisted
  • Start recovering lost revenue from visitors with adblockers
  • Help and Support from our dedicated staff

Imagens de tela

  • View of Admiral settings within Wordpress
  • View of Admiral dashboard on


Installation steps

  • Install and activate WordPress Plugin
  • Signup at and create an account
  • Copy your Property ID provided after signup.
  • Go to Settings > Admiral in WordPress and paste Property ID
  • Save Changes


Why do I need an Admiral account?

In order to provide our users with the best experience we developed an analytics dashboard and web application accessible on You’ll be able to see all of the data being tracked in our free, easy to use dashboard.

Where do I find my property ID?

Your property ID is located on your Property Overview page at If you don’t already have an Admiral account create one, complete the signup process, and a Property ID will be provided.

What does Admiral do?

Admiral works just like Google Analytics. Once you install the plugin with your property ID you’ll be able to login and see all of the visitors to your site who are using an adblocker and track how much revenue you’re losing because of the adblockers.

Is there a way to recover the lost revenue?

Yes, Admiral can help you recover lost revenue right away. First, install the free Admiral plugin so you start tracking how much revenue is being lost. then you can activate automatic revenue recovery for your website.


30 janeiro, 2022
Idea and the service are good (from what I could partially test). But my statistics software gives me the same information. What you need to know, because it is not explicitly indicated on the description. The collection of basic data is free but the activation of other services has a cost (expensive). The paid option (button) only appears when you have activated the tracking of statistics. I originally thought it was free. As for the cost, it is not transparent. You have to ask for an appointment or a discussion with a sales representative. The amount to be paid for each service is not clearly indicated for each option. We have an amount of 120 euros (by month) to pay in total. This amount only appears when you are disconnected from the account. Only a 7-day free trial appears when you are logged in.
2 abril, 2021
Not working. It require you to register on third party site.
23 janeiro, 2021
ihave been intaling the plug it dont work in my WP
23 outubro, 2017 1 resposta
First I add a script to theme index.php but after 1 day stats stop. Now I use a plugin for wordpress, status of my website is still Active but no visitors are stored.
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