Add AutoSave | Fullscreen to TinyMCE


This is a simple plugin that I have written to install the following TinyMCE plugins (not to be confused with WordPress plugins) to your TinyMCE toolbar:

There are no settings or anything for this plugin. Just install it and away you go!

Imagens de tela

  • Sample TinyMCE toolbar with the Full Screen plugin activated. Note, your toolbar might look different to this one.
  • The Autosave TinyMCE toolbar plugin in action.


Why make a plugin for TinyMCE? Isn’t Gutenberg the way to go now?

It is true that Gutenberg is now the standard for editing pages and posts with WordPress. However, on my site I use bbPress and it can only support the TinyMCE toolbar.


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Colaboradores e desenvolvedores

“Add AutoSave | Fullscreen to TinyMCE” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações


  • 9th December 2020
  • Upgraded TinyMCE plugins to version 4.9.11.
  • This version is compatible with WordPress 5.6.


  • 14th August 2020
  • Made some changes to the plugin so that it could be made available to the user community.


  • 11th August 2020
  • Upgraded TinyMCE plugins to version 4.9.10.
  • This version is compatible with WordPress 5.5.


  • Original release of the plugin.